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Mil Shield 4.9

Mil Shield 4.9 protects your privacy by deleting all tracks from your online or offline computer activities: cookies, cache, history, INDEX.DAT files, Firefox tracks and all other tracks. There are some unique features in this program: Selective cleaning (selectively preserves cache, history and/or cookies for chosen by you safe Internet sites), Panic key combination, Automatic cleaning, Support for multiple user accounts. Mil Shield is the most popular start page download.

See also: clean, erase, delete, remove, index.dat, cookies, history, Internet Explorer, Firefox, cache, tracks, evidence, recent documents, MRU, most recently used, privacy, start page, home page, typed URL history, UserData records, automatic, security

Buy Mil Shield 4.9 (only $29.00)Download Mil Shield 4.9 (Size: 1728 KB)

Key Manager 1.1

A key and mouse button remapper with an ability to assign the following actions to regular, long and sequential key presses and key combinations: show an actions menu, paste text, launch a program, open a file/folder, open a web page, press/block a key, key combination, mouse button, rotate the mouse wheel, make a new email, manage windows, manage the computer's sound and power settings, manager the monitor's power settings and much more. Key Manager is the second most popular start page download.

See also: key, hotkey, remapper, shortcut, manager, keyboard, automate, keyremapper, block, press, action, run, desktop, accelerator, keystroke, combination, start, open, acion, control, web, page, email, paste, text, copy, txt, power, monitor, screensaver, move, resize, repeat, keymanager

Buy Key Manager 1.1 (only $29.95)Download Key Manager 1.1 (Size: 1760 KB)

Professional Traffic Exchange Script 3

Offer a valuable traffic exchange service and build a busy community interested in web promotion. A Walker Traffic Exchange Script is an innovative web based promotion utility that lets you to make a membership community quickly and easily. The script uses MySQL to handle thousands of members and millions of transactions. Most professional templates are easily integrated and can enhance the superb handling and performance of the script. Professional Traffic Exchange Script is the third most popular start page download.

See also: traffic exchange script, rotator, web promotion, marketing, hit exchange, start page exchange

Buy Professional Traffic Exchange Script 3 (only $197.95)Download Professional Traffic Exchange Script 3 (Size: 7070 KB)

Ventrino LTE Manual Traffic Exchange 1

Offer a valuable traffic exchange service and build a busy community interested in promotion. Use the Ventrino LTE Manual Traffic Exchange script to build a community of like-minded entrepreneurs interested in web promotion. Build your membership database quick with less effort and less cost than its competitors. Capable of handling many thousands of members and millions of transactions for a fraction of the cost of an ordinary membership site.

See also: traffic exchange, hit exchange, start page exchange, home page exchange, web promotion, marketing, traffic exchange script, traffic exchange scripts

Buy Ventrino LTE Manual Traffic Exchange 1 (only $47.95)Download Ventrino LTE Manual Traffic Exchange 1 (Size: 6569 KB)

JDash.Net for Asp.Net 4.0

Dashboards, todays IT fashion, are getting very powerful tools for decision makers in every industry. Users love dashboards once they discover what is it and how to benefit. jDash, taking this one step further, adds incredible value to every IT project by seamless integration for developers and simple clicks for users. With jDash your project will have competition superiority. Consider this unique but "must have" tool.

See also: dashboard, dashboard software, bi dashboard, c# dashboard, google like dashboard, igoogle dashboard, executive dashboard, .net dashboard, drag drop dashboard, start page

Buy JDash.Net for Asp.Net 4.0 (only $251.00)Download JDash.Net for Asp.Net 4.0 (Size: 9360 KB)

Advanced System Optimizer 2.10

ASOv2 has more than 200 tweaks for customizing Windows and supercharging your PC's performance. New features include a spyware detective, an icon manager and a comprehensive backup tool. You can back up the registry and restore it if it's damaged. The system cleaner removes junk and obsolete files from the system. The registry cleaner ensures that invalid information is removed, and the registry defragger helps you get maximum speed from your PC.

