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TxReader Special Edition 1.0

TxReader converts documents into spoken words and MP3. TxReader is much more than just a program that reads any document presented to it. It is actually three programs in one, first is the quality easy to use text to speech program that give great reading result making use of the lasted natural sounding voice from all the top sellers. TxReader Special Edition is the most popular speaking email download.

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Buy TxReader Special Edition 1.0 (only $99.95)Download TxReader Special Edition 1.0 (Size: 15544 KB)

DoubleSafety 3.5

DoubleSafety is an easy-to-use program intended to automatically back up important data to your hard disk, a local area network, a CD or DVD. Compressed backups (in the zip format) save space and incremental backups save time. Thanks to the built-in scheduler, you can stop worrying about the safety of your data. DoubleSafety makes backups of your data in a fully automatic mode. DoubleSafety is the second most popular speaking email download.

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Buy DoubleSafety 3.5 (only $44.95)Download DoubleSafety 3.5 (Size: 1988 KB)

Google Url Extract and Webspider 3.3.6

Google Url Extract and Url Spider Jeanie Pro the perfect tool. Google Url Extract the perfect tool for search engine-, webcatalog`s or linkdirectory- operators. In only a few days you enlarge your search engine, webcatalog`s or linkdirectory with a million of url`s. At time, Google Url Extract support following countries: Google Url Extract and Webspider is the third most popular speaking email download.

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Buy Google Url Extract and Webspider 3.3.6 (only $239.00)Download Google Url Extract and Webspider 3.3.6 (Size: 5952 KB)

Merak Mail Server 8.3.8r

Merak Mail Server provides unlimited accounts and domains for one price, which will save you costs as your needs grow. At anytime you can decide to add new features and your data and settings will be preserved. Merak contains Integrated Antispam, Integrated Antivirus, Groupware Server & Calendaring, Instant Messaging Server, FTP Server and Webmail Server.

See also: email server, merak mail server, mail server, antispam, antivirus, groupware, messaging, smtp, pop3, imap, webmail

Buy Merak Mail Server 8.3.8r (only $72.00)Download Merak Mail Server 8.3.8r (Size: 25513 KB)

eMail Bounce Handler 3.0.3

eMail Bounce Handler is a bounce e-mail filtering and handling tool that recognizes bounce e-mails using a customizable set of rules and extracts the recipients addresses allowing you to use them again to try sending your mail or to take them off your list. eMail Bounce Handler simply connects to your POP or IMAP mailbox in order to retrieve bounces letting any other message untouched.

See also: bounce, email, e-mail, error, returned, delivery, handler, POP, mailbox, filter, address, mass, bulk, merge, mailer

Buy eMail Bounce Handler 3.0.3 (only $25.00)Download eMail Bounce Handler 3.0.3 (Size: 1758 KB)

H264AVCommunication 1.80

H264AVCommunication is a audio and video communication program for Windows. You can communicate with your friends using high quality video and audio effect with a low bandwidth, no matter how far he are! This software captures images up to 30 frames per second from USB and analog cameras, TV boards, capture cards etc. Record video to AVI file which can be played with Windows Media Player or Real Player.

See also: H264, WebCam, surveillance, Mpeg4, FTP, SMTP, video, encode, decode, communication, conference, multimedia, mp3, record, DVR, monitor, client, server, H264 encode, H264 video, video encoder, video chat, network, multicast, broadcast, audio encode, compress, Email

Buy H264AVCommunication 1.80 (only $24.95)Download H264AVCommunication 1.80 (Size: 1953 KB)

HotMailPlus 2.0

HotMail+ program is meant for reading and sending e-mail messages through the web-interface of mail server The main advantage of HotMail+ is that all reading and sending e-mail messages are maximum automatical. Now you do not need to enter site to check your mail. Just click Check mail and received messages will be loaded and saved.

See also: hotmailplus, hotmail, e-mail, msn, ShareWare, mail, mail-client, mail-tools, internet, net, web, email, hotmail+, plus

Buy HotMailPlus 2.0 (only $19.95)Download HotMailPlus 2.0 (Size: 966 KB)

FastTrackMail 8.38

FastTrack Mail offers a new, simple and very convenient interface for processing e-mail and it's a powerful email management tool with features to increase your productivity and enhance your communications. The program provides extensive filtering and processing capabilities for incoming correspondence and requests. It allows automatic sorting of incoming messages based on preset criteria and their placement in individual mailboxes.

