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StocksAloud 1.60

StocksAloud is the great new talking program that helps you manage your investments and business interests by tracking companies for you. Specify stock information to be read aloud for quick updates or full updates as well as listen to related news headlines. Stock prices, changes, and trading ranges are updated at specified intervals so you can check easy to read summaries, or relax and listen as StocksAloud reads them to you. StocksAloud is the most popular synthesis text to speech download.

See also: stocks, quotes, financial, business, business news, voice synthesis, text to speech, audio, talking software, aloud, assistive technology

Buy StocksAloud 1.60 (only $19.95)Download StocksAloud 1.60 (Size: 4506 KB)

Text To Wave ActiveX Server DLL 1.6

Text To Wave ActiveX DLL allows programmers to convert any readable text to a spoken wave file or a mp3 file . Ouputs 80+ wave formats XML scripting, ASP Server-Side Scripting for high quality wave production for your web or telephony project. Text To Wave ActiveX Server DLL is the second most popular synthesis text to speech download.

See also: Text to Speech, Text To Mp3, Audio, Wave, Speech synthesis, Voice Type, Sound, Text To Wave, textaloudmp3, Mp3, Wave, Compression, Bitrate, PCM, sox, blade, lame, free format, frequency, noise, bit width, filters, fade in, amplify, GSM, echo reverse

Buy Text To Wave ActiveX Server DLL 1.6 (only $299.00)Download Text To Wave ActiveX Server DLL 1.6 (Size: 9461 KB)

Better Text To Wave 6.9

Better Text to Wave/Mp3 converts your text into different audio formats (such as mp3) so you can listen instead of read. Have the PC read your emails to you while you work on your project report, get the feel of the latest proposal you have written by having it spoken out loud (lest you happen to sound boring in front of the board and embarrass yourself). Hate reading e-books? Uses High Quality Text To Speech Engines from TTS Builder. Better Text To Wave is the third most popular synthesis text to speech download.

See also: Mp3, Text To Speech, Audio, Wave, Text To Wave, Sound, TextAloud Mp3, ActiveWebSpeech, speech synthesis, festival, mbrola, talking dictionary, speaking, speak, talk

Buy Better Text To Wave 6.9 (only $16.00)Download Better Text To Wave 6.9 (Size: 22064 KB)

TxReader Special Edition 1.0

TxReader converts documents into spoken words and MP3. TxReader is much more than just a program that reads any document presented to it. It is actually three programs in one, first is the quality easy to use text to speech program that give great reading result making use of the lasted natural sounding voice from all the top sellers.

See also: TxReader Special Edition, e-book, Text To Speech, Reading Disability, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), TTS, Reading Software, Visually Impaired, Text Reader, TxReader, Kabware, Kabware Developments, Natural Voices, E-book Readers, Natural Voice, text reader, screen reader, text to speech voices, proofreading software, computer speech, speech synthesis, text to speech converter, talking software, text to speech program, natural voices text to speech, text reading software, speech synthesis software, speech synthesis talking text, software computer voices, screen reader software, text to voice realistic, synthesis text to speech, natural voice text to speech, convert text to voice, tts software, computer speech program, voices for computer, computer speech voices, TxReader Special Edition, text-to-speech, Natural Voices, read please, screen reader learn english, computer users, speech, speaking email, dictionary, address book, free use, free speech, freeware, pro version, esl, english as second language, education, educate, synthesis, human voice, human speech, work and listen, listen and work, voice email, spoken email, computer users, free software, free, free text-to-speech, email users, windows compatible, talk, sound, noise, speaker, diary, appointments, real voice, synthesis, dragon dictate, listen2, listen95, acuvoice, speaking, talk, talking, listen, speech, speak, voice, viavoice, technology, software, computer, synthesis, reader, appointments, reminders, web pages, reading, blind, see, seeing, email, dyslexic users, disabled users, web, internet, busy, save time, hear emails, speaking emails, easy, easy software, let the web talk to you, user friendly, dyslexic, dyslexia, disabled users, blind, accessibility, make the web more accessible, talking webpages, text to speech, text translation

Buy TxReader Special Edition 1.0 (only $99.95)Download TxReader Special Edition 1.0 (Size: 15544 KB)

Speaking Notepad 3.5

Hello! I'm Speaking Notepad! I am useful and handy analog of Microsoft Notepad. I will read your DOC, HTML, RTF and TXT documents with different voices! With my help you'll solve a lot of your problems at home or in the office. Give rest to your eyes. I can also read texts with various speeds and pitches, read clipboard content, read to MP3 or WAV sound file and even read every word your are typing. I'm sure, we'll become friends!

