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Hex Editor 3.12

Hex Editor Software - Binary and Hex file editing tool for Windows with Multi-Window, Multi-Document Interface, Text Viewer, Advanced Search and Replace features. Edit your Exe Code, Hex Dump, Avi, Mpeg, Jpeg and other files with HHD HexEditor. Hex Editor is the most popular text file viewer download.

See also: HexEditor, HexEdit, Hex, Editor, Software, Download, Exe, Bin, File, Editing, Code, Edit, Windows, Text, Viewer, Reader, Hex Dump, Dumps

Buy Hex Editor 3.12 (only $24.99)Download Hex Editor 3.12 (Size: 2073 KB)

TextMeister 2.2

TextMeister is a generic text log reader with powerful monitoring and notification facilities. A single installation can harvest Text log data throughout your network without the need for multiple licences. Use filters to retrieve only the information in which you're interested and merge data from multiple logs for easier timeline analysis. TextMeister resides in your system tray monitoring your logs 24/7 and alerting you to items of interest. TextMeister is the second most popular text file viewer download.

See also: Text Log, Log File, Log Reder, Log Viewer, Log Parsing, Log Parser

Buy TextMeister 2.2 (only $69.99)Download TextMeister 2.2 (Size: 3010 KB)

FileSee 5.0

FileSee is a powerful All-In-One file viewer and file manager. Supported file types include: TXT, HTML, PDF, SWF, JPG, GIF, TIF, BMP, PNG, ICO, WMF, TGA, PCX, WBMP, JP2, JPC, PGX, PNM, RAS, J2K, MIDI, MP3, WAV, AVI, MPG, MPEG, WMA, WMV, ASf, ZIP, RAR, CAB, GZIP, JAR, TAR, BH, LHA, ZOO, ACE, ARC, ARJ, etc. FileSee is the third most popular text file viewer download.

See also: hex file viewer, text file viewer, html viewer, pdf viewer, renamer, file preview, mp3 player, image viewer, midi player, flash player, file viewer, FileSee, file manager, hex eidtor, file search, zip decompress

Buy FileSee 5.0 (only $24.95)Download FileSee 5.0 (Size: 4740 KB)

Depeche View Pro 1.5.1

View, search and edit all text of a folder in one window, with the least possible mouse clicks and key presses. Search a phrase just by clicking on it. Fly through results by the turn of your mousewheel. Edit and copy text, and make bookmarks with the same ease. View text within .zip, .tar.gz, .bz2 archives instantly. If you have to read through tiny ASCII text files, e.g. source code, this utility allows text analysis at extreme speeds.

See also: fast text browser, text file viewer, full text search, text editor, one click search, text bookmarking, ASCII text research and analysis

Buy Depeche View Pro 1.5.1 (only $29.95)Download Depeche View Pro 1.5.1 (Size: 2469 KB)

DocuGrab Word Search and View 1.2.4

DocuGrab instantly searches for any word or phrase inside all your PDF, MS Word Document, Text or User files as quickly as an online search. It uses a dictionary based search; words are listed as you type them. DocuGrab displays the results in its own speedy viewer. No external software is needed. A search through 4 million words takes about one second. Double click on the viewer to open it in your own editing software.

See also: Word Processing, Search, Find, Documents, MS Word, PDF, Text, Word Search, Phrase Search, PDF Search, PDF to Text, Fast, View Documents, PDF Viewer, Save as Text, User File Type, Open With, Like Online Search, Windows, Software, Viewer

Buy DocuGrab Word Search and View 1.2.4 (only $19.95)Download DocuGrab Word Search and View 1.2.4 (Size: 2170 KB)

Magic ASCII Picture 2.2

Magic ASCII Studio is a powerful ASCII Art generation platform. You can make ASCII Art Words, ASCII Art Photos and even ASCII Art Animations easily by using Magic ASCII Studio. Magic ASCII Studio can take an image and process it to an HTML, RTF, BMP or TEXT file of color-coded text characters, that when combined, resemble an image. In Magic ASCII Studio, drawing ASCII Art Photos is like drawing a picture in the Paint application of Windows.

See also: Convert Image to ASCII Art, text image, web photo, web animation, ASCII Art Picture, ASCII Art Word, ASCII Art Animation, color-coded text characters, convert image to HTML RTF and BMP file, HTML, RTF, BMP, xoyosoft, Magic ASCII Studio

Buy Magic ASCII Picture 2.2 (only $29.95)Download Magic ASCII Picture 2.2 (Size: 1796 KB)

Subject Search Scanner CD Edition 4.6

A full-text search utility that scans files on CD-ROM drives looking for a given word or phrase. It is able to highlight those paragraphs where the search phrase is altered, modified or misspelled! The product is to be burnt on the CD and does not require any installation on your customer's machines. Searches are supported in any of 39 languages. SSScanner processes files in multiple formats including MS Word, WordPerfect, PDF, HLP and RTF.