See also: advanced system optimizer, data, block, blocker, ad-aware, adware, freeware, spyware, shareware, popup, pop, advanced, manage, manager, backup, back, blue, screen, crash, crashes, damage, error, errors, hang, hangs, junk, kill, list, lost, problem, problems, shred, clutter, terminate, trouble, troubleshoot, troubleshooting, boost, tweak, tweaker, performance, speed, speed-up, optimize, optimizer, optimization, fast, accelerate, acceleration, ace, tidy, transparent, change, changer, erase, eraser, process, processes, check, checker, tool, tools, settings, compatible, duplicate, copy, theme, information, clean, cleaner, cleaning, cure, fix, fixes, fixer, heal, help, improve, defrag, fix-up, mechanic, remove, repair, replace, restore, configuration, configure, diagnose, download, downloads, recover, recovery, start, startup, support, sweep, command, task, tasks, taskbar, uninstall, uninstaller, update, scan, upgrade, upgrading, view, slow, split, join, maintenance, management, administer, administration, notification, overview, system, computer, desktop, software, utility, utilities, ram, memory, physical, icon, icons, internet, explorer, autorun, logon, media, program, pentium, intel, peripheral, peripherals, technology, hard, disk, drive, email, e-mail, planner, analyzer, analyze, advisor, cookie, cookies, registry, wallpaper, organizer, customize, decrypt, encrypt, defrag, delete, deleted, secure, security, privacy, safe, protect, protection, guard, prevention, evaluation, free, trial, file, files, file system, zip, image, images, Windows, Win, 2003, 2000, winxp, win2003, win2k3, winnt, winme, win98, office, ms-office

Buy Advanced System Optimizer 2.10 (only $39.95)Download Advanced System Optimizer 2.10 (Size: 9025 KB)

ALink 1.01

ALink takes the hard work out of setting up and maintaining your Reciprocal Links. Automatically sending requests for new links, checking for links that have been added, removing bad links and generating your Reciprocal Links Page automatically.

See also: ALink, reciprocal, reciprocal links, checker, reciprocal link, link checker, reciprocal advertising, reciprocal link software, reciprocal linking, reciprocal link generator, reciprocal link creator, reciprocal trade, free link page, link page

Buy ALink 1.01 (only $29.95)Download ALink 1.01 (Size: 1415 KB)

BT Video Wizard

Extremely easy Video Recording Wizard to record video in compressed WMV format. WMV format is the video format used by Windows Media Player. The videos you record will be very small and very high quality. Any novice user will find it easy to use. Your videos can be played by anyone that has Windows Media Player. Videos are recorded direct to wmv file with no intermediate processing.

See also: wmv, video, recorder, utility, video email, video web page, ftp

Buy BT Video Wizard (only $29.95)Download BT Video Wizard (Size: 2005 KB)

Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is a collection of system tools and utilities to fix, speed up, maintain and protect your PC.It allows you to clean common system junk files, as well as invalid registry entries and Internet traces(plug-in support for 45+ external programs).Furthermore, Glary Utilities includes powerful functions such as disk analysis,software uninstaller,startup manager,memory optimizer,duplicate files finder,secure file deletion and more

See also: optimizer, RAM, memory, physical, boost, defrag, free, speed, remove, delete, editor, list, software, programs, manager, start, startup, errors, error, registry, system, disk, disks, hard, sweep, tidy, repair, fix, maintenance, configuration, administration, protection, improval, performance, acceleration, optimization, booster, tweaks, tweaker, problems, problem, crashes, crash, errors, error, performance, cleaning, tweaking, tuning, computer, system, win95, winme, win98, win2k, win2000, winxp, 2000, Win, Windows, clean, tweak, optimize, accelerate, speed, tune, configure, protect, remove, fix, improve, repair, cleaner software, disk cleaner, find duplicate files, duplicate file finder, tracks eraser, internet privacy, clean registry, registry repair, registry cleaner, Utilities, Glarysoft, Glary Utilities, diagnose, system, information, overview, view, booster, inspect, manage, uninstall, remove, delete, shred, wipe, application, applications, software, program, programs

Buy Glary Utilities (only $29.95)Download Glary Utilities (Size: 2479 KB)

1st JavaScript Editor Pro 3.4 3.4

1st JavaScript Editor is advanced JavaScript Editor, Validator and Debugger for beginners and professionals! Beside rich possibilities of editing scripts (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, VBScript, PHP and ASP syntax highlighting etc) and IntelliSense the program offers large snippets library with full collection of HTML tags(attributes, events), CSS attributes and JavaScript events(functions, attributes, statements and operators etc - at whole over 1200)

See also: IntelliSense, JavaScript, JavaScript Editor, HTML, dhtml, css, syntax, highlighting, validator, debugger, ready-to-use, controlled, scripts, snippets, library, HTML tags, HTML attributes, HTML events, events, JavaScript functions, web, page, effects

Buy 1st JavaScript Editor Pro 3.4 3.4 (only $44.90)Download 1st JavaScript Editor Pro 3.4 3.4 (Size: 6173 KB)

SW for the Chicago Manual of Style 2.0

ScholarWord formats your paper according to requirements set forth by the 15th Edition of the Chicago Manual of Style and the Sixth Edition of Kate Turabian?s Style Manual. ScholarWord even saves your citations so you can easily insert or modify the references in the future.