See also: text to voice, text to voice converter, text to speech, text-to-speech engine, notepad replacement, speaking notepad, natural reader speech text voice synthesis, voice changer software, computer voice software

Buy Speaking Notepad 3.5 (only $14.95)Download Speaking Notepad 3.5 (Size: 3374 KB)

Speaking Notepad 5

Hello! I'm Speaking Notepad! I am powerful and handy analog of Microsoft Notepad. I'll read your TXT, DOC, HTML and RTF documents aloud with SAPI4 and SAPI5-compliant high quality voices, different speed and pitches, read clipboard content, record texts into WAV or MP3 files and even read every word or sentence you are typing. Read e-books and create audio books in one click with my help. I'm sure, we'll become friends!

See also: text to voice, text to voice converter, text to speech, text-to-speech engine, notepad replacement, speaking notepad, natural reader speech text voice synthesis, voice changer software, computer voice software, speech, read aloud, text aloud, TTS, read clipboard contents, read to file, record speech to file

Buy Speaking Notepad 5 (only $29.95)Download Speaking Notepad 5 (Size: 3578 KB)

MWS Reader 5

MWS Reader 5 will read out loud documents, E-mails, internet pages and text from any software for you! An entirely new read aloud experience with countless natural sounding voices in different languages! ComfortRead - read aloud text by simply selecting it on the screen; Integrated text recognition (OCR) - read aloud texts from scanned images or photos; Optional automatically reading of text when copying to the clipboard; Audio file export

See also: text-to-speech, text to speech, text to audio, text to voice, voice converter, read aloud, computer voice, voice synthesis, read aloud text, OCR, TTS, screen reader, text reader, text aloud, text speaker, text to mp3, speak text, sapi4, sapi5

Buy MWS Reader 5 (only $44.00)Download MWS Reader 5 (Size: 61592 KB)

Callstorm 2.0

Rapid Mobilization: You can type in a message, it's converted to speech and sent to 1 or 1,000,000 telephones in an hour! Great for alerts, notifications, reminder messages to yourself, announcements, invitations, and more. Multi-language. Easy-to-use, automatic call retry for busy signals, leaves a complete message on an answering machine. Complete call logging and reporting. Ability to share groups and contacts with other subscribers.

See also: Group Notification, Text-to-Speech, Multi-language, Voice Message Broadcast

Buy Callstorm 2.0 (only $9.95)Download Callstorm 2.0 (Size: 3960 KB)

Sherlock Holmes - A Library 3.0

Whodunit? A complete collection of the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Read, listen to, and print the Sherlock Holmes stories. This software will read aloud the Sherlock Holmes stories to you using Text-To-Speech Technology. Has information on the author and the London sleuth, Sherlock Holmes. These are the complete stories, novels, and books about the pipe-smoking, tweed-clad detective and his sidekick, Dr. Watson.

See also: sherlock holmes, sherlock, holmes, sherlock holmes story, literature, english literature, e-book, text-to-speech

Buy Sherlock Holmes - A Library 3.0 (only $14.50)Download Sherlock Holmes - A Library 3.0 (Size: 10855 KB)

Text-to-Speech Master 2.3.5

Text-to-Speech Master is very powerful and interesting program that lets you listen to documents, e-mails or web pages instead of reading on screen or even convert them to audio files! It can read texts with different voices, speeds and pitches, read clipboard content, convert text to WAV or MP3 files and much more! Just imagine, how it's easier to listen to texts rather than read them.

