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NextUp Talker 1.005

NextUp Talker is a Text To Speech application specifically designed for people who have temporarily or permanently lost their voice. With natural, human sounding voices and convenient shortcuts to quickly enter commonly used sentences and phrases, NextUp Talker allows those with vocal impairments to easily communicate with others using a windows PC or Tablet PC. NextUp Talker is the most popular software computer voices download.

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Buy NextUp Talker 1.005 (only $99.95)Download NextUp Talker 1.005 (Size: 5349 KB)

TxReader Special Edition 1.0

TxReader converts documents into spoken words and MP3. TxReader is much more than just a program that reads any document presented to it. It is actually three programs in one, first is the quality easy to use text to speech program that give great reading result making use of the lasted natural sounding voice from all the top sellers. TxReader Special Edition is the second most popular software computer voices download.

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Buy TxReader Special Edition 1.0 (only $99.95)Download TxReader Special Edition 1.0 (Size: 15544 KB)

Computer Security 1.5

Security should be a very important and concerning issue in you every day activity. No matter you are part of a company or a home user, it is very important to protect your files. Computer Security does that for you encrypting sensitive data, hiding it in innocent carriers, allowing safe transfer through encrypted self-extract package, deleting files beyond recovery and locking application from your children or " welcomed quests". Computer Security is the third most popular software computer voices download.

See also: security, computer security, security software, data security, hide files, secure delete, lock application, self extract package

Buy Computer Security 1.5 (only $35.00)Download Computer Security 1.5 (Size: 2264 KB)

SilentVault Personal 1.0.5

A special encryption vault named "SilentVault" is created. User opens / locks this vault by simple log-in and log-out controls. When data is saved to this vault, the industry-standard strongest AES 256 encryption hides this data for ultimate security. When this vault is locked, the files within it are invisible in Windows Explorer and cannot be made visible using any tool. High performance encryption, for disks, laptop, computer, and PC security!

See also: Security, Encryption, Protection, Privacy, File, Folder, Disk, Information, Data, Software, On The Fly Encryption, OTFE, Secured Data Storage, Prevent Information Theft, AES, Hide, Folder Lock, Laptop, Computer, High Risk, Security Environment

Buy SilentVault Personal 1.0.5 (only $40.00)Download SilentVault Personal 1.0.5 (Size: 2505 KB)

CafeTimePro -Internet Cafe Software 4.0

CafeTimePro converts a desktop computer into a secure Internet Station or Kiosk. Complete Timing of application and/or Internet usage and terminal security included. Now with CafeShop POS for Internet Cafes (Free!). Some of the features included are: Simple Interface, Multiple Languages, Timers, Security, Variable or fixed rates, Prepay or Cash or Acceptor ready Transaction Logging, Remote Reporting.

See also: internet cafe software, cyber cafe software, cybercafe software, internet timer, computer timer, how to, software for internet cafes, cybercafe software, internet cafe manager, cybercafepro, timing, computer, billing, reporting, management, internet cafe, kiosk

Buy CafeTimePro -Internet Cafe Software 4.0 (only $149.00)Download CafeTimePro -Internet Cafe Software 4.0 (Size: 5982 KB)

SketchMatrix 2.x

SketchMatrix is the ultimate software tool for creating detailed sketch art from any photo or an image. The results rival professional works - in detail as well as quality. SketchMatrix offers simplicity through preset styles, and extensive configurability to create unique custom styles. This is not your average sketch filter as found in some popular image editors - be prepared to be amazed with its unprecedented quality and ease of use.

See also: sketch software, sketching software, drawing software, illustration, computer art, caricature, photo to sketch, sketch from photo, sketch filter, photography, image editing, image editor, imaging software, photo editor, photo editing, photography, hobby

Buy SketchMatrix 2.x (only $19.00)Download SketchMatrix 2.x (Size: 2441 KB)

Radmin Remote Control 3.0

Radmin is fast and secure remote control and remote access software that enables you to work on a remote computer as if you were sitting right in front of it and access it from multiple places. Radmin includes Windows Vista support, file transfer, multi-user text and voice chats, Windows security, Kerberos authentication, 256-bit AES encryption, telnet access, multiple monitors support and unique DirectScreenTransfer technology.

See also: remote, control, access, administrator, software, computer, help desk, network, remotely, support, vnc, windows, tool, system, solution, server, security, secure, radmin, program, management, fast, desktop, client, administration

Buy Radmin Remote Control 3.0 (only $49.00)Download Radmin Remote Control 3.0 (Size: 18387 KB)

Safe n Sec Plus Bitdefender 2.5.3119

Safe n Sec + Antivirus is new generation of PCs protection systems against various types of IT security threats such as viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware with an antivirus scanner. The program detects and blocks the malicious activity on the operation system level. Intercepting system calls and analyzing system applications activity Safe n Sec makes a decision about the malicious acti ons of application and blocks the attack in an initial stage.

