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Excel Unique & Duplicate Data Remover 1.2

Find (search) and remove (delete) duplicate and unique entries, values, cells, records, rows, numbers in any list or table with this Excel Addin. Finding and removing duplicates and uniques will save you hours of tedious work. The results can be placed in the selected cells themselves, in a new list next to the selection, or in a new worksheet. This is the easiest and most efficient Excel data comparison application on the market. Excel Unique & Duplicate Data Remover is the most popular sort unique numbers download.

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data, duplicate data entry, excel duplicate values, No Duplicate data in a column, Manipulate Duplicate Data, Can MS EXCEL remove duplicates, how to deal with duplicate data rows, Duplicates in Column Excel 2000, finding and deleting duplicate data in two spreadsheets, Duplicates in mail merge, Duplicate Data within Worksheet, prevent duplicate data from being entered, Comparing Excel column data, How do I locate duplicate records in Excel, find duplicate data and copy to a third worksheet, duplicate names in excel, Duplicate Values, tool which finds duplicate date in excel 2003, Scanning for Duplicate Data in a Column, using a macro to delete duplicate data (cells), How do I delete both sets of duplicate data, How to Hide Duplicate Data in a column, Reject duplicate data entries, Eliminate duplicate data, prevent duplicate in Data Validation, Duplicate Cells, How can I sort duplicate text data in excel, Excluding Duplicate Data, Macro to delete duplicate data in row, get rid of 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for unique records, Excel data sorting problem, Do Records Match

Buy Excel Unique & Duplicate Data Remover 1.2 (only $29.99)Download Excel Unique & Duplicate Data Remover 1.2 (Size: 383 KB)

Factorizer 8.99

Factorizer may be used: (1) to get the prime decomposition of all numbers in a range of numbers (2) to get all factors of a single number or all factors of all numbers in a range (3) to find only the prime numbers in a range of numbers (4) to find pairs of prime numbers (e.g. 107 and 109) in a certain range (5) to count (without displaying) the prime numbers in a range of numbers (6) to find Fermat and Mersenne primes [ 2,147,483,647 Factorizer is the second most popular sort unique numbers download.

See also: prime factorization, factorization, factors, primes, prime numbers, software, mathematical software, Factorizer, unique prime factorization, filter, histogram, Erdos-Kac, palmen color

Buy Factorizer 8.99 (only $15.00)Download Factorizer 8.99 (Size: 1690 KB)

Send Bulk SMS Android Mac

Send Bulk SMS Android Mac software easily available on developer?s website enables to send thousands of messages across worldwide location. Text messaging utility loads contact numbers from your android mobile handset and start sending messages to them. Send Bulk SMS Android Mac is the third most popular sort unique numbers download.

See also: Free, download, professional, text, messaging, application, delivers, messages, national, international, clients, users, customers, bulk, SMS, software, loads, unique, contact, numbers, android, mobile, phone, phonebook, memory

Buy Send Bulk SMS Android Mac (only $45.00)Download Send Bulk SMS Android Mac (Size: 5939 KB)

SuDoku Pro 1.8

Customizable puzzle generation. Various size / difficulty options. See the solution for a puzzle, or its logical steps. Unlimited undo and redo support while solving. Save and Open, Send and Share puzzles. Print puzzles (in batches or one at a time). Su Doku: The highly addictive puzzle craze---with SuDoku Pro now available for PC!

See also: sudoku, pro, doku, printable, jigsaw, cross, word, crossword, puzzle, bobble, brain, teaser, logic, math, number, place, numbers, letter, letters, words, maze, educational, mobile, board, game, skill, addicting, addictive, windows, .net, pocket,

Buy SuDoku Pro 1.8 (only $10.99)Download SuDoku Pro 1.8 (Size: 644 KB)

Active MP3 Tray 2.0

Active MP3 Tray is a powerful music manager and mp3 organizer which helps you to organize and manage all music files on your computer. It scans your hard disks for MP3 files and builds popup menu with songs genres which can be accessed via icon in the system tray area. Each menu item opens submenu with groups and songs.

