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NextUp Talker 1.005

NextUp Talker is a Text To Speech application specifically designed for people who have temporarily or permanently lost their voice. With natural, human sounding voices and convenient shortcuts to quickly enter commonly used sentences and phrases, NextUp Talker allows those with vocal impairments to easily communicate with others using a windows PC or Tablet PC. NextUp Talker is the most popular software computer voices download.

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Buy NextUp Talker 1.005 (only $99.95)Download NextUp Talker 1.005 (Size: 5349 KB)

TxReader Special Edition 1.0

TxReader converts documents into spoken words and MP3. TxReader is much more than just a program that reads any document presented to it. It is actually three programs in one, first is the quality easy to use text to speech program that give great reading result making use of the lasted natural sounding voice from all the top sellers. TxReader Special Edition is the second most popular software computer voices download.

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Buy TxReader Special Edition 1.0 (only $99.95)Download TxReader Special Edition 1.0 (Size: 15544 KB)

Video Edit Magic 4.13

Video editing application that gives you high-end power at an entry-level price. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to capture video footage onto the editing timeline and assemble a movie in mere minutes. You can even edit and combine popular file formats including AVI, WMV, ASF, MPEG, JPEG and many more, all on the same timeline. Video Edit Magic is the third most popular software computer voices download.

See also: video editing software, video effects, video software, edit video clips, real time video editing, computer based video editor, non linear editing, overlay, special effects, superimpose, stereo mixing, video titling

Buy Video Edit Magic 4.13 (only $69.95)Download Video Edit Magic 4.13 (Size: 10535 KB)

EzVoice 3.2

EzVoice is an answering machine program. It captures caller id, and allows you to pre-screen or block unwanted callers. Its built-in address book let you customize greetings for all your callers. It will notify you of new calls through email. If you own a business, you can set up to 10 voice mailboxes. Additionally, you can attach text notes to your voice messages and remotely access your voicemail. Try it now to find out more.

See also: pc computer answering machine software, voice mail, phone telephone caller id program application

Buy EzVoice 3.2 (only $28.60)Download EzVoice 3.2 (Size: 2189 KB)

IOTracker Pro 2.0

IOTracker Pro is the premier in-out board with true client/server capabilities and unlimited users. Now, with just a click of the mouse, you will know where your employees and/or co-workers are at any given time. You will know when they are available to attend a meeting or just out to lunch. This easy-to-use software also allows users to log in from anywhere in the world. Tracking your employees has never been easier.

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Buy IOTracker Pro 2.0 (only $149.00)Download IOTracker Pro 2.0 (Size: 6545 KB)

Disk Write Copy Professional Edition

Did you install the program which display ads at startup, installed spyware, erased an important system or configuration file? What to do? Just restart the computer and Disk Write Copy Professional will instantly recover your system. Disk Write Copy Professional Edition provides several data protection modes and 64-bit operating system support.

See also: backup, shadow, system software, disk protection, incremental mode, system restore, disk image, antivirus alternative, disk keeper, disks, disks and files, backup copy, FAST PROTECTION MODE, computer operability, 64-bit OS, 64-bit

Buy Disk Write Copy Professional Edition (only $89.95)Download Disk Write Copy Professional Edition (Size: 3304 KB)

Easy Screenshot 2.0

Easy ScreenShot is award winning screen capture software that captures all or any part of your computer screen. Great screen capture utility for viewing, capturing, editing and printing images to design manuals, presentation documents, help files and web pages. Add text, professional image editing or special effects and then print or save your results. And our exclusive "auto capture" creates slide show presentations at

See also: screen capture, computer screen capture, capture your screen, screen capturing, screen capture software, screen shot, screenshot, capture your computer screen, screen capture program, screen capture utility, create slide shows, free screen capture

Buy Easy Screenshot 2.0 (only $19.95)Download Easy Screenshot 2.0 (Size: 1943 KB)

Barcode Label Maker

Highly tech Barcode Label Maker software easily downloads on to generate different images, tags in simplified and easiest way without any special assistance or extra knowledge in few minutes anyplace. Innovative barcode label maker software allow you to copy- paste all barcode tags, images in several windows application like MS- word, excel, paint for future use without any tech skills in few mouse clicks.