See also: security software, antivirus, internet security, anti spyware, adware, computer protection, protect computer

Buy Safe n Sec Plus Bitdefender 2.5.3119 (only $35.00)Download Safe n Sec Plus Bitdefender 2.5.3119 (Size: 11980 KB)

Employee PC Activity Monitor 4.72

Instant Monitor allows you to monitor employee's activities on all network computers, such as email, instant message, keystrokes, FTP file transfer, websites visited, applications used, etc. Instant Monitor also can log file operations on employee's computer, such as copy, delete, create, rename, open, copy file to removable disk, etc. Send alarm to console computer when employee do a file operation on removable disk

See also: Monitoring Software, network monitoring software, computer monitoring software, internet monitoring software, pc monitoring software, remote monitoring software

Buy Employee PC Activity Monitor 4.72 (only $199.95)Download Employee PC Activity Monitor 4.72 (Size: 2763 KB)

Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.0

Acronis Disk Director Suite lets you to perform basic as well as innovative disk management operations. With this utility you can resize, move, copy, split, merge, restore and explore partitions without losing your data. The product lets you to install multiple operating systems on your Computer and detect operating systems that became unbootable due to some accidental reasons. You can also select the hard disk drive you want to boot from.

See also: Hard disk drive management software, partitioning manager, partition recovery tool, backup utility, computer troubleshooting, data recovery tool, disk utilities

Buy Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.0 (only $49.99)Download Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.0 (Size: 70239 KB)

Assy The Worker 1.0

Assy The Worker helps you record and monitor your computer activities. Takes screen shots automatically and logs everything is done by the worker. It is for recording and keeping log of all your activities during work hour to show your employer you are working everyday and not misusing your office time. You can't record everything, manually. Assy does for you. You can then send these screen shots and log files to your employer as a proof of work.

See also: surveillance monitoring, performance monitoring, pc monitoring software, monitoring usage, monitoring tools, monitoring software, youth worker, salary worker, computer monitoring, workers comp, the worker, employment worker, job worker, home workers, home worker, hard worker, youth workers, workers world, government worker, it worker safety, career worker, it worker

Buy Assy The Worker 1.0 (only $24.95)Download Assy The Worker 1.0 (Size: 2406 KB)

Notebak Anti-Theft 1.0.7

Anti-Theft Protection that collects and stores evidence about who has been trying to break into your computer. SMS, e-mail and sound alerts if a computer is under attack! Get a webcam image of the intruder by email. Sound anti-theft alarm when the power cord is unplugged or your laptop lid is closing. Off-line data protection. GEO Fence and WiFi GEO tracking. Delete or recover confidential data from a stolen or missing computer and much more.

See also: notebook, laptop, security, prevention, mobile, computer, tracking, software, identity theft, stolen, compliance, protection, recovery, sensitive, data, privacy, webcam, erasing, microphone, alert, alarm, geofence

Buy Notebak Anti-Theft 1.0.7 (only $2.95)Download Notebak Anti-Theft 1.0.7 (Size: 3044 KB)

StatWin Server Enterprise 8.4.1

With StatWin you can easily accomplish employee monitoring in the workplace by using the reporting and monitoring tools that the software provides. StatWin monitors Computer activity in Windows and then organises the data in a structure that lets you to easily select what you want to view. All of the data is gathered and then organized into data groups to allow you to filter the information by specific user, database, or viewing period.

See also: employee monitoring software, remote administration, computer monitoring, computer reporting tools, computer operation analysis, PC user monitoring, time tracking software

Buy StatWin Server Enterprise 8.4.1 (only $399.00)Download StatWin Server Enterprise 8.4.1 (Size: 6861 KB)

Android SMS Application

Bulk sms application is unique and finer communication standard to broadcast bulk text messages even without connecting internet. Bulk messaging software has exclusive capability to eliminate the number which is repeated again which reduces the fraudulence of sms and also save sent messages. Android bulk sms software is essential and enhanced communication standard to broadcast massive text messages without connecting to the internet.

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Buy Android SMS Application (only $45.00)Download Android SMS Application (Size: 2969 KB)

USB Flash Drive Recovery

Professionally design USB flash drive recovery software is used to rescue all missing and accidentally or intentionally erased files including digital pictures, snaps, audio and video clips, songs or other official and text documents from multimedia storage pen drive. Data recovery software provides facility to preview files before real data restoring and support all major file formats like doc, txt, wmf, png, gif, bmp, html, pdf etc.