See also: music, manager, mp3, organizer, navigator, genre, artist, audio, song, id3, tag, edit, sort, system, tray

Buy Active MP3 Tray 2.0 (only $19.95)Download Active MP3 Tray 2.0 (Size: 1013 KB)

PS Tray Factory 2.5

PS Tray Factory is a system tray icons manager that will allows you to: hide low-activity icons from a system tray into menu, get fast access to hidden icons, change the order of icons in the system tray (sort system tray icons), protect tray menu with password, minimize any application to tray, restore icons in system tray area at crash or restarting Explorer.exe, change original tray icons with your own icons

See also: system tray, systray, hide tray icons, sort tray, tray aria, restore tray icons, minimize to tray, taskbar, task bar, tray, desktop, change tray icon

Buy PS Tray Factory 2.5 (only $24.95)Download PS Tray Factory 2.5 (Size: 900 KB)

Advanced File Shredder 1.15

Advanced File Shredder securely erases files or folders on your PC using seven pass US Government standard wiping and cryptographically strong random number key. Files shredded with the help of this software cannot be restored by any data recovery utility. Protect yourself: Windows physically does not remove files from your hard disk and sensitive data like business or financial information can be easily recovered.

See also: cleaner, eraser, file, software, shredder, folder, cryptography, strong, random, numbers, key, erase, secure, security, erase file, erase cookies, erase history, erase files, temporary internet files, erase ie cache, ie cache, file eraser, shred

Buy Advanced File Shredder 1.15 (only $29.95)Download Advanced File Shredder 1.15 (Size: 623 KB)

ABC Kid Genius 5.00

Learn the alphabet, numbers, counting, and spelling using sound,pictures and video clips. Using the recognition method young children learn by watching auto rotating lessons. Toddlers learn to use the keyboard. Children progress to type the alphabet. Also includes, Flash words and Spelling. Free Software Registration when 30 free words are installed from the ABC Kid Genius site.

See also: educational, free software, babies, toddlers, children, education, toddler, educate, abc, alphabet, teach, childrens, free, early learning, alphabet, counting, numbers, reading, spelling, english, learn, freeware, lapware, lessons, classes

Buy ABC Kid Genius 5.00 (only $9.95)Download ABC Kid Genius 5.00 (Size: 26435 KB)

Android Apps for SMS

Bulk Android messaging software easily produces product advertisements message and delivers to any mobile numbers in massive numbers. Androids SMS tool provides options to make and send perfect job alert message, news headlines within seconds. Android Apps for SMS easily manage entire contact name or number in very specific way. Software offers facility to user to delete or modified in already saved text messages from folders.

See also: Network, convey, text, compose, utility, bulk, android, application, messages, seasonal, broadcast, international, transmit, greeting, contact, mobile, global, delivers, generate, internet, personalized, birthday, forwarding, tool, numbers

Buy Android Apps for SMS (only $45.00)Download Android Apps for SMS (Size: 2969 KB)

Convert Database MySQL to MS Access

Convert database MySQL to Microsoft Access tool is time as well as cost saving tool that successfully migrate your company database one form to other successfully without any data loss or redundancy. Software easy to use by any tech or non tech user because of it?s inbuilt helping manual and also friendly graphical user interface that simply interact with user who want to transform existing db into Microsoft Access format perfectly and accurately.

See also: MySQL, Access, unique, table, primary, database, change, software, query, data, utility, GUI, tool, convert, support, record, schema, type, column, value, null, rows, capacity, Windows, attribute, integrity, secure, transfer, merge, migrate

Buy Convert Database MySQL to MS Access (only $29.00)Download Convert Database MySQL to MS Access (Size: 2252 KB)

DBF Commander Professional 2.4.37

DBF Commander Professional is a powerful MDI application to work with DBF files - dBase, FoxPro and other, with supporting of all the code pages. It provides all the DBF file actions: create, view, edit, export, convert, preview and print, filter records, sort, count statistics of any kind, set code page, show/modify/print/export structure. Also, the main feature is a SQL queries execution - so, you get the most mighty utility for DBF file working!

