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Smart MP3 Renamer

Smart MP3 Renamer is designed to rename and tag mp3 albums. It retrieves the album details from the website or the Web Services and automatically renames and tags the mp3 files according to the users requests. The program can also read the embedded mp3 tags and rename the files according to the found tags and/or their filename. It's also possible to write and remove album cover pictures from the id3 tags. Smart MP3 Renamer is the most popular tagging download.

See also: smart, mp3, renamer, id3, tag, mass, batch, rename, tagging, freedb, odbc, music, song, track, download, retrieve, id3v1, id3v2, winamp, edit, album, name, remove, delete, folder, collection, set, organize, automation, multiple, soundtrack, amazon, web service, album, cover, art

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Dr.Tag 3.0.1

With an intuitive interface, common and advanced mode and a load of features Dr.Tag let's you organize your music collection (MP3, Ogg Vorbis and WMA files) in a nice and easy way. Tagging, renaming, restructuring, playing, exporting, previewing, batch editing and a full search & replace feature are just a few possibilities to take over the full control of your music collection. Pro DJ's, Hobby DJ's and private Users will be satisfied. Dr.Tag is the second most popular tagging download.

See also: mp3, ogg vorbis, wma, id3, tag, editor, rename, tagging, tagger, utility, id3v1, id3v2, batch edit, restructure, audio, player

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Mp3ator 1.0

Mp3ator offers fast and reliable mp3 tagging. Main features include auto completion and fix of mp3 ID3 tags, duplicates scanning and removal, song categorisation, manual tagging, search for discographies and many, many more!!! All this in an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Mp3ator is the third most popular tagging download.

See also: mp3, tag, tagging, autotagging, auto, automatically, auto tag, fix, tag fix, id3, id3 fix, complete, auto-complete, editor, music, Scientific Applications

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Multimediafeed MP3 Tagger 2.82

Multimediafeed MP3 Tagger - mp3 tag information changing tool. If you own a huge collection of music, our Multimediafeed MP3 Tagger will help you organize your musical archive in a proper way. A large number of manual and automatic modes for tag editing will facilitate routine operations with tags in audio files. With Multimediafeed MP3 Tagger, editing, filling and copying tags will be easier. You can save tags in UNICODE or ANSI formats.

See also: MP3 Tagger, Multimediafeed, mp3 tag changing tool, edit info, change information, wma edit metadata, mp3 batch tagger, tag advanced editor, mp3 files tagging

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Bossa 1029

Bossa lets you do more with iTunes. Automate your music and schedule what you want to hear. Bossa?s built-in timer allows you to easily Automate your music on a daily or weekly schedule. Generate timed Playlists for your iPod by selecting what you want to hear and for how long. Make a playlist up to 24 hours long. In the Lab you can find artist information and pictures. Tag and organize your music. Bossa allows you to take control of your music.

See also: music, jukebox, playlist, generator, schedule, tagging, itunes, addon

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Autumn MP3 Tagger 1.0

Autumn MP3 Tagger is a user-friendly, easy-to-use, yet effective and powerful tool for your mp3 files. Along with basic tagging support, it allows you to easily and quickly tag multiple files at once, or rename/move your files according to existing tags in the files.

See also: mp3 tagger, music tagger, audio tagger, mp3 rename, mp3 rename tool, batch tagger, mp3 tag, mp3 tags, mp3, tagger, tags, id3, id3v2, mp3 tagging

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TagLauncher 1.2

TagLauncher is a better way to classify your files and find them. By tagging, you put files in virtual folders but files are not limited to be in one of them. It means similar tags makes files similar, therefore finding them will be easier. Instead of using filenames as the search query, tags will be used. They are more meaningful and there is no limitation in their number. Beside their order is not important.

See also: tag, search, desktop search, launcher, files, tag, tagging, search files, tag cloud, fast file search

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ACDSee Pro Photo Manager 2.5 2.5.335

Discover ACDSee Pro 2.5 Photo Manager, the workflow platform that's custom-designed for professional photographers. View, manage, edit and publish your photos with complete precision and control. Effortlessly import and categorize your shoots. Quickly view and browse your collection. Easily manage your digital assets. Retrieve photos with amazing flexibility. Develop and perfect your images to the highest standard.