See also: fast, fasttrack, mail, client, template, multiple, email, mail client, software, mailing list, list, merge

Buy FastTrackMail 8.38 (only $29.95)Download FastTrackMail 8.38 (Size: 2336 KB)

IP Watcher 1.3

IP Watcher monitors your public and local IP address. If your IP address changes it will send an email, to the address you specify, with the new IP address. This email also includes the computer name and time the change occurred. This is useful for computers that have dynamically assigned IP addresses, but need to be accessed remotely. Works great for Windows XP Remote Desktop, PC Anywhere, etc...

See also: IP Watcher, Public IP Address, Remote, Dynamic IP Address Monitoring, Change, Update, Email, Local IP, Computer Name, Software

Buy IP Watcher 1.3 (only $9.95)Download IP Watcher 1.3 (Size: 3968 KB)

TheOne SysLog Manager Pro 2.5.0

Syslog Manager is a syslog server. It can receive, log, display and forward Syslog messages from all syslog enabled device such as router, firewall or switch. It can receive TCP and UDP syslog messages and send out alert message by Email, SMS, SMS-HTTP, Syslog, SNMP and Pager. Syslog Manager Pro can store syslog messages into MySQL database. It can support filtering based on customer's requirements, charting and scheduling.

See also: syslog, syslog server, collect, receive, log, display, forward, server, monitor, alert, email

Buy TheOne SysLog Manager Pro 2.5.0 (only $59.00)Download TheOne SysLog Manager Pro 2.5.0 (Size: 2878 KB)

Adwords Exact File Resizer 1.0

Adwords Exact File Resizer resizes image files to exactly or very near to 50Kb or to another setting requirements of Banners, Adwords and other graphic advertisements on the internet. Crop and or resize the images to the exact pixel sizes for squares, Leader Board, Banners, Small Square, Sky Scraper, Large Sky Scraper, InLine, Small Square etc. Prepare images for advertisements with Google and other search engines.

See also: digital camera, photo, resize, email photo, image, webmasters, print

Buy Adwords Exact File Resizer 1.0 (only $29.00)Download Adwords Exact File Resizer 1.0 (Size: 1696 KB)

Greeting Card Zoom 4.0

Greeting Card Zoom is a software to design and print or email lovely greeting cards for any occasions with your own photos, smiles, love-signs and more. Create folded cards for birthday, anniversary, wedding, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, New Year, Valentines Day etc. Add your text, photos with cool effects to create great personalized cards. This card creator comes with a lot of greeting card templates and graphics.

See also: greeting, card, program, software, designer, creator, personalized, maker, cards, print, email, design, create, make, birthday, anniversary, valentines, christmas, easter, halloween, friendship, mothers, wedding, congratulations, desktop, publishing

Buy Greeting Card Zoom 4.0 (only $39.95)Download Greeting Card Zoom 4.0 (Size: 34315 KB)

FollowUpExpert Personal 4.0

Autoresponder with no monthly fees. Runs on your own PC - you're in full control. It can reply to incoming mail saying you're away. It can send automatic personalized follow-ups and newsletters. The WYSIWYG editor makes it easy to create a great-looking messages and it sends messages REAL fast!

See also: autoresponder, autoresponders, e-mail, windows, followupxpert, responder, automatic responder, sequential autoresponder, sequential autoresponders, automated email, automatic email responder, pop3, bulk mailer, bulk, newsletter

Buy FollowUpExpert Personal 4.0 (only $49.00)Download FollowUpExpert Personal 4.0 (Size: 5226 KB)

E-mail Responder for Outlook 2.02

MS Outlook addon automatically makes and sends email auto-reply from your custom templates in response to incoming e-mails, based on your Status (Away, Out of Office, Vacation, etc., custom Status, Calendar or MSN Messenger Free/Busy time) even if you are away from your computer. It lets you to respond to selected Contacts or Distribution lists and not answer to unwanted messages. Version available for MS Outlook 2000/2002/2003/2007

See also: Freebusy, free/busy, out of office, away, status, autoreply, Notifications, autoreply, email, e-mail, forward, MSN, Messenger, autoresponder, outlook

Buy E-mail Responder for Outlook 2.02 (only $24.95)Download E-mail Responder for Outlook 2.02 (Size: 8228 KB)

DAISHO 2.8.3

DAISHO integrates all relevant aspects for staying competitive in the long run: integrated goal- and time and task management, contact management with CRM features, e-mail client and Skype integration. Runs from USB stick. Daisho is created from ground up to empower professionals to excel in today's demanding economy with parallel projects, high time pressure, and demanding customers. DAISHO helps to manage your professional life.