See also: grep, text, search, find, search tool, retrieval, utility, searching, searches, full-text, multi-lingual, file, document, management, quote, quotation, excerpt, spelling, spell, checker, scan, scanner, CD-ROM, PDF, DOC, TXT, HTM, HTML, Kryloff

Buy Subject Search Scanner CD Edition 4.6 (only $444.00)Download Subject Search Scanner CD Edition 4.6 (Size: 1930 KB)

PDF-File PDF Converter to Convert PDFs 1.0

PDF-File PDF converter is PDF conversion software to convert PDF files to Word documents, and to make PDFs. The PDF converter is a PDF creator and convertor. You can convert PDF files to .rtf (rich text format) or.doc format, and make PDF files with this PDF conversion application. It can also convert PDF files in multiple languages. The PDF file converter can convert heavy PDF files, and it can extract images from PDFs. Free trial download.

See also: PDF Converter, Convert PDF to Word, PDF to Word Converter, PDF Conversion, PDF File Editor, PDF Writer, PDF Maker, PDF Creator, PDF Conversion Software, PDF to Word, Word to PDF, Word to Text, Text to PDF, PDF Generator, Best PDF

Buy PDF-File PDF Converter to Convert PDFs 1.0 (only $19.95)Download PDF-File PDF Converter to Convert PDFs 1.0 (Size: 12249 KB)

Rotor 3D Viewer 1.3

Rotor team is proud to present you with the newest version of popular program which allows you to make your 3D presentations both with 3D models and sound! This software offers a convenient, easy solution to integrate your 3D models with sounds. Make professional 3D presentations in a simple manner using this software with an intuitive interface which is suitable for all personal and official presentations.

See also: rotor3d, viewer, 3ds, model, object, view, viewing, viewers, presentation, show, player, software, mesh, meshes, export, export mesh, export meshes, max, animation, art, file, computer, home, business, files, file, format, polygon, high, display

Buy Rotor 3D Viewer 1.3 (only $29.85)Download Rotor 3D Viewer 1.3 (Size: 1974 KB)

Rename From List 1.03

Import file lists from plain text source files and rename multiple files. Imported file names are automatically filtered for illegal characters and path information. Side by side comparision available before renaming starts. You can edit new file name entries and change extensions before starting the renaming operation. Filter files by size, date and pattern and sort by name, date or size.

See also: imported, name, date, size, path, characters, illegal, invalid, from, many, multiple, source, import, text, plain, files, list, file, Rename, delimited

Buy Rename From List 1.03 (only $20.00)Download Rename From List 1.03 (Size: 2039 KB)

AppendToFiles 1.08

Append data to the start or end of file names, folder names or file contents. Delete lines of text from inside files. Remove characters from many folder names or from file names. Work on multiple files in one operation and filter files by date, size and pattern mask.

See also: file, files, append, text, data, delete, remove, lines, start, end, folder, name, names, folders

Buy AppendToFiles 1.08 (only $9.99)Download AppendToFiles 1.08 (Size: 2158 KB)

zsCompare Professional Edition 3.03

The Professional Edition contains all of the features in the Standard edition including binary file comparisons, patching files, and file snapshots. Plus it adds support for comparing the text of Microsoft Word Documents and PDF files. It also allows you to patch changed folders in addition to changed files. The Professional Edition also lets you create and run scripts which allows you to automate the complete functionality of zsCompare.

See also: compare, synchronize, file, folder, text, excel, pdf, comparison, crc, diff, match, file size, file date, file timestamp, Zizasoft, zsCompare, patch files, binary file, snapshot, patch folders, Microsoft Word, PDF

Buy zsCompare Professional Edition 3.03 (only $199.95)Download zsCompare Professional Edition 3.03 (Size: 15028 KB)

Hermetic Word Frequency Counter Advanced 6.37

This software scans a text file, multiple files or text on the clipboard, and counts the number of occurrences of the different words. The text can be non-English. The words which are found and displayed can be ordered alphabetically or by frequency. There is no limit on the size of an input file. The manner in which words are counted can be customized. Can be used with XML files. Results can be written to a file.

See also: word, hermetic, frequency, counter, counting, count, number, text, program, occurrences, file, clipboard, english, german, french, italian, frequencies, xml, html

Buy Hermetic Word Frequency Counter Advanced 6.37 (only $49.00)Download Hermetic Word Frequency Counter Advanced 6.37 (Size: 1718 KB)

Speaking Notepad 5

Hello! I'm Speaking Notepad! I am powerful and handy analog of Microsoft Notepad. I'll read your TXT, DOC, HTML and RTF documents aloud with SAPI4 and SAPI5-compliant high quality voices, different speed and pitches, read clipboard content, record texts into WAV or MP3 files and even read every word or sentence you are typing. Read e-books and create audio books in one click with my help. I'm sure, we'll become friends!

