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Mokum Mail 6.0

Mokum Mail is an EMail Checker / Reader, an HTML EMailer and a WEB Browser, all in one! With MM you can create in no time beautiful and stylish HTML EMail THEMES with stationery, pictures and music. It takes only a few clicks to select a Theme, type your message (you can also send a spoken message!) and send your email immediately to your friends or customers. Mokum Mail is the most popular spoken messages download.

See also: HTML Emailer, EMail checker, EMail reader, Spoken messages, WEB Browser

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Adolix Outlook Express Backup 2.61

The easiest way to backup email data (emails, accounts, signatures, address book, settings, message rules and blocked senders lists) from Top 9 Email Clients.The entire data is saved to a single, compressed protected file so it can be restored easily. Further more, Adolix Outlook Express Backup supports top 9 email clients like MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape Messenger, IncrediMail, PocoMail, The Bat and Opera Mail. Adolix Outlook Express Backup is the second most popular spoken messages download.

See also: outlook express backup, eudora backup, IncrediMail backup, Netscape Opera pegasus the Bat PocoMail email messages

Buy Adolix Outlook Express Backup 2.61 (only $24.95)Download Adolix Outlook Express Backup 2.61 (Size: 1347 KB)

Subliminal software 2.1

Subliminal software reprograms your mind for the best state. Hypnotize yourself with this program if you want to develop charisma, improve self-confidence and health, achieve good results in sport and education. You will notice first results after first few days of training. Working principle of the software is described on its homepage: Hundreds of predefined affirmations in 30 categories Subliminal software is the third most popular spoken messages download.

See also: subliminal software, subliminal messaging, subliminal messages, subliminal message, subliminal, subliminal messaging software, subliminal messages software

Buy Subliminal software 2.1 (only $29.95)Download Subliminal software 2.1 (Size: 500 KB)

Subliminal Messages Program 3.0

Good subliminal messaging software. Can be used for self-hypnosis and self-help. It displays short subliminal messages on your computer screen for very short time intervals. Is very effective. You can improve your self-confidence, lose your weight, stop your bad habits with the help of this software. It was tested on thousands of volunteers, and it was proven that this software is very effective.

See also: subliminal messages, subliminal message, subliminal flash, subliminal messaging

Buy Subliminal Messages Program 3.0 (only $29.95)Download Subliminal Messages Program 3.0 (Size: 1600 KB)

BlueInfo lite 1.0

This software enables to schedule and send automated text, image files and .vcs calendar files in form of SMS to bluetooth enabled devices such as mobile phones and PDA?s. A centralized, server based repository accessible via SSH can be used to share the messages among blueinfo gateways. The devices have to be paired before the messages can be send. BlueInfo lite does not provide PIN authentication mechanism for devices, this is done via Windows

See also: bluetooth sms, proximity marketing, mobile phone, communication, messaging, sending, .vcf images files, text messages, distributed access

Buy BlueInfo lite 1.0 (only $21.00)Download BlueInfo lite 1.0 (Size: 1544 KB)

Download Bulk SMS

Most appropriate Download Bulk SMS application offer enhanced feature for users to easily communicate with their business partners, friends, office colleagues, family members, company employees, students, teachers, targeted audience, stakeholders, customers, clients and many others through sending unlimited messages worldwide and in few clicks of mouse. SMS tool facilitates users to deliver text or Unicode (Non English character) messages.

See also: Bulk, sms, application, forward, unlimited, personal, commercial, text, messages, utility, send, single, multiple, alerts, group, receiver, laptop, windows, mobile, phone, devices, program, communicate, friends, relatives, globally, internet

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Sending Bulk SMS

Highly Professional Sending Bulk SMS application is mostly beneficial for business productivity, services and brands purposes within an efficient form without any requirement of external tech skills. Broadcast Sending Bulk SMS software is an easy to use, powerful, reliable, fastest, safe and secure facility which always provide positive result for users and understands its working features by users very easily within a actual time period.

See also: Phone, software, cell, bulk, SMS, messages, GSM, clients, broadcast, business, services, mobile, text, format, time, marketing, device, tool, products, user, professional, sales, program, file, internet, utility, freeware, world

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Read Deleted SMS Messages

Cell phone SIM card data restoration software would help all people who accidently deleted an significant SMS and lost valuable information from mobile SIM card. Tool retrieves contact names information, inbox, outbox and sent items, text messages (SMS) with date, time and sender details. SIM card data recovery utility can play a vital role for several forensics organizations worldwide because of its mobile phone simcard information tracking ability.