See also: chicago manual of style, cms, kate turabian style, bibliography, works cited, turabian style, citation, history, turabian guide, bibliography software, dissertation writing, chicago style cover page, apa help, writing aid, chicago citation, cms style

Buy SW for the Chicago Manual of Style 2.0 (only $24.95)Download SW for the Chicago Manual of Style 2.0 (Size: 6899 KB)

Content Infinity 3

With Content Infinity you have the possibility to boost up you page rankings . Create unlimited and unique articles with perfect sense in a few seconds. All you have to do is enter the main keyword, select the number of words for the article and press generate. A perfect and unique article will be generated in seconds

See also: Article Writer, Article Creator, Article Maker, Free Articles, Content maker, Content generator, Content unlimited, Professional content, great writers, article writers, ghost writers, page rank, boost up, Content generator, Keyword research tool

Buy Content Infinity 3 (only $97.00)Download Content Infinity 3 (Size: 2328 KB)

Cita Matic 4.10

Cita Matic 4.10 produces collections of search-optimized landing pages for your Internet Marketing Project, extracts information from HTM, HTML, PDF, and TXT files, integrates with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

See also: Business Software, Internet Marketing, SEO Copywriting, Organic SEO, Landing Page Generator

Buy Cita Matic 4.10 (only $249.00)Download Cita Matic 4.10 (Size: 3740 KB)

Excellent Internet Project Constructing 8.1

This visual publishing package aids you design Web sites without having to understand HTML; simply manipulating with webpage content. The software has integrated image creating tools so you never should use a third-party image editor. Web site images can be distorted by different distortions like flame, shadow, or transparency. Resolution-independent vector objects can be resized without loss of quality.

See also: tools, html, actual, drawing, image, page, background, content, publish, elements, site, web, blur, internet, buttons, checker, site, design, dilate, emboss, erode, flip, form, ftp, gif, glow, jpeg

Buy Excellent Internet Project Constructing 8.1 (only $19.99)Download Excellent Internet Project Constructing 8.1 (Size: 6634 KB)

Google Backlink Checker

Weblink monitor utility is powerful and helpful software to user who wants to promote the page rank of their websites. Backlink checker utility monitors link status of website to check if website link still points to publisher?s website and sends an alert notification if link is not available. Backlink checker tool manages several SEO operations by checking backlinks which are linked to publishers site and it informs you that where links are placed.

See also: Backlink, monitoring, tool, check, website, backlink, status, alert, sending, e-mail, software, manage, watch, generate, report, file, internet, search, detail, system, analyzer, link exchange, weblink, reciprocal link, seo, page rank, scan, utility

Buy Google Backlink Checker (only $69.00)Download Google Backlink Checker (Size: 958 KB)

PDF Documents Splitter

PDF Documents Splitter software can effectively merge multiple pages into one PDFs file easily and quickly. Combiner utility for windows portable application was developed to be a tiny program that lets you to merge and divide adobe. Joiner tool developed for faster and more efficient access to information needed from documents. Merger applications supports password protected and protected pages for adobes manipulation.

See also: Combine, PDF, software, documents, merge, splitter, remove, divide, cut, add, page, multiple, editor, joiner joining combining PDFs acrobat, program, make, generate, concatenate, combiner, arrange, join, sorting, create, files, tool, utility, gen

Buy PDF Documents Splitter (only $29.85)Download PDF Documents Splitter (Size: 1843 KB)

Apex PDF Merge and Split

PDF Merge and Split software offers solution to properly combine and divide multiple PDF files in one or more PDF documents. Tool lets to delete specific pages from PDF documents, merge multiple PDFs, compare two PDF files and apply PDF password protection, combine two continuous pages on a single page, change PDF page size, extract pages & make single PDF, extract pages & make individual PDFs, split into single page, watermark, bookmark.

See also: PDF, Merge, Split, Combine, Join, Combiner, Joiner, Splitter, Software, Compare, Two, Document, Add, Append, Concatenate, File, Remove, Delete, Break, Divide, Adobe, Acrobat, Extract, Multiple, eBook, Change, Page, Size, Edit, Password, Protect, PDFs

Buy Apex PDF Merge and Split (only $29.90)Download Apex PDF Merge and Split (Size: 3605 KB)

Converting BMP to PDF

Converting BMP to PDF utilities quickly converting multiple images into a single PDF document. Online BMP to PDF Converter can make PDF file from bitmap images. Multiple BMP to PDF has feature to change image size, page size or page margin. Covert BMP to PDF software offers an optimized application to convert multiple BMP image files into PDF documents with quality conversion. From BMP to PDF Set password and properties to output PDF file.