See also: DBF, SQL, SQL query, dBase, FoxPro, Create DBF, Open DBF, Edit DBF, View DBF, Export DBF, Convert DBF, Print DBF, Filter DBF records, Sort DBF, DBF code page, DBF statistics, DBF to UTF-8, DBMS, Encrypt DBF, Script DBF, Chart Wizard, Null, BLOB, Memo

Buy DBF Commander Professional 2.4.37 (only $39.00)Download DBF Commander Professional 2.4.37 (Size: 5223 KB)

Barcode Director 1.0

Barcode Director is a rich production imaging utility that uses barcodes on scanned / faxed documents to: rename image files by cover page barcode, separate into individual documents, assemble image pages into documents. Created documents and/or folders are named using barcode value. Supports TIFF and PDF as input and output. Unattended command-line processing of thousands of images per hour.

See also: batch, automatic, automation, barcode, group, collate, rename, sort, separate, read, archive, image, bar, code, 128, PDF417, 2of5, DataMatrix, xml, csv, tab, folder

Buy Barcode Director 1.0 (only $1995.00)Download Barcode Director 1.0 (Size: 11615 KB)

Database Migration Software

Inexpensive and affordable DB transformation tool is time saving and money saving utility that does not require any expertise knowledge to operate software to migrate database file from MSSQL to MySQL easily without any tech support. Highly interactive Database Migration Software has easy to handle GUI environment and is offered at to get familiar with software functionality to make conversion process quicker and simpler.

See also: Database, table, conversion, software, transform, Microsoft, SQL, MySQL, record, maintain, integrity, data, types, attributes, null, default, value, key, constraint, foreign, primary, unique, migration, utility, translate, file, Window,

Buy Database Migration Software (only $29.00)Download Database Migration Software (Size: 2836 KB)

Smart Kid - Learning Subtraction 1.7

Smart Kid ? Learning Subtraction is a software software developed to help your child build a strong work ethic, self confidence and a positive self worth, while learning to subtract numbers. The software lets you to start building the educational foundation for your child while they are introduced to the learning process.

See also: 123, numbers, addition, subtraction, multiply, early learning, help with learning, child, children, education, testing, reading, writing, child psychology, self worth, confidence, childhood experiences, assistance, how to, help, solutions, problems

Buy Smart Kid - Learning Subtraction 1.7 (only $19.95)Download Smart Kid - Learning Subtraction 1.7 (Size: 3739 KB)

Barcode System

Barcode labeling utility is specially devised for constructing large amount of barcode stickers, labels for healthcare and medical industry. Barcode manufacturing system offers you to store all developed healthcare barcode labels in different image formats including jpeg, gif, png, tiff, bmp, wmf, exif, emf etc. Influential barcode maker software provides comfortable environment for medical professionals for creating bulk barcode stickers and labels.

See also: Barcode, system, design, make, unique, healthcare, pharmaceutical, industry, label, color, shape, size, style, dimension, medical, hospital, equipment, software, print, bulk, tag, sticker, line, text, graphic, object, tool, create, image, Windows,

Buy Barcode System (only $42.00)Download Barcode System (Size: 4997 KB)

Bulk SMS for GSM Mobile

User friendly Bulk SMS for GSM Mobile application is used in various tiny and big organizations to send multiple textual notifications through office Computer to cell phones connected with GSM mobile. Visit website to install bulk SMS utility for broadcasting occasional greetings from home computer system to mobile numbers in single mouse click.

See also: Bulk, SMS, GSM, Mobile, program, forwards, mass, text, messages, laptop, system, cell, phones, technology, internet, connection, contact, numbers, broadcast, invitations, job, alerts, business, news, notifications, greetings

Buy Bulk SMS for GSM Mobile (only $45.00)Download Bulk SMS for GSM Mobile (Size: 3840 KB)

Free Sim Card Data Recovery

Download Free Sim Card Data Recovery tool on and save all your lost numbers from Sim card that were lost due to system failure, human mistake, power cut etc within few mouse clicks.