See also: Mobile, SIM, card, data, salvage, tool, USB, SIM, reader, software, recover, lost, deleted, messages, address, book, contact, retrieval, recovery, utility, rescue, dialed, missed, received, call, history, restore, erased, inaccessible, inbox, outbox

Buy Read Deleted SMS Messages (only $69.00)Download Read Deleted SMS Messages (Size: 985 KB)

Free Sim Card Undelete

Download professional and easy to handle sim card data retrieval program? Visit website to download reliable Free Sim Card Undelete software to retrieve all deleted recently dialed numbers and other significant lost data from accidentally formatted sim card of your mobile phone.

See also: Professional, sim, card, data, recovery, software, program, create, rescue, restore, corrupted, files, text, messages, information, items, inbox, outbox, sms, details, damaged, computer, system, hardware, multimedia, mobile, phone, memory, device

Buy Free Sim Card Undelete (only $69.00)Download Free Sim Card Undelete (Size: 2447 KB)

How to Restore Sim Card

Are you thinking about How to Restore Sim Card messages? visit to download contact number restoration utility that is fully capable to restore all lost details whether it is missing due to virus infected sim cards or other similar information loss reasons.

See also: Lost, Information, recovery, sim, card, contacts, restoration, application, deleted, missing, text, messages, draft, inbox, outbox, mobile, phone, corrupted, data, retrieve, name, number, location, GSM, service, provider

Buy How to Restore Sim Card (only $69.00)Download How to Restore Sim Card (Size: 2447 KB)

Mac SMS Software

Comprehensive Mac SMS Software is useful in many areas including Railways, Airlines, Banking industries, Government department, Distribution industries, Online business, Advertising/marketing, Tax authorities etc. Website offers Mac SMS tool helps user to communicate with customers, friends, employees, relatives, clients, students, target audience etc via deliver instant text message over worldwide location without monthly fixed charges.

See also: Mac, SMS, application, send, job, price, news, alert, national, international, software, compose, market, updates, product, service, notification, standard, mobile, network, internet, connection, program, delivers, unlimited, bulk, text, messages

Buy Mac SMS Software (only $45.00)Download Mac SMS Software (Size: 5611 KB)

Read Deleted Text Message

Sim card data recovery software restores deleted call list, contact numbers and SMS stored in phonebook of sim card. Sim card data retrieval tool supports to all type of sim card of any international or national service/network. Mobile sim card salvage software even displays detailed information of ICC mobile identification number, IMSI number, service provider name etc. Sim card message repair software is easy to use for every mobile user.

See also: Phone, memory, card, sim, directory, deleted, contacts, mobile, utility, data, numbers, phonebook, IMSI, information, tool, GSM, call, list, USB, recovery, software, retrieval, interface, rescue, text, SMS, accidentally, messages, network, service

Buy Read Deleted Text Message (only $69.00)Download Read Deleted Text Message (Size: 985 KB)

Online Text Messages

Affordable online text messages software allows software user to compose customized text SMS with finest options and objects like fonts, colors, background, smilies, symbols and other stylish objects. Cost effective SMS broadcasting application utility sends multiple number of text messages within few simple mouse clicks provided with option to compose new and edit memory stored messages while text SMS sending is being processed by the software.

See also: Publish, enormous, business, announcement, alert, greeting, notification, online, bulk, text, messages, software, tool, send, mass, SMS, mobile, phone, contact, group, desktop, computer, pocket, PDA, device, GSM, CDMA, network, marketing, utility

Buy Online Text Messages (only $45.00)Download Online Text Messages (Size: 3706 KB)

Photo Recovery for Mac

Photo Recovery for Mac tool is devised with innovative disk scanning and standard recovery methods to rescue all erased and missing files from mobile phone with maintaining actual quality of data in minimal time and affords. Mac mobile phone files rescue utility offers facility to recover files from different brands of mobile phones like BlackBerry, Motorola, Samsung, Panasonic, Siemens, Nokia, Philips, Haier, LG, Sharp, T-Mobile and many others.

See also: Software, tool, utility, application, program, recover, restore, regain, deleted, erased, lost, misplaced, corrupted, damaged, inaccessible, mobile, phone, cell, contacts, numbers, messages, picture, photos, snaps, data, files, Mac, system

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GSM SMS Modem application facilitates users to send boundless text messages and job alerts to individual or group of people at same time and in minimum span of time. Most appropriate Group text messaging tool for multi USB modem device enables users with sophisticated feature to conveniently communicate with their clients or customers in cost effective manner and prominently increase their business productivity and profitability.

See also: GSM, SMS, modem, software, create, broadcast, limitless, text, messages, event, alerts, emergency, notifications, reminders, business, advertisements, new, product, launched, information, seasonal, greetings, marketing, campaigns, worldwide, internet

Buy GSM SMS Modem (only $49.00)Download GSM SMS Modem (Size: 3860 KB)

Cell Phone SMS Software

Website presents powerful Cell Phone SMS Software for sending instant short text notifications to any national and international mobile numbers via Windows Smartphone connecting with computer. User friendly bulk messaging tool delivers innovative GUI which helps novice users to send group sms globally.