See also: Online, BMP, PDF, Converter, Software, Bitmap, Combine, Converting, Add, Join, Insert, Paste, Turn, Batch, Photo, Picture, Snapshot, Screenshot, Creator, Create, Documents, Scan, Adobe, Acrobat, Conversion, Page, Size, Margin, Free, Download, Files

Buy Converting BMP to PDF (only $14.85)Download Converting BMP to PDF (Size: 1122 KB)

JPEG Image to PDF

JPEG image to PDF converts multiple JPG JPE format picture photos screen shot graphics into single PDF documents. It can convert both high and low resolution images in PDF file in same quality. It can also set PDF Meta information i.e. Title, Author, Subject and Keywords and these tools also provide security setting. Image to PDF software is completely separate tool transforms lots of images without usage of any extra software.

See also: JPEG, Image, PDF, Software, Converter, Picture, Adobe, Files, Tools, JPG, JPE, Single, Converts, Photo, Multiple, Change, Batch, Multipage, Format, Graphics, Secure, Password, Document, Margin, Combine, Page, Conversion, Utility, Transform, Size

Buy JPEG Image to PDF (only $14.90)Download JPEG Image to PDF (Size: 1277 KB)

Apex PDF Joiner and Splitter

PDF joiner and splitter software made up with standard features like split, merge, delete, extract, combine, compare, divide, add, append, cut, break, remove etc. This one single utility whose provide most of all solution in one software. Utility allow splitting large PDF file in different way like single and multiple page range. You can join lot pages and make PDF file also you can combine and compare two file and pages according to situation.

See also: PDF, Joiner, Splitter, Combiner, Merger, Software, Add, Append, Join, Concatenate, Delete, Cut, Break, Extract, Batch, PDFs, Document, Combine, Compare, Two, Pages, Page size, Range, Password, Adobe, Tool, Utility, Arrange, Watermark, Bookmark, File

Buy Apex PDF Joiner and Splitter (only $29.90)Download Apex PDF Joiner and Splitter (Size: 3608 KB)

Acritum Promo Wizard 1.022

Acritum Promo Wizard is a really must-have utility for webmasters who want to increase the number of visitors coming to their websites from various search engines. The software is the next generation of classic doorway page generators with several special technologies that make a kind of human-made text automatically and produce numerous webpages. These pages highly attract the attention of search engines and bring more visitors to your site.

See also: web site promotion, increase popularity of website, increase number of page visitors, improve page rank, SEO, doorway page generator, site optimization

Buy Acritum Promo Wizard 1.022 (only $19.95)Download Acritum Promo Wizard 1.022 (Size: 596 KB)

Rich Snippet Converter

Comprehensive Rich Snippet Converter software available at url provides an efficient way of generating optimized and useful data on various subjects for your site to enhance your website listings on search engine results page.

See also: Rich, Snippet, Converter, software, program, develop, code, microdata, products, business, people, events, review, book, movie, generates, information, markup, data, search, engine, organic, listings, results, page, increase, visibility, rank

Buy Rich Snippet Converter (only $49.00)Download Rich Snippet Converter (Size: 895 KB)

Apex PDF Splitter

PDF splitter software combines multiple files using the merging feature. It is support batch process to split merge file that your precious time. PDF page remover utility remove delete unwanted or blank pages from Adobe document and make new Adobe file. User can set Meta properties such as author, subject, title and keywords. Download evaluation version of Apex All in One PDF Tools from to make split or merge PDF document.

See also: PDF, Splitter, Software, Merger, Arrange, Manage, Organize, Create, Page, Size, Range, Odd, Even, Batch, Break, Concatenate, Add, Join, Remove, Divide, Merge, Split, Program, Blank, Unwanted, Watermark, Bookmark, Download, Adobe, File, Tool, Document

Buy Apex PDF Splitter (only $29.90)Download Apex PDF Splitter (Size: 3599 KB)

Apex PDF Encryption

PDF Encryption is very flexile and reliable software that has several features like password protection, encryption level, page restriction, high resolution as well as low resolution printing. Tool provide many options in page restriction level such as restrict document printing, restrict form filling, restrict modify contents, restrict annotations, restrict content copying, restrict content copying for accessibility and assemble documents.