See also: Time management, calendar, contact management, skype, email, goal management, USB stick, crm, PIM, productivity

Buy DAISHO 2.8.3 (only $270.00)Download DAISHO 2.8.3 (Size: 65306 KB)

AnyFound Data Recovery Software 4.8.2

AnyFound Data Recovery Software is a secure, simple, quickest Partition Recovery Utility for Windows File System. It helps you to search, locate and recover your lost or deleted files, email, photo etc. Its unique features like advance search, enhanced photo, music, video recovery, file preview, Raw Recovery from hard drives, floppy disks, jazz drives and zip drivers, Disk Cloning, Email recovery from PST & DBX files.

See also: Data Recovery, Data Recovery Software, Hard Drive Data Recovery, Disk Data Recovery Tools, Fat & NTFS Recovery, RAID Data Recovery, Deleted File Recovery, Deleted Email Recovery, Photo Recovery

Buy AnyFound Data Recovery Software 4.8.2 (only $69.00)Download AnyFound Data Recovery Software 4.8.2 (Size: 3212 KB)

eMFlow Solution R1

eMFlow Solution is a Outlook extension for the management of e-mail communication. It offers features for the retrieval of e-mails and attachments and the visualization of the communication. Thus conversations and social networks are 2D visualized. The extended Outlook search functionality lets the use of keywords and pattern for typed information like e.g. tax- or phone-numbers and many others.

See also: email, Outlook search, add-in, management, fuzzy search, communication, conversation, social, network, contact, categorization, classification, attachment explorer, visualization, archive

Buy eMFlow Solution R1 (only $53.87)Download eMFlow Solution R1 (Size: 64125 KB)

Pilot Newsletter Software JUL.2011

Powerful web-based E-mail Marketing software that will allow you to easily design HTML and text based newsletters, deliver personalized e-mails to your target audiences through mailing lists, and improve your business by boosting your email advertising and communication. Simple Integrated Campaign Editor, Professionally Designed Email Templates, Automatic Bounce Handling, Comprehensive Reporting, Painless Integration Into Any Website and more.

See also: newsletter, mail management, mailing list manager, mail script, newsletter software, email newsletter, newsletter design template, newsletter tool, mailing list system, online newsletter, bulk email software, creating e mail newsletters

Buy Pilot Newsletter Software JUL.2011 (only $199.00)Download Pilot Newsletter Software JUL.2011 (Size: 156 KB)

Email Web Part 1.3

ArtfulBits Email Web Part lets sending email messages directly from Microsoft SharePoint site. You can notify task assigned users, send gratitude or just send regular email message, etc. ArtfulBits Email Web Part provides useful ability to send email directly from List Item. E-mail fields To, Subject and body can be auto populated with column item values.

See also: SharePoint Email Web Part, Email Web Part for SharePoint, Send Email SharePoint, SharePoint Send Email, Send Email from List Item, Send Email with List Item, How to Send Email, SharePoint Emailing, Sending Email, SharePoint Email Notification

Buy Email Web Part 1.3 (only $200.00)Download Email Web Part 1.3 (Size: 1970 KB)

CheckSend 1.01

An addin for Microsoft Office Outlook(R) to make you feel safe.Checks outgoing emails, appointments,tasks etc. to preclude common mistakes.Checks your outgoing emails,appointments, meeting requests and tasks for potentially missing attachments, unwanted recipients and keywords. Simple setup, integrates in Microsoft Office Outlook(R).

See also: email, outlook, addin, attachment, anhang, vergessen, forgotten, recipients, empfänger, sicher, safe, office

Buy CheckSend 1.01 (only $14.99)Download CheckSend 1.01 (Size: 1810 KB)

ChangeSender 2.92

ChangeSender adds one significant piece of functionality to Outlook when used with Exchange Server: It lets you to choose the sender address your e-mails are sent from on a mail-by-mail basis. Without ChangeSender, Exchange always sends out e-mails on your default e-mail address fixed in the ActiveDirectory even when answering e-mails received on one of your additional e-mail addresses.

See also: exchange, change, sender, outlook, recipients, email, send-as, from

Buy ChangeSender 2.92 (only $69.00)Download ChangeSender 2.92 (Size: 3359 KB)

Outlook Sync & Backup Portable

Outlook Sync & Backup Portable is a useful utility for Outlook that can be used for two different scenarios. One, to make a backup of Outlook data on USB storage device so you can access the data on a remote PC, or two, to synchronize Outlook data between different PCs (e.g. between your desktop, laptop and netbook). Works with all Outlook versions and compatable with 32-bit and 64-bit system. The software can run directly on USB drive.

See also: outlook backup, backup outlook, backup outlook file, backup microsoft outlook, backup, PST, compression, email, outlook backing up, restore, outlook restore, synchronize, synchronize outlook, save outlook, move outlook, send outlook, receive outlook

Buy Outlook Sync & Backup Portable (only $38.00)Download Outlook Sync & Backup Portable (Size: 27176 KB)

Cobra Check Mail 1.26

Cobra Apps Check Mail is a useful tool that enables you to easily monitor for unread email on any of your POP3 email servers, including secure SSL servers. When unread email is detected you are alerted via the task bar icon, a pop-up notification along and your own sound file played. You can then view the unread email directly from the server and choose to delete individual email you do not want to keep.