See also: Download, free, cell, phone, sms, software, program, utility, support, Unicode, characters, save, details, notification, template, folder, application, send, deliver, forward, broadcast, unlimited, short, messages, multiple, mobile, number, network

Buy Cell Phone SMS Software (only $49.00)Download Cell Phone SMS Software (Size: 6307 KB)

Text Messaging Software for Blackberry

Bulk SMS sender software broadcasts business notifications around the world. company website facilitates Text Messaging Software for Blackberry which delivers bulk SMS to international as well as national mobile subscribers.

See also: Bulk, SMS, sender, application, deliver, multiple, text, messages, business, notification, weather, forecast, emergency, information, news, job, alerts, global, international, mobile, audience, user, subscriber, blackberry, smart, phone

Buy Text Messaging Software for Blackberry (only $45.00)Download Text Messaging Software for Blackberry (Size: 4218 KB)

PC to Mobile SMS Software

Most appropriate Computer to mobile SMS software offers enhanced feature for users to transfer business updates to targeted audience at same time through sending text messages via GSM technology based cell phones associated with computer. Bulk text messaging tool offers perfect solution for multiple sectors like call centers, Airlines, Hotel and resorts, hospitals, telecom industry, telecom sector, government agencies, IT companies and others.

See also: mobile, SMS, software, compose, propel, boundless, job, alerts, notification, reminders, business, updates, share, market, information, personal, messages, application, broadcast, product, promotional, campaign, worldwide, internet, connection

Buy PC to Mobile SMS Software (only $49.00)Download PC to Mobile SMS Software (Size: 3696 KB)

Chat Live with Multiple Customers

ASP based multi user chatting software for those owners who want to give tech support to all their website visitors. Code is based on AJAX script for live chat environment. Simultaneously many administrators handle their clients on one to one basis. Program works with all internet browsers which make it platform independent. You can simply install it on your site and add a chat button on your website for 24x7 assistance to all your clients.

See also: tool, messages, internet, events, promotion, web, help, software, messaging, instant, users, visitors, server, client, interact, script, AJAX, support, ASP, interface, utility, communication, chat, live, online, customer, administrators, multiple

Buy Chat Live with Multiple Customers (only $169.00)Download Chat Live with Multiple Customers (Size: 1177 KB)

Bulk SMS Software

Go to website and download Bulk SMS Software on your Windows Computer which is the best way to compose messages in your pattern and delivers them to specified contact numbers across worldwide in just fraction of seconds. Program have functionality to load contact details from excel sheet very precisely.

See also: Free, download, bulk, SMS, software, transfer, share, messages, worldwide, national, international, mobile, phone, contact, numbers, program, supports, Windows, operating, system, transmit, job, alerts, products, updates, notifications, target, users

Buy Bulk SMS Software (only $49.00)Download Bulk SMS Software (Size: 6348 KB)

SMS via Modem

Creative SMS via modem software at provides finest platform to transmit actual large quantity of text messages holding business details to mobile phone users worldwide in few simple and fast steps. Cost effective text messages publishing SMS modem utility publishes SMS to mass number of mobile phone with option to automatically remove duplicate entries from SMS recipient list caused due to multiple contact record sources.

See also: Forward, custom, national, international, mobile, cell, phone, SMS, messages, USB, GSM, device, SMS, modem, software, application, send, bulk, personal, professional, business, text, notification, alert, news, offers, publishing, program, utility

Buy SMS via Modem (only $49.00)Download SMS via Modem (Size: 3860 KB)

SMS Applications

Cost effective SMS applications professional software facilitates user to broadcast bulk number of text SMS to national and international mobile phone contacts supporting all Unicode symbol set and English text character standards. Affordable bulk business software provides user finest list wizard option that enables user to efficiently maintain user phone numbers in contact phonebook list or user groups at specified computer hard disk location.

See also: Send, bulk, amount, customized, personal, greeting, business, product, offer, forward, transmit, worldwide, mass, quantity, messages, text, GSM, cell, mobile, phone, contacts, SMS, applications, software, tool, notification, news, publishing, utility

Buy SMS Applications (only $49.00)Download SMS Applications (Size: 6359 KB)

Sim Card SMS Recovery Software

Professionally develop offers Sim Card SMS Recovery Software to restore mistakenly formatted or corrupted data of sim card. sim card data recovery utility is capable to revive all deleted text messages and drafts.