See also: Free, Sim, Card, Data, Recovery, utility, software, recover, retrieve, regain, restore, formatted, contacts, lost, numbers, missing, messages, crashed, SMS, damage, notes, information, download, application, tool, IMSI, ICC-ID, system, user

Buy Free Sim Card Data Recovery (only $69.00)Download Free Sim Card Data Recovery (Size: 2447 KB)

Mac Mobile Phone File Recovery

Looking for software which is helpful for fast retrieval of missing digital photographs from mobile phone devices? Visit website to download Mac Mobile Phone File Recovery application which salvages images, pictures, snapshot misplaced from mobile phone devices.

See also: MAC, numbers, name, contact, undelete, files, video, audio, restores, devices, media, card, memory, phone, mobile, formatted, corrupted, inaccessible, pictures, images, snapshots, missing, rescue, software, retrieval, data, Download

Buy Mac Mobile Phone File Recovery (only $45.00)Download Mac Mobile Phone File Recovery (Size: 2826 KB)

SIM Card Data Recovery Service

SIM Card Data Recovery Service tool is useful for easily restoring missing contact with name and number in short time from sim card memory. Visit site to download regain utility to restore deleted inbox/outbox messages in minimal time from GSM mobile phone sim card.

See also: Data, recovery, software, program, restore, deleted, corrupted, inbox, outbox, text, messages, sms, memory, retrieve, application, revive, missing, lost, contact, name, numbers, phone, directory, mobile, phone, sim, card

Buy SIM Card Data Recovery Service (only $69.00)Download SIM Card Data Recovery Service (Size: 1536 KB)

Mac Retrieve Deleted Files

Easy to operate Mac Retrieve Deleted Files tool provides powerful data restoration process even your files are deleted permanently by any user. Freeware MAC mobile phone data undelete software conveniently get back all your missing digital snaps, precious images, memorable photos and other significant deleted contact numbers without affecting the original contents of data and does not require any previous tech knowledge or skill to make use

See also: Mac, files, recovery, application, tool, rescue, salvage, recover, restore, regain, repair, resave, deleted, misplaced, lost, data, contact, phone, numbers, text, messages, music, files, wallpaper, formatted, damaged, corrupted, mobile, phones

Buy Mac Retrieve Deleted Files (only $45.00)Download Mac Retrieve Deleted Files (Size: 3010 KB)

How to Retrieve Deleted Files in Mac

How to retrieve deleted files in Mac facilitates users to restore corrupted images from inaccessible mobile phone storage media drive with advance thumbnail preview facility before real recovery procedure starts. Company presents recovery software of how to retrieve deleted files in Mac from logically corrupted mobile phone even when files are permanently deleted using Shift + Del key operation in just few easy mouse clicks.

See also: Apple, Macintosh, deleted, data, recovery, software, restores, corrupted, images, pictures, damaged, mobile, phone, memory, card, storage, media, drive, restoration, application, retrieve, erased, media, files, wallpapers, contact, numbers

Buy How to Retrieve Deleted Files in Mac (only $45.00)Download How to Retrieve Deleted Files in Mac (Size: 3010 KB)

Healthcare Barcode Label Software

Visit site and access Healthcare Barcode Label Software that facilitates to make high resolution barcode image in 2D or linear dimensions with wonderful file format like BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPG, etc. Barcode making software generate barcode in less effort needed.

See also: Barcode, download, medical, equipment, software, files, format, unique, linear, computer, system, effective, scanner, devices, patterns, multiple, labels, images, objects, professional, utility

Buy Healthcare Barcode Label Software (only $42.00)Download Healthcare Barcode Label Software (Size: 5079 KB)

Apex Combine 2 PDF Documents

Combine 2 PDF documents include an option of page extracting from Adobe PDF document to creating one Adobe file. PDF utility has specific feature for splitting and merging multiple documents into smaller files which are useful to sending other port through electronic medium. Combining PDF files software works as PDF splitter and merger does not require Adobe tool. Arrange odd even pages which help to producing PDF file more manageable and efficient.