See also: rescue, recover, restore, damaged, software, utility, application, drives, tool, images, lost, missing, computer, removable, memory, file, song, folders, documents, formatted, erased, deleted, salvage, retrieve, technique, data, storage, disk

Buy USB Flash Drive Recovery (only $45.00)Download USB Flash Drive Recovery (Size: 1495 KB)

Barcode Fonts

Technically sound Barcode Fonts tool provides you capability to import existing images in order to develop new stylish, colorful, eye catching and wonderful looking labels, tags, stickers, coupons etc without making much efforts. Highly interactive label generator software generates bulk copies of impressive barcode labels for commercial and business use in short span of time without having you any previous tech knowledge or skill.

See also: Barcode, software, program, tool, utility, application, design, create, generate, produce, craft, impressive, unique, colorful, custom, labels, stickers, tags, images, coupons, linear, font, caption, object, personal, computer, laptop

Buy Barcode Fonts (only $69.00)Download Barcode Fonts (Size: 5140 KB)


SyncBackPro is an innovative file backup & synchronization software that can be used with hard drives, CD?s & DVD?s, removable media (e.g. Compact Flash), FTP, FTPS, and SFTP servers, Zip64 archives (with 256-bit AES encryption), POP3/IMAP4/SMTP e-mail servers, network shares, and cloud storage services (Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure). It?s easy to use, but includes many options for the power user, e.g. it can be configured with scripts.

See also: backup, sync, synchronization, restore, backup removable media, backup software, data backup, file backup, versioning, hard drive backup, computer backup, backup utility, windows backup, backup program, ftp backup, backup drive, disk backup, backup and restore

Buy SyncBackPro (only $54.95)Download SyncBackPro (Size: 13529 KB)

Hard Disk Cleaning Software

Notebook files wiper tool is a permanent data removal method for wiping deleted data and safeguards your computer system privacy. Hard drive files sanitation software clean up records of all offline and online internet activities including administrator temporary file, system registry traces, typed URL, cache, cookies. Hard disk data sanitization utility wipes entire hard drive, USB drive, jump drive, memory stick and other removable media.

See also: Hard disk, cleaning, software, wipe, file, clean up, application, storage, media, remove, windows, cluster, eliminate, cookies, computer, privacy, cache, eraser, partition, record, drive, data, utility, FAT, NTFS, file system, USB, sanitization, tool

Buy Hard Disk Cleaning Software (only $45.00)Download Hard Disk Cleaning Software (Size: 1751 KB)

Employee Computer Monitoring 12.01.01

The Employee Desktop Live Viewer helps in monitoring multiple computers from a centralized location. It records and saves all the ongoing desktop activities as AVI files. Further, it also provides the facility to install agent on selected computers remotely.

See also: employee computer monitoring, desktop monitoring, computer monitoring software, computer monitoring, computer desktop monitoring, employee desktop monitoring

Buy Employee Computer Monitoring 12.01.01 (only $29.00)Download Employee Computer Monitoring 12.01.01 (Size: 7864 KB)

Invitation Card Designing Software

Invitation Card Designing Software provides easiest way to make and develop high quality printable tags, birthday greeting cards, envelope, book stickers, product labels, flyers, price tags and coupons. Invitation Card Designing Software is useful to generate variety of colorful labels with advance designing objects like circle, ellipse and rectangle with flexile printing options without any extra tech knowledge and programming skills.

See also: Invitation, card, designing, software, generate, printable, greetings, stickers, coupons, logos, letterhead, envelop, tags, labels, postal, visiting, size, color, shape, rectangle, ellipse, instantly, data, set, series, develop, create, computer

Buy Invitation Card Designing Software (only $45.00)Download Invitation Card Designing Software (Size: 10649 KB)

Free Modem Bulk SMS

Company organises Free Modem Bulk SMS application which provides reliable solution to communicate with your friends and family members via sending bulk text messages without seeking any external guidance or help.

See also: Send, bulk, text, jobs, software, free, download, transmit, unlimited, messages, create, application, modem, USB, internet, SMS, alerts, computer, mobile, desktop, program, gateway, guidance, communication, tool, chat, broadcast, multiple, utility

Buy Free Modem Bulk SMS (only $49.00)Download Free Modem Bulk SMS (Size: 3993 KB)

Monitor PC Activity 12.01.01

Monitor and manage multiple computers in a LAN simultaneously using Computer Activity Monitor software. The software facilitates Administrator or Manager to lock, restart, shut down or even log off the monitored computers from a centralized location. The utility offers both online as well as offline recording feature that is saved in .AVI file format. Also, the software is fully compatible with all versions of Windows operating systems

See also: monitor pc activity, computer activity monitor, computer monitoring, computer monitoring software, pc activit monitoring software, desktop monitoring, computer desktop monitoring

Buy Monitor PC Activity 12.01.01 (only $29.00)Download Monitor PC Activity 12.01.01 (Size: 7864 KB)

Mac Free Bulk SMS Software

How to deliver mass numbers of SMS on mobile phones? Comprehensive Mac Free Bulk SMS Software is simply downloaded from to deliver thousands of SMS, business campaigns, company related information on employees multiple mobile phones in minimum time of period.