See also: tts, text to speech software, free text to speech, text to speech voice, text to speech program, microsoft text to speech, free tts engines, speech to text, sapi, text reader, natural voices, text to mp3, msagent

Buy Text-to-Speech Master 2.3.5 (only $29.95)Download Text-to-Speech Master 2.3.5 (Size: 9841 KB)

Wave To Text 5.5

Wave To Text is an English speech recognition-based dictation pad with a WAV to text converter. The dictation pad lets you convert your voice to text in real-time, while the wizard enables you to convert your Audio WAV files (speech recorded) offline. This speech utility is probably the most high speed way to convert speech to text accurately, no computer conscious dictation and you also don't miss a word

See also: Word, Speech To Text, Voice Recognition, Wave To Text, Speech Recognition, Mp3, Transcription

Buy Wave To Text 5.5 (only $39.00)Download Wave To Text 5.5 (Size: 24484 KB)

CoolSpeaking 2.1

CoolSpeaking can read text from emails, webpages, e-books, or any text you type or copy to clipboard. With a real-time voice reading, you can catch spelling mistakes easily. Convert your text to WAV file and choose from 40 different voices and 11 languages. Change the speed, pitch, and volume of the voice. Pick your skin and more.

See also: text, speech, wav, wave, reader, convert, converter, converting

Buy CoolSpeaking 2.1 (only $24.95)Download CoolSpeaking 2.1 (Size: 4898 KB)

IVOS - Intelligent Voice Operating System 2.0.2.A

IVOS (Intelligent Voice Operating System) is an intelligent agent that offers both Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech capabilities, allowing you to run your computer via voice commands. You can control the menu and sub menu of any software, including total voice operation of MS Outlook. You can use voice commands to open files, folders or websites and much more.

See also: intelligent, tts, text to speech, voice recognition, speech recognition, voice, speech, command control, dictation

Buy IVOS - Intelligent Voice Operating System 2.0.2.A (only $10.00)Download IVOS - Intelligent Voice Operating System 2.0.2.A (Size: 2756 KB)

Aye Text to MP3 3.0

Aye Text to MP3 Lets you listen to text instead of reading on screen! It uses 'Text to Speech' technology to synthesize natural sounding speech from ordinary text. Also allows you to convert text into a MP3/WMV/WAV audio file so you can listen later.

See also: text to mp3, text to wma, text to wav, text to speech

Buy Aye Text to MP3 3.0 (only $19.95)Download Aye Text to MP3 3.0 (Size: 2190 KB)

GroupsAloud 1.008

GroupsAloud, the worlds first talking Usenet News Reader, brings an unlimited amount of great information and conversation to you without the hassle of reading or even being tied to your computer. GroupsAloud is a simple to use USENET News Client. USENET is simply a system of newsgroups where millions of internet users are having conversations on almost any topic imaginable. Supports optional premium voices from AT&T, Cepstral and NeoSpeech

See also: newsgroups, usenet, text to speech, assistive technology, blind, dyslexia, reading disability

Buy GroupsAloud 1.008 (only $19.95)Download GroupsAloud 1.008 (Size: 4434 KB)

NextUp Talker 1.005

NextUp Talker is a Text To Speech application specifically designed for people who have temporarily or permanently lost their voice. With natural, human sounding voices and convenient shortcuts to quickly enter commonly used sentences and phrases, NextUp Talker allows those with vocal impairments to easily communicate with others using a windows PC or Tablet PC.

See also: Text To Speech, Assistive Technology, TTS, Reading Software, Vocally Impaired, Text Reader, AT&T Natural Voices, neospeech, cepstral, ALS, Talking Computer, TalkForMe, Talk4me, Talk for me, Voice Replacement,

Buy NextUp Talker 1.005 (only $99.95)Download NextUp Talker 1.005 (Size: 5349 KB)

Go TextAloud 2.17

Converts any text into spoken words. Reads Text, Email, Web Pages, and Documents using your choice of voices. Unique Text to MP3 or WMA conversion saves your daily reading to audio files for download to your portable player. Listen to email, online news, or important documents while you exercise, work or commute. Available with exciting premium voices from ATT Natural Voices, Cepstral, NeoSpeech, Acapela, and Nuance/ScanSoft RealSpeak.

See also: Converts text into spoken words, text to speech

Buy Go TextAloud 2.17 (only $29.95)Download Go TextAloud 2.17 (Size: 5528 KB)

Wave TTS ActiveX (OCX) 1.0

This ActiveX (OCX) control was built on the Microsoft Text To Speech (from 5.1), you can set the voice of the text to speech, set any PCM formats, set the specific device to speak to ,set the volume, set the rate, save a text to an audio wave file, and more and more.... Includes visual basic and samples.