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Buy Barcode Label Maker (only $45.00)Download Barcode Label Maker (Size: 3860 KB)

Network PC Monitor 12.01.01

Know what your employee do on their computer and how they utilize their working hours with network Computer monitor tool. It helps to monitor activities of multiple computers from a centralized location. Download the free evaluation version to monitor the activities on a single computer for 7 days and schedule recording for 5 minutes

See also: network pc monitor, network pc monitoring, network computer monitoring, computer monitoring software, monitor network pc

Buy Network PC Monitor 12.01.01 (only $29.00)Download Network PC Monitor 12.01.01 (Size: 7864 KB)

Mobile Text Messaging Software

Company url provides latest professional group text message sender software to make and send text sms. Highly reliable Mobile Text Messaging Software empowers user to forward thousands of text messages from your personal computer.

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Buy Mobile Text Messaging Software (only $49.00)Download Mobile Text Messaging Software (Size: 6246 KB)

ID Card Design Software

Highly tech ID Card Design Software is useful to generate all shapes ID cards like text, images, rectangle, triangle, and etc. Company provides ID card designer application to easily make and edit background color of Identity cards. Innovative identification card maker software helps to design or make all types of identity cards without any tech training. Advance ID card designer application is easily work with minimum system requir

See also: card, software, create, generate, edit, print, shapes, design, advance, design, text, line, rectangle, arc, objects, pencil, star, text, ellipse, circle, images, picture, font, badges, triangle, commercial, cards, laptop, computer, system

Buy ID Card Design Software (only $38.00)Download ID Card Design Software (Size: 10547 KB)

Send Mobile Phone SMS

Innovative Send Mobile Phone SMS Mac software free download on to send multiple numbers of bulk text messages provides complete solution for your send receive messages inbox/outbox records and company logo launching details in a few mouse clicks without any tech help. Best bulk sms software sends information for your overall company employee day to day work performance, training information, shift details.

See also: GSM, software, bulk, sms, send, phone, mobile, internet, Mac, computer, business, laptop, application, program broadcast, service, alert, tool, global, network contact, international, convey, utility, delivery forwarding, reminder, transmit

Buy Send Mobile Phone SMS (only $45.00)Download Send Mobile Phone SMS (Size: 5611 KB)

Birthday Cards Design Downloads

You want to make innovative invitation card for inviting your friends? Birthday Cards Design Downloads programs from helps you in designing advanced invitation card for inviting your friends.

See also: Crafting, program, design, invitation, shapes, birthday, card, designing, software, create, stunning, add, picture, clip, art, logos, templates, computer, Creator, application, generate, colorful, background, insert, text, messages, photo, device

Buy Birthday Cards Design Downloads (only $29.00)Download Birthday Cards Design Downloads (Size: 6225 KB)

Bulk SMS Windows

Bulk SMS Windows software lets user to import contact numbers from phone book and send messages including news to group of people all over world. Mobile application software facilitates user to send job, event alerts to your friends and colleagues from your computer without requiring internet gateway. Bulk sms marketing software empowers business owners to upgrade your sales by sending product launch alerts to specific consumers.

See also: Bulk, SMS, Windows, phone, mobile, software, create, send, news, jobs, alerts, notification, interview, schedule, message, business, product, advertisement, upgrade, sale, broadcast, best, offer, consumer, customer, communication, network, computer

Buy Bulk SMS Windows (only $45.00)Download Bulk SMS Windows (Size: 4034 KB)

Camera Data Recovery Software

Having troubles in accessing and recovering pictures, video clips, digital pictures etc from corrupted, formatted memory cards of digital camera? Camera Data Recovery Software downloaded from is easy to use and enables to significantly salvage or recuperates erased, lost, vanished pictures, audio video clippings, snapshots from corrupted, damaged, formatted, scratched memory cards of digicam.

See also: Camera, Data, Software, retrieve, lost, picture, recovery, rescue, video, clip, image, digicam, regain, photograph, digital, snapshot, program, salvage, recuperate, corrupt, restore, revive, relocate, utility, application, computer, system, laptop

Buy Camera Data Recovery Software (only $45.00)Download Camera Data Recovery Software (Size: 4444 KB)

USB Repair Digital Media

Professional USB Repair Digital Media application is easily accessible from company website to retrieve deleted photos of special occasions like picnic, birthday parties, wedding anniversary etc. Comprehensive removable device data rescue tool is helpful to save valuable time by fast revival of removed compressed or zipped files.