See also: Free, download, communication, software, sends, bulk, SMS, Mac, application, delivers, broadcast, delivery, sending, industrial, business product, promotion, more, multiple, unlimited, communicate, program, utility, tool, computer, networks

Buy Mac Free Bulk SMS Software (only $45.00)Download Mac Free Bulk SMS Software (Size: 5939 KB)

FAT File Recovery Software

Download recovery software from to regain damaged picture file from hard drive. FAT File Recovery Software is used to rescuer lost data folder from storage device that due by software malfunction.

See also: Retrieve, program, software, regain, delete, audio, video, music, file, storage, drive, restore, application, rescuer, revive, missing, word, excel, sheet, images, photograph, Windows, hard, disk, computer, system

Buy FAT File Recovery Software (only $69.00)Download FAT File Recovery Software (Size: 4341 KB)

Android Data Repair Software

Comprehensive Android Data Repair Software download simply from website to get back intentionally erased pictures, video clips, songs, photos, snapshots, wallpapers erased due to incorrect handling of device, usage of malware program, application malfunctioning, virus or worm infection, human mistake etc.

See also: Download, android, data, repair, rescue, utility, computer, system, retrieve, accidental, damaged, corrupted, formatted, encrypted, lost, multimedia, songs, mp3, media, file, recovery, software, locate, save, missing, misplaced, photograph, wallpaper

Buy Android Data Repair Software (only $49.00)Download Android Data Repair Software (Size: 3246 KB)

Fat Data Recovery Free

Document retrieval software recoups significant text files from logically crashed memory storage drive. Fat Data Recovery Free software salvages lost information from virus infected system memory disk. grants file restoring application that regains misplaced videos from fat16 partitioned storage media.

See also: HDD, video, regain, tool, fat, file, repair, software, data, recover, computer, system, movie, folder, rescuer, desktop, information, recoup, audio, revive, laptop, mp3, salvage, drive, retain, photo, device, document, retrieve, hardware

Buy Fat Data Recovery Free (only $69.00)Download Fat Data Recovery Free (Size: 4300 KB)

Windows NTFS File Recovery is used for downloading recovery utility to retrieve formatted picture file from computer system. Windows NTFS File Recovery application is used to regain delete music file from hard disk that lost by human mistake.

See also: Recovery, software, retrieve, restore, delete, damaged, music, folder, file, hard, storage, drive, regain, system, restore, corrupt, formatted, missing, data, record, video, audio, computer, disk, application, program

Buy Windows NTFS File Recovery (only $69.00)Download Windows NTFS File Recovery (Size: 4085 KB)

Files Restore Software

File Restore Software helps to retrieve all presentations, official information, photo collections lost due to accidently using operation shift + delete by user. Link provides recover software restore folders lost from your PC, pen drive, memory card or from external hard disk drives.

See also: Data, recovery, software, revive, file, folder, images, picture, photo, video, mp3, mp4, audio, damage, document, pen, drive, memory, card, mobile, phone, restore, laptop, desktop, computer, system, damage, records

Buy Files Restore Software (only $99.00)Download Files Restore Software (Size: 1925 KB)

Greeting Cards Design

You want to make expressive card for your partner? presents Greeting Cards Design software that is beneficial in designing expressive card for your partner.

See also: Creator, application, generate, stunning, colorful, add, picture, clip, art, text, occasion, device, crafting program, background, tool, system, greeting, cards, design, software, make, stylish, insert, photo, message, shape, templates, computer

Buy Greeting Cards Design (only $29.00)Download Greeting Cards Design (Size: 10260 KB)

Photos Recovery Software refers to Photos Recovery Software quickly which makes you able to easily recover media files and folders that contains your favorite pictures clicked by any commonly used digital camera. Videos retrieval application regains lost photographs and save it at pre specified location.

See also: Windows, Photos, recovery, software, regain, deleted, lost, digital, photographs, computer, system, desktop, snaps, pictures, missing, information, storage, device, restoration, program, revives, logically, corrupted, desktop

Buy Photos Recovery Software (only $45.00)Download Photos Recovery Software (Size: 2795 KB)

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