See also: PDF, Encryption, Page, Restriction, Restrict, User, Owner, Password, Security, Adobe, Acrobat, Print, Content, Copy, Edit, Accessibility, Annotation, Assemble, Modify, Form filling, Commenting, Document, Resolution, Protect, Secure, Lock, File

Buy Apex PDF Encryption (only $9.90)Download Apex PDF Encryption (Size: 3439 KB)

Advance Word Count 4.0

Advance Word count utility is all new powerful Word Count software for Transcription Industry including Medical Transcription, Secretarial as well as translation industry. Advance Word count is an usefull utility to count Word, Line, Page and Character in multiple files and also you can calculate amount and generate reports. It supports many file formats like DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, PUB, PDF, TXT, HTML, XML, INI, LOG, CSV etc. It is one of

See also: Advance Word Count Software, Advance Word Count Tool, Word Count Tool, Page Count software, Character Count tool

Buy Advance Word Count 4.0 (only $34.95)Download Advance Word Count 4.0 (Size: 9372 KB)

PDF Encryption Remover

PDF encryption remover software provides feature for addition and removal of page print copy modify restrictions from PDF documents. With using of these tools you can make a password protected secure Adobe Acrobat PDF file and also remove password from files. This application also provide various restriction like form filling, document printing, content copying, modifying contents, commenting, assembling, annotations, page extraction etc.

See also: PDF, Encryption, Remover, Software, Add, Remove, User, Owner, Password, Page, Restrictions, Secure, Secret, Document, Encrypted, Protected, Files, Security, Restrict, Lock, Unlock, Protect, Decrypt, Protection, Adobe, Acrobat, Content, Modify, Form

Buy PDF Encryption Remover (only $29.90)Download PDF Encryption Remover (Size: 1254 KB)

Line Count Manager 2.5.0

Line Count Manager is developed for counting the lines, words, characters, pages from various formatted files like Doc, Docx, PUB, PDF, TXT, XML, HTML, INI, CSV, XLS, XLSX, PPTX, PPT, LOG etc. It lets the user to import the different files and lets to save the outcome in .TXT file. It save time and money for this task. It lets the user to add and delete the multiple files. It can process multiple files in single process.

See also: Line Count, Page Count, Line Count Manager, Character Count, Word Count, word count pdf, line count excel, line count PowerPoint, line count software, line count tool

Buy Line Count Manager 2.5.0 (only $34.00)Download Line Count Manager 2.5.0 (Size: 9381 KB)

Convert TIF to PDF

Convert TIF to PDF software insert add join combine append merge batch multipage tiff image files into Adobe Acrobat file. It has option to change image size, PDF page size and page margin. Tiffs to PDF converter utility easily converts any *.tif or *.tiff extension images into PDF document. TIFF2PDF conversion software has feature to set password and PDF Meta properties i.e. Title, Subject, Author and Keywords on converted PDF documents.

See also: Convert, TIF to PDF, Software, Converting, Multiple, TIFF, Adobe, Acrobat, Files, Converter, Conversion, Utility, Transform, Combine, Batch, Single, Multipage, Multi-frame, Photo, Picture, Scan, Image, Acrobat, PDFs, Document, Tool, Change, Page Size

Buy Convert TIF to PDF (only $14.90)Download Convert TIF to PDF (Size: 1288 KB)

aXmag PDF to ebook Converter 2.4

aXmag PDF to e-book converter, make digital onlinel magazine. DIY your own e-book and share with your friends, company partners, clients,etc. Turn your plain PDF documents into dynamic e-book and view the content like vivid papers. You can now send your catalogs, manuals, flyers, reports, whitepapers, newsletters, brochures, magazines, photo albums and other digital documents all in SWF formats and browser them in IE.

See also: PDF to ebook, Page Flip book, Create Online ebook, PDF to Digital Magazine, PDF to Flash Magazine

Buy aXmag PDF to ebook Converter 2.4 (only $380.00)Download aXmag PDF to ebook Converter 2.4 (Size: 4197 KB)

eFlip Page Publisher 1.0.0

Is there any way to bring flip page effect on PDF and show book online? The answer is Flippingbook. There are many conversion tools to make flipping book from PDF. But the best solution is eFlip Page Publisher. With using eFlip Page Publisher, you can not only convert PDF to online flipbook with realist page flipping effect, but also enable to convert other format files, such as doc, docx, excel, ppt, rtf.

See also: eflip page publisher, eflip, flippingbook

Buy eFlip Page Publisher 1.0.0 (only $199.00)Download eFlip Page Publisher 1.0.0 (Size: 49685 KB)

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