See also: check mail, check email, mail, email, check, delete, view, headers, pop3, ssl, spam, junk, tool, utility, application, tiny, cobra

Buy Cobra Check Mail 1.26 (only $8.00)Download Cobra Check Mail 1.26 (Size: 270 KB)

ABC Windows Mail Backup 1.40

ABC Windows Mail Backup is an easy-to-use utility that lets you to backup and restore your Windows Mail data. It saves e-mail and news messages, accounts, rules, contacts, junk email settings, calendar, stationery, signatures and all Personal Settings; and restores the saved data back to Windows Mail.ABC Windows Mail Backup can help you to migrate all your Windows Mail data and settings from one computer to another.

See also: windows mail backup, email backup, mail backup, rules backup

Buy ABC Windows Mail Backup 1.40 (only $39.95)Download ABC Windows Mail Backup 1.40 (Size: 4934 KB)

RoboMail Mass Mail Software 3.6.0

RoboMail is a comprehensive mass email software, which has a built-in email server to send out email without using ISP's server. You can prepare personalized email easily. You can send newsletter, product release, and promotion to customers easily and stands out from tons of junk mails. Enjoy e-mail marketing with RoboMail and explore business opportunities.

See also: mass email, mailer, email sender, mass mail, email, send mail, personalized email, email marketing, emarketing

Buy RoboMail Mass Mail Software 3.6.0 (only $85.00)Download RoboMail Mass Mail Software 3.6.0 (Size: 26567 KB)

CRM-Express eSales 2013.2.5

CRM-Express e-Sales is the latest in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. CRM-Express can manage your marketing, customers, sales and orders. Features include orders import from email. CRM-Express is now fully re-entrant, multi-user and network enabled. Allows for any number of users connecting simultaneously to an address book.

See also: crm software, crm, contact management, skype, google map, customer relationship, crm online, email marketing, customer support, email, invoice, order, quote, sms, crm mobile, cloud crm, calendar, text

Buy CRM-Express eSales 2013.2.5 (only $49.00)Download CRM-Express eSales 2013.2.5 (Size: 39492 KB)

NotesContactExtractor 1.8

NotesContactExtractor is a client based utility that leverages existing Lotus Notes and Outlook client libraries to offer a simple Notes to Outllook contact migration capability. Contacts are moved from a names.nsf file to an Outlook PST file.

See also: litigation, support, tools, notes, outlook, conversion, utility, Lotus, email, contacts

Buy NotesContactExtractor 1.8 (only $99.99)Download NotesContactExtractor 1.8 (Size: 4088 KB)

Cheap Domain

Cheap domain registration services facilitates millions of users to design their website using various templates, images, logos, photos, banners etc provided by DRPU site builder tool. is safe and secure service that provide privacy protection, DNS control, Domain theft protection. Web domain registration services is most popular domain registration service provider that provide various extra features including free e-mail plans.

See also: Cheap, domain, registration, services, inexpensive, plan, data, transfer, facility, utility, online, business, professional, website, name, extension, email, account, SSL, certificate, DNS, protection, encryption, web, host, search, server, reseller

Buy Cheap Domain (only $59.00)Download Cheap Domain (Size: 4096 KB)

NotesRipper 3.0.1

NOTESRIPPER provides the ability to migrate Lotus Notes® e-mail from .NSF files to Outlook PST files and optionally, .EML or .MSG files. The core functionality of Notes2Outlook has been retained and numerous improvements added in this latest version.

See also: litigation, support, tools, notes, outlook, conversion, utility, Lotus, email, eml, msg, pst

Buy NotesRipper 3.0.1 (only $240.00)Download NotesRipper 3.0.1 (Size: 3448 KB)

Outlook Email Finder 5.0.0

Outlook Email Finder is a quick and accurate e-mail address extractor adept at extracting e-mail addresses from MS Outlook and Outlook express files. The extracted e-mail addresses can be saved in .CSV format which opens in excel and .TXT format which opens in Notepad. Users can use filter options to set search criteria and extract relevant e-mail addresses. The software easily extracts e-mail IDs from different folders like inbox, outbox etc.

See also: outlook email extractor, email extractor, recover outlook emails, email extractor software, email finder, email address finder, outlook express mail, outlook email

Buy Outlook Email Finder 5.0.0 (only $49.00)Download Outlook Email Finder 5.0.0 (Size: 1026 KB)

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