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Buy USB Repair Digital Media (only $45.00)Download USB Repair Digital Media (Size: 4034 KB)

SD Card Files Recovery Software

Download SD Card Files Recovery Software from which provides best restoration solution for reviving all deleted or missing files and documents from entire types of memory card including XD-picture card, MMC card, Computer card, flash or digital memory card and more.

See also: Memory, card, files, recovery, software, application, MMC, flash, digital, storage, media, restoration, tool, aplication, program, revive, retrieve, missing, deleted, data, regain, lost, folders, audio, video, picture, multimedia, computer

Buy SD Card Files Recovery Software (only $45.00)Download SD Card Files Recovery Software (Size: 4249 KB)

Android Data Recover Software

You can visit to download Android Data Recover Software uses innovative disk scanning mechanism to easily restore deleted mp3/mp4, jpeg, gif, png, txt, exe and other major file extension from android devices.

See also: Android, Data, Recover, Software, retrieve, lost, digital, picture, image, video, corrupted, tablet, regain, deleted, audio, text, music, smart, mobile, phone, restore, missing, song, computer, program, rescue, erase, folder, file

Buy Android Data Recover Software (only $49.00)Download Android Data Recover Software (Size: 4290 KB)

Handy Backup 64-bit 7.4.0

Handy Backup 64-bit is a professional backup and disaster recovery software designed for 64-bit versions of Windows 8/7/Vista/XP and Windows Server 2012/2008/2003. Available in several editions, it can back up files, disk images, MS Exchange Server, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2 and other databases, with ZIP, encryption and scheduling. Storage options include FTP/SFTP/FTPS, CD/DVD/Blu-ray, Network, WebDAV, Amazon S3 and HBDrive.

See also: backup, back up, software, solution, windows, easy, automatic, online, ftp, dvd, sftp, usb, hdd, drive, disk, remote, offsite, system, outlook, file, folder, data, file, network, server, computer, sync, synchronization, image, clone, exchange

Buy Handy Backup 64-bit 7.4.0 (only $39.00)Download Handy Backup 64-bit 7.4.0 (Size: 29356 KB)

CyberLink StreamAuthor 4

?Create compelling e-learning content quickly and easily?Synchronize PowerPoint slides, pdf files, audio, and videos ?Include tests that help structure the e-learning process?Customize projects with powerful tools and practical templates?Deliver content via email, the web, or an office network

See also: e-learning, elearning, training software, online computer training, computer base training, CBT, video streaming, video training, training material

Buy CyberLink StreamAuthor 4 (only $1300.00)Download CyberLink StreamAuthor 4 (Size: 34866 KB)

Computer Screen Recording Software 13.02.01

Now, monitoring of employee desktop activities is very popular as it efficiently enables you to keep an eye over all employees within a network. Employee desktop live viewer is proficient software in this field. It offers the best solution for small, medium and big organizations that are facing problems of reduced employee efficiency and productivity because of spending valuable time on unexpected system activities.

See also: computer screen recording software, computer screen recording, screen recording, screen recording software, desktop screen recording, employee screen recording, employee activities, monitor desktop activities

Buy Computer Screen Recording Software 13.02.01 (only $29.00)Download Computer Screen Recording Software 13.02.01 (Size: 11161 KB)

Online Text Message

Full version of Online Text Message tool is available at website for broadcasting unlimited business promotional sms to group of mobile numbers without internet connection. User friendly bulk sms sending utility has facility to support text messages containing non-English characters.

See also: Professional, online, text, message, sending, software, free, download, forwards, bulk, sms, multiple, mobile, networks, computer, connecting, Windows, GSM, cell, phones, messaging, program, promote, business, products, internet, gateway, globally

Buy Online Text Message (only $49.00)Download Online Text Message (Size: 6205 KB)

GSM Mobile SMS Gateways Mac offers GSM Mobile SMS Gateways Mac Software broadcasts single text messages to targeted audience from Apple laptop via connecting GSM phone devices without requiring any internet connection. Text SMS software delivers personalized messages to your friends, relatives, family member and other special member.

See also: GSM, Mobile, SMS, Gateways, Mac, Software, send, bulk, reminder, alert, promotional, professional, message, national, international, network, deliver, standard, notification, broadcast, infinite, text, Apple, computer, utility

Buy GSM Mobile SMS Gateways Mac (only $45.00)Download GSM Mobile SMS Gateways Mac (Size: 5611 KB)

SMS Software for GSM Mobile

Want to communicate with your bulk mobile contact numbers without internet connection? Download most appropriate SMS Software for GSM Mobile from to compose unicode messages and post individual or group of mobile phone contacts within shortest time period.