See also: DAM, Digital Asset Management, RAW viewing and editing, IPTC support, watermarking, photo software, batch processing, photo organizing, sorting & tagging, photography workflow, digital darkroom, Image Compare, browse, process, edit, organize, catalog

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Tag Everything 1.4

Windows File System uses an outdated approach where files are placed in hierarchical directories. This approach is inconvenient, because file can be stored only in one directory. Tags are a modern approach to organising data. Unfortunately Windows still does not contain a built-in support for tags. Using "Files, Folders and Tags" you can assign tags to any file or directory on your computer. File management becomes easy and fun.

See also: files, folders, tags, tag, tagging, search, quick, fast, tag cloud, mark, assign

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Taggtool 2.1.8

Tagg is a file tool which helps you organise your files through the use of tags. Use it to catalog your personal files as well as your media assets such as clip art,sound files or video clips.

See also: tag file, file tags, file manager, clutter, your files, organise files, organize files, find files fast, tags, Tag, Tagging, Tagged Files, Catalog, Keyword, Metadata, Keywords, File Search, Desktop Search, Personal Files, Digital Media Assets, Keyword Association, Catalog CDROM, Catalog DVD, Digital Asset Management, Windows XP tool, Windows Vista tool, tag editor, id tags, key tags, label tags

Buy Taggtool 2.1.8 (only $29.99)Download Taggtool 2.1.8 (Size: 9292 KB)

QueryFace 03.01.10

QueryFace scans given folder, finding images. For each found image it produces a short description of face(s) on it - a so called signature. Signature includes information about position(s) and set of distinguishing features (like distance between eyes). After that each description compared with the one, constructed for query image(s) and similarity measure calculated. Finally all images are arranged according to the similarity measure.

See also: face, search, recognition, detection, image, photo, picture, management, auto tagging

Buy QueryFace 03.01.10 (only $29.99)Download QueryFace 03.01.10 (Size: 23472 KB)

Magic File Renamer Professional Edition 6.3.0

Magic File Renamer (MFR) is a powerful multiple file renamer and ID3 tag setter. With MFR you can change names, dates and attributes for files and folders instantly. MFR also let you change text files contents and ID3v1 / ID3v2 tags for MP3 files. MFR offers an extensive set of 36 innovative filters which you can use to perform almost any renaming task you could think of, and save you many frustrating hours of manual renaming.

See also: rename, auto, file, files, multiple, batch, automatic, magic, powerful, name, windows, jpeg, jpg, ID3, flexible, software, music, image, preview, filters, tag, tagging, mp3, exif, console, freedb, trim, search, replace, regex, regular, expression, expressions, folder, case, directory

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Barcode Maker for Healthcare Industry

Technically efficient healthcare barcode label designer software produces bulk barcode labels for labeling medicines for quick treatment detail processing in medical organization. Efficient and reliable health industry barcode generator software makes colorful barcode labels in minimum time by using barcode label templates. Affordable medical barcode label maker utility generates multiple barcode labels having different styles, shape and size.

See also: Sticker, tagging, blood, bottle, test, sample, patient, doctor, maker, barcode, healthcare, industry, medical, equipment, instrument, designing, medicine, bandage, file, GUI, interface, print, bulk, colorful, scanable, linear, rectangular, label

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ACDSee Pro Photo Manager 3.0.355

Experience ACDSee Pro 3 - the best value in photography software ? for organized files, perfected photos and more time behind the camera. ACDSee Pro is the photography software with the flexibility to adapt to the way you work, helping you accelerate every aspect of your workflow. Manage, view, process and publish your images with speed and ease.

See also: DAM, Digital Asset Management, RAW, IPTC, online photo storage, watermarking, photo software, batch processing, photo organizing, sorting & tagging, photography workflow, digital darkroom, Image Compare, browse, process, edit, organize, catalog

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