See also: text to speech, tts, sound card, modem, microphone, ActiveX, OCX, control, developer, visual basic, net.

Buy Wave TTS ActiveX (OCX) 1.0 (only $49.00)Download Wave TTS ActiveX (OCX) 1.0 (Size: 136 KB)

Alarm Master 4.17

This skinnable PIM includes alarm clock, scheduler, calendar and timer. The alarm clock can remind you about important events by playing your favorite sound or music (WAV, MP3), showing a notification message, opening a document, or starting the program you like. Snooze is supported. There are special templates for setting the daily, weekly, monthly, yearly periodical alarms.

See also: alarm clock, program, alarm, organizer, PIM, MP3, text to speech, astrology, calendar, zodiac, sign, signs, diary, MPEG, AVI, MPG, WAV, MID, music, video, sound, scheduler, planner, timer, notes, planning, reminder, skin, skinnable

Buy Alarm Master 4.17 (only $10.00)Download Alarm Master 4.17 (Size: 1486 KB)

Sayvoice Text to speech reader-2 voices 4.0

SayVoice is a pure, natural speech-based text to speech software,which can read aloud any input language, including English, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Russian and so on. Pure ,clear and accurate pronunciation, adjustable reading speed and repeatable recitation are all its features.SayVoice is a powerful online translation software. If your computer is linked to the internet, you can use it for real-time online translation.

See also: text to speech, text to speech software, text to speech engine, text to speech voices, translate, translation, translator, online translator, speech, speech recognition

Buy Sayvoice Text to speech reader-2 voices 4.0 (only $20.99)Download Sayvoice Text to speech reader-2 voices 4.0 (Size: 8520 KB)

Improve Your English Pro 2.0

Improve Your English, Pronunciation, Talking Dictionary, Translator, vocabulary builder, Improve your listening, Document Aloud, Watch TV, Radio, News Ticker, Podcast Player, RSS reader, Convert text to mp3, Word game, Word reminder, reading, most significant words, Create TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and SAT Vocabulary, Improve your Pronunciation with text to speech, user dictionary, online news reader, Listen English News and podcast

See also: Improve Your English, Document Aloud, RSS news reader, News Ticker, RSS reader, Text to Speech, TTS, Podcast Player, Improve Your Listening, Improve Your Vocabulary, Vocabulary Builder, Improve Your Speaking, TOEFL vocabulary, GRE vocabulary, GMAT

Buy Improve Your English Pro 2.0 (only $39.95)Download Improve Your English Pro 2.0 (Size: 4042 KB)

IVONA Reader 1.0.0

Personal easy-to-use text reader. Converts any written text from your Computer into spoken words. This text-to-speech reader lets computer to read any text aloud. It can read documents, news, RSS, books, internet pages and emails. According to your needs you can control speaking speed and voice. You can convert text into mp3 files, copy them onto portable mp3 player. IVONA Reader is compatible with all IVONA voices and other SAPI 5 standard voices.

See also: text reader, text to speech, text-to-speech, text to speech software, free text to speech, tts, free tts, tts software, tts reader

Buy IVONA Reader 1.0.0 (only $29.00)Download IVONA Reader 1.0.0 (Size: 26361 KB)

Apex Text to Speech

Text to speech converter software is an industry leader in converting text content like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, eBook, HTML, WebPages, News, Press Release, RSS Feed, etc into natural human voice in audio format. You can record books, web pages, articles, class notes or any other text content want to have available to you in audio format. So that you can listen while you commute, walk or exercise.

See also: Text to Speech, Text to Wav, Text to Speak, Text to Voice, Text to Audio, Word to Sound, Converter, Conversion, Software, Convert, Translate, Read, Clipboard, Content, News, Article, Messages, Email, Song, HTML, WebPages, PDF, EBook, Documents

Buy Apex Text to Speech (only $9.90)Download Apex Text to Speech (Size: 847 KB)

Text to Voice Studio 1.4

Text to Voice Studio is used to convert any document to next-generation, natural-sounding audio files. Thirty-five voices and multiple languages are supported. Scheduled playing or reminders, recording your voice, converting and combining MP3 and Wave audio files, and pronunciation dictionaries are included. TTVS includes innovative study tools, instant search, bookmarking, printing, and annotation capabilities.