See also: Forward, bulk, text, GSM, unicode, language, business, marketing, sms, software, forward, notification, promotional, messages, computer, system, laptop, contact, numbers, communication, phone, networks, application, internet, connectivity

Buy SMS Software for GSM Mobile (only $45.00)Download SMS Software for GSM Mobile (Size: 3840 KB)

Barcode Maker Packaging

Want to specify barcode header value? presents Label generator software that specifies barcode header value while creating it. Barcode Maker Packaging Software is capable of printing multiple barcode images at one time.

See also: Software, design, scanable, bar, code, label, pencil, text, picture, sticker, designer, program, develop, printable, linear, label, business, tag, generator, program, insert, industry, logo, picture, data, computer, system, barcode, maker, tool

Buy Barcode Maker Packaging (only $38.00)Download Barcode Maker Packaging (Size: 5140 KB)

Mac SD Card Recovery

Having difficulty in reviving of missing, removed, erased data, photos, video clips, images etc? Mac SD Card Recovery Software downloaded from is cost-effective and reliable method for restoring or retrieving lost, deleted, totally removed, erased data, files, folders, pictures, digital photos, video clips, songs etc from various types of memory cards.

See also: Mac, Card, Software, retrieve, erased, images, recovery, revive, data, files, folders, accessible, restore, lost, deleted, salvage, photos, pictures, music, video, clips, computer system, songs, wallpapers, application, program, regain, snaps

Buy Mac SD Card Recovery (only $45.00)Download Mac SD Card Recovery (Size: 3358 KB)

Mac Bulk SMS Software for Modem

How to deliver product advertising bulk sms messages on multiple consumer mobile handsets? Comprehensive Mac Bulk SMS Software for Modem is simply downloaded from to deliver mass numbers of sms messages of new product offers on unlimited mobile cell phones from Macintosh installed computer system using USB modem device.

See also: Bulk, sms, broadcasting, Mac, software, deliver, unlimited, mass, numbers, text, messages, computer, laptop, device, mobile, cell, phone, application, broadcast, business, campaign, advertising, marketing, job, news, alerts, notification, standards

Buy Mac Bulk SMS Software for Modem (only $49.00)Download Mac Bulk SMS Software for Modem (Size: 6502 KB)

Computer Desktop Monitoring Software 13.02.01

Download the free evaluation version of Employee Desktop Live Viewer software before investing in the licensed version. It enables you to register any one computer in order to view and record its ongoing desktop activities. Also, using the free demo version you can make a 5 minute movie form the saved recordings. If satisfied with its performance then you can purchase the licensed version for monitoring more desktop computers.

See also: computer desktop monitoring software, computer desktop monitoring, desktop activity recorder, desktop monitoring, desktop monitoring software, computer monitoring software

Buy Computer Desktop Monitoring Software 13.02.01 (only $29.00)Download Computer Desktop Monitoring Software 13.02.01 (Size: 11161 KB)

Mac Card Picture Recovery

Having data loss problem? Visit website and download Mac Card Picture Recovery software to rescue corrupted or formatted images without change their original architecture. Innovative picture undelete tool restore erased photograph at specific location on MAC operating system X installed computer system, laptop or notebook etc.

See also: Download, images, recovery, software, computer, system, MAC, install, restore, encrypted, invisible, missing, photograph, snapshots, multimedia, pics, save, digital, camera, USB, removable, storage, device, memory, card, hard, disk, drives

Buy Mac Card Picture Recovery (only $45.00)Download Mac Card Picture Recovery (Size: 2058 KB)

Mobile Messaging Software

Professionally design offers Mobile Messaging Software to broadcast messages globally like job alerts, event notification, product promotion, invitation, business news etc from pc to any network phone by using GSM based phone device.

See also: Mobile, messaging, software, broadcast, unlimited, sms, worldwide, greeting, reminders, product, promotion, job, alerts, advertisements, invitation, globally, computer, phone, Windows, GSM, online, internet, network, connection, international

Buy Mobile Messaging Software (only $49.00)Download Mobile Messaging Software (Size: 6246 KB)

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