See also: Sim, card, data, repairing, application, revive, deleted, fixed, missed, dial, calls, erased, phonebook, contact, name, numbers, lost, read, unread, text, messages, saved, drafts, mobile, phone, network, service, provides, IMSI, identification

Buy Sim Card SMS Recovery Software (only $69.00)Download Sim Card SMS Recovery Software (Size: 2447 KB)

Bulk SMS GSM Mobile

Bulk SMS GSM Mobile tool quickly sends thousands of text messages across the world from your computer connected with gsm mobile handsets. Text messages broadcasting software enables user to get in chat with your friends by sending national, international sms to any mobile communication network. Mobile marketing software helps business owners to Increase brand awareness and enhances consumer interaction by sending group sms to consumers.

See also: Bulk, SMS, GSM, Mobile, application, create, broadcast, unlimited, text, messages, individuals, list, contacts, send, seasonal, greetings, business, meetings, product, promotion, report, national, international, communication, network, computer

Buy Bulk SMS GSM Mobile (only $49.00)Download Bulk SMS GSM Mobile (Size: 3870 KB)

Recover Deleted Text Messages

Have you accidently deleted call history from your cellular mobile phones? Specialist Recover Deleted Text Messages application easily and quickly rescue missing phone book number/text messages from GSM technology based cell phones including Motorola, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Spice and many more in minimal time. Recover Deleted Text Messages utility is more useful for forensic data analysis, scientific investigation and government agencies.

See also: Recover, rescue, restore, cellular, smart, mobile, phone, GSM, sim, card, contact, cumber, text, messages, draft, inbox, outbox, sent items, network, location, service, call, history, accidently, deleted, corrupted, misplaced, application, software

Buy Recover Deleted Text Messages (only $69.00)Download Recover Deleted Text Messages (Size: 2211 KB)

Mac Send Bulk SMS offer bulk messages application enables user to communicate with your family and relatives by sending text messages. Mac Send Bulk SMS software has capability to forward stock updates details, promotional messages and other personalized SMS over worldwide in less time.

See also: Bulk, sms, software, utility, compose, deliver, send, group, text, promotional, messages, reminders, greetings, stock, updates, product, launching, business, campaigns, details, job, event, alerts, desktop, network, laptop, computer, gateway

Buy Mac Send Bulk SMS (only $45.00)Download Mac Send Bulk SMS (Size: 5611 KB)

SMS Marketing Blackberry Mobile

Visit that suggests SMS Marketing Blackberry Mobile software to broadcast group messages on all national as well as international mobile networks. SMS Marketing Blackberry Mobile utility provides facility to load all contact numbers from system during sending bulk messages that saved in excel sheets or text file.

See also: Group, text, messages, delivers, SMS, marketing, software, blackberry, mobile, tool, event, detail, greeting, internet, gateway, service, application, send, bulk, offers, instant, permit, user, broadcast, alert, business, news, notification

Buy SMS Marketing Blackberry Mobile (only $45.00)Download SMS Marketing Blackberry Mobile (Size: 4157 KB)

Mobile Phone Data Recovery for Mac

Affordable Macintosh image revive software is available on company home page that helps user for restoration of corrupted screenshot. Mobile Phone Data Recovery for Mac tool is used to get back deleted video songs collection.

See also: Mac, cell, phone, restoration, program, repair, misplaced, digital, images, office, documents, download, mobile, memory, wallpaper, retrieving, application, revive, logically, damaged, multimedia, text, messages, phonebook, contact, numbers

Buy Mobile Phone Data Recovery for Mac (only $45.00)Download Mobile Phone Data Recovery for Mac (Size: 2826 KB)

Blackberry Bulk SMS Software

Comprehensive Blackberry Bulk SMS Software which is available at supports quick and instant delivery of job alerts, product promotional news and other significant information from Computer to individual or group of mobile numbers.

See also: Free text messaging iphone, iphone group text message, free sms mobile to mobile, send free international sms, mass texting from computer, mass text message service free, group text messages android, free sms online to mobile

Buy Blackberry Bulk SMS Software (only $45.00)Download Blackberry Bulk SMS Software (Size: 3112 KB)

Récupérer Des SMS

SIM-Karte Restaurierung Reparaturen versehentlich Dateien, Ordner, Dokumente, Verzeichnisse beschädigt, etc Unterverzeichnisse durch Virenbefall mit benutzerfreundlicher GUI-Schnittstelle. Sim-Karte Wiederbelebung Programm rettet Postausgang-Nachrichten, Posteingang Text, SMS sms, Textentwurf etc von formatierten-SIM-Karte mit weniger Bearbeitungszeit.

See also: Instantanée, sim, contact, livre de téléphone, numéro, supprimés, corrompus, endommagés, supprimés, récupération de la mémoire, de la musique, de récupérer, restaurer, médias, fichier, application, le dossier formaté, expéditeur, messages, texte

Buy Récupérer Des SMS (only $69.00)Download Récupérer Des SMS (Size: 2211 KB)

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