See also: Text-to-Voice, Text to Voice, Text-to-Speech, Text to Speech

Buy Text to Voice Studio 1.4 (only $29.00)Download Text to Voice Studio 1.4 (Size: 9994 KB)

PC MP3 Text To Speech 1.2

The Computer MP3 Text To Speech 1.2 lets you to convert Text To Speech to MP3, OGG, WAV quick and easy! The Audio Analyzer of the software allows you to display, edit and to cut you Text To Speeh data as MP3, OGG, WAV, easily. Also, you can operate events, such as: play a sound, run an external software (with parameters), when the Computer MP3 Text To Speech has finished the process.

See also: TTS to MP3, MP3 Text To Speech, TTS

Buy PC MP3 Text To Speech 1.2 (only $22.50)Download PC MP3 Text To Speech 1.2 (Size: 1993 KB)

Text to Voice Software

Translate Text to speech generator software utility convert turn word documents to wav files so user can listen them via player. Using word speaker software you can easily change various types of pages such as webpage, text, word, rtf, email, excel, PDF to sound file. PDF to audio creator application has in built player to read txt files loudly. Word to speak producer tool create voice file by converting html, doc, txt document to sound files.

See also: Word, sound, creator, text, converter, create, paste, insert, voice, audio, maker, generate, turn, produce, build, compose, clipboard, speech, speak, wave, talk, eBook, webpage, document, reader, speaker, change, file, convert, conversion

Buy Text to Voice Software (only $9.95)Download Text to Voice Software (Size: 307 KB)

Inventikon InterActive

Personal Assistant and Speech Platform - Features: personal assistant with customizable name, image, voice and text color; default female name is Salli, default male name is Mike; system tray icon and context menu; speech recognition engine (i.e. speech-to-text) speech synthesis engine (i.e. text-to-speech); execution of programs from Start Menu, Desktop, Task Bar, System Tray; predefined interactions - spoken commands that consists of sequences

See also: speech recognition, speech synthesis, personal assistant, virtual personal assistant, speech commands, speech navigation, voice navigation, speech-enabling solutions, speech-enabling applications

Buy Inventikon InterActive (only $50.00)Download Inventikon InterActive (Size: 36755 KB)

Text to Speech Software

Text to Wave audio speech conversion reader software reads all text contents like web pages, RSS feeds, eBook, PDF, plain text, email, word, Excel, html, rtf file and save it to wave format. You can simply play this file in future using PC, iPod, mp3, zune player. Clipboard document to speak converter creator producer composer generator maker tool make convert change build generate compose produce all type of text documents into sound file.

See also: text, wave, speech, conversion, converter, software, Word, audio, clipboard, speak, wav, talk, eBook, talking, read, webpage, documents, creator, create, voice, sound, file, maker, generate, email, reader, convert, change, files, converting, produce

Buy Text to Speech Software (only $9.90)Download Text to Speech Software (Size: 830 KB)


Ozeki VoIP SIP .NET SDK for speech to text based call recording system development. The speech to text based call recorder software ensures easy call documentation and traceability by saving the keywords of a telephone conversation into a database. The softphone has a WPF GUI and has basic telephone functions: setup and receive calls, DTMF signal sending and receiving, displaying the event on the interface, keyword searching in audio communication

See also: C# speect to text call recorder, call recording, speech to text, SIP SDK, VOIP SDK, .Net SDK, keyword recording

Buy C# SPEECH TO TEXT CALL RECORDER 9.2.0 (only $697.00)Download C# SPEECH TO TEXT CALL RECORDER 9.2.0 (Size: 15257 KB)

TTS Converter Plus 3.2

The TTS Converter Plus 3.0 lets to make/convert/edit/burn/split/join the text to speech of Windows - quick and easy! With this software you can make the audio files of the text to speech with the Text To Speech tool. You can convert the text to speech audio files to MP3/WMA/WAV/PCM/ACM/OGG/APE. Also, TTS Converter Plus 3.0 contains the ability to edit the the TTS files on a graph, so you can cut and edit them - easily.

See also: Text to speech, TTS to MP3, Convert TTS, MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, APE, AIF, APE, CDA, VOX.

Buy TTS Converter Plus 3.2 (only $22.50)Download TTS Converter Plus 3.2 (Size: 2346 KB)

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