See also: Combine, PDF, Documents, Cut, Split, Splitter, Merger, Reduce, Software, Combining, Adobe, Splitting, Merging, Break, Extract, Merge, Add, Append, Compose, Appending, Files, Remover, Divide, Batch, Numbers, Produce, Pages, Prefix, Suffix, Removing

Buy Apex Combine 2 PDF Documents (only $14.90)Download Apex Combine 2 PDF Documents (Size: 3561 KB)

Random Number Generator 7.5.0

As the name suggests this utility generates numbers in random. But this random number generator also doubles as a sequence number generator and can generate numbers in sequence. Tool boasts of enviable processing speed and can generate millions of numbers within minutes. It also allows the user to save generated numbers in .CSV (opens in excel) or .TXT (opens in notepad) files.

See also: Random number generator, Number generator software, Phone number generator, number generator, how to generate random numbers, sequence number generator

Buy Random Number Generator 7.5.0 (only $39.00)Download Random Number Generator 7.5.0 (Size: 1166 KB)

Download Online Text Messaging

Download Online Text Messaging software is available on website for windows OS to provide facility send bulk text message from pc to any GSM mobile number without any external device. Mobile messaging marketing tool is based on GSM mobile technology for sending instant message without depending on online text messaging.

See also: Download, Online, Text, Messaging, application, text, message, SMS, compose, send, save, universities, banks, computer, mobile, GSM, windows, numbers, tool, system, reminder, events, device, interview, news, national, international

Buy Download Online Text Messaging (only $49.00)Download Download Online Text Messaging (Size: 6307 KB)

PC to Mobile SMS Software

Now download Computer to Mobile SMS Software from website which consists of advance techniques helps to select thousands of contact numbers at same time and delivers bulk amount of messages without any broadband connection required.

See also: Free, download, professional, bulk, SMS, software, broadcasts, messages, connect, mobile, handset, supports, GSM, technology, program, share, ideas, products, updates, details, skips, duplicate, contact, numbers, marketing, tool

Buy PC to Mobile SMS Software (only $45.00)Download PC to Mobile SMS Software (Size: 3840 KB)

Bulk SMS Software

Bulk SMS sending application provides facilitates to instantly make and send limitless customized messages to various contact lists from system to national or global mobile phones only in few mouse clicks. Superb group SMS tool for GSM Mobile Phones is useful utility for both professional persons and home user to send worldwide commerce promotion message at any network without including internet connection in very less time.

See also: Messages, group, software, delivers, tool, Bulk, SMS, worldwide, professional, sends, text, compose, transmit, massive, network, create, notifications, global, Phones, transfer, connection, application, broadcasting, numbers, GSM, utility

Buy Bulk SMS Software (only $45.00)Download Bulk SMS Software (Size: 3706 KB)

Sim Undelete

Website announces professional Sim Undelete application has capability to retrieve misplaced significant contact numbers and phonebook entries due to accidentally or intentionally formatting mobile phone sim card.

See also: Sim, card, undelete, software, recover, deleted, text, messages, application, restore, dial, contact, numbers, retrieve, inbox, utility, save, outbox, program, folders, regain, service, revive, provider, data, name, retrieval, identification, tool

Buy Sim Undelete (only $69.00)Download Sim Undelete (Size: 2293 KB)

Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS Marketing application enables business user to send Unicode text messages and employee notice, product promotional details, festival offers, new schemes, job alerts, and seasonal discount, to group of mobile number without external helps. Advance usable bulk SMS provider tool has ability to transmit or send cricket updates news and instant notification messages by sending text messages of group of mobile numbers in best possible way.

See also: Bulk, SMS, marketing, tool, broadcast, service, communication, users, create, forward, job, alerts, business, campaign, laptop, notebook, transmit, group, mass, character, text, message, group, mass, personal, phone, numbers, GSM, technology, clients

Buy Bulk SMS Marketing (only $45.00)Download Bulk SMS Marketing (Size: 3778 KB)

Greeting Card Software

How to design greeting cards for business purpose? Highly tech Greeting Card Software is simply downloaded from to generate more colorful greeting cards from Computer with advance features of card editing in picture size, text font, colors, shapes, card background images or more.

See also: Greeting, card, designing, generator, software, free, download, application, program, utility, tool, generate, print, design, bulk, mass, numbers, colorful, customized, invitational, occasional, wedding, new, year, multiple, shapes, fonts

Buy Greeting Card Software (only $29.00)Download Greeting Card Software (Size: 10444 KB)

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