See also: text to voice, text to voice converter, text to speech, text-to-speech engine, notepad replacement, speaking notepad, natural reader speech text voice synthesis, voice changer software, computer voice software, speech, read aloud, text aloud, TTS, read clipboard contents, read to file, record speech to file

Buy Speaking Notepad 5 (only $29.95)Download Speaking Notepad 5 (Size: 3578 KB)

Useful File Utilities 3.2

This is a file browser with a replacer, a renamer, a finder, a change-attributes function and a batch replacer. The batch replacer is a multi-string search-and-replace filter. It can find strings in files and replace them with whatever text you specify. Both text and binary files are supported.

See also: Batch Replace, Search files by text, Change date, Rename multiply files, OEM to Ansi, Change Attributes, Set TIME in files, ANSI to OEM, ReplSoft, Find files, file utilities, replace tool

Buy Useful File Utilities 3.2 (only $35.99)Download Useful File Utilities 3.2 (Size: 1693 KB)

Project Reader 4.0.0

K-SOL Project Viewer is our Viewer for Microsoft Project. K-SOL Project Viewer is a software application that allows you open, print and export Microsoft Project MPP files , Microsoft Project MPT files , Microsoft Project XML files or Microsoft Project Database format (Access, SQL Server, Oracle) without requiring MS Project.

See also: Viewer for Microsoft Project, MPP viewer, MS Project Viewer, MPP file viewer

Buy Project Reader 4.0.0 (only $29.00)Download Project Reader 4.0.0 (Size: 9748 KB)

NTFS Data Recovery

Download NTFS data recovery utility is efficient software for restoration of corrupted folders, audio/video from virus infected boot files. Reliable file salvage software successfully regains lost or missing wallpapers, digital images, screensaver, movies files from previously existing NTFS partition. NTFS data recovery software revives accidentally deleted encrypted files, mp3 songs in all major file formats from partitioned NTFS file system.

See also: NTFS, file, recovery, utility, salvage, missing, song, audio, video, tiff, hard, drive, partition, photograph, mp3, mp4, music, data, software, text, word, document, important, folder, digital, snap, NTFS5, disk, scanning, procedure, application

Buy NTFS Data Recovery (only $69.00)Download NTFS Data Recovery (Size: 1536 KB)

PDF to Speech Software

PDF Word to voice speech converter software reads all text contents such as RSS feeds, eBook, web pages, html, email, excel, plain text, rtf file and save it to wav format. You can simply play this file in future using iPod, mp3, PC, audio players, zune player. Clipboard to speak utility reader creator producer composer maker tool program make convert compose build change produce generate all type of text documents into wave audio sound file.

See also: pdf, speech, voice, sound, converter, creator, software, create, wav, file, Word, text, eBook, email, reader, convert, change, files, converting, tool, build, compose, produce, clipboard, audio, speak, wave, talking, read, webpage, document, maker

Buy PDF to Speech Software (only $9.95)Download PDF to Speech Software (Size: 307 KB)

Design Visiting Cards

Professional Looking Design Visiting Cards software is a highly developed technology which generally used to make or design printable business cards for users with the help of its various tech objects within quickest mode without any efforts. Special Design Visiting Cards application is a simple and attractive tool which helps to produce wonderful looking business cards for users within different shapes and sizes form.

See also: Text, sizes, pencil, shapes, style, image, utility, solid, design, printable, colorful, software, card, business, hard, saves, trial, computer, line, objects, visiting, time, data, ellipse, series, file, format, digital, tool, flexible, disk, creator

Buy Design Visiting Cards (only $38.00)Download Design Visiting Cards (Size: 10547 KB)

7s Search Engine 1.3.8

Search engine for your Internet or Intranet Web site. The software builds search indexes on your documents for further fast search. Search is doing via call to Search Engine COM component from any PHP script. 7s Search Engine supports unattended indexing of text files such as DOC, XLS, RTF, TXT, HTM. On search, found files are ordered by relevance to your query.

See also: search, search-engine, Intranet, Internet, web, full-text, COM, Active-X, FTS, lookup, find, text, file, document, find, relevant, personal, index, query, office, doc, xls, htm, rtf, txt, computer

Buy 7s Search Engine 1.3.8 (only $47.00)Download 7s Search Engine 1.3.8 (Size: 1573 KB)

Pen Drive Repair

Pen Drive Repair software does not need any external device for retrieving your accidently deleted digital picture, valuable business document file, movie clip, mp3, songs wallpaper and database folders within a short duration of time. Pen drive data recovery software is easily downloaded from in few easy steps which is capable to regain your logically erased data in major data loss situation as human error or power failure.

See also: Pen, drive, data, restoration, program, regain, damaged, formatted, photographs, images, audio, video, songs, corrupt, text, documents, file, mp4, USB, memory, sticks, utility, undelete, thumb, disk, erased, snaps, rescue, pictures, removable, media

Buy Pen Drive Repair (only $45.00)Download Pen Drive Repair (Size: 1495 KB)

File Recovery Software 1.8

PC Data Tools provides marvelous Data Recovery software for NTFS and NTFS5 file partition that can restore entire erased files, text data and other useful information. NTFS file recovery software retrieve your whole data which even permanently deleted from recycle bin or erased using Shift + Del keys. Powerful file undelete tool is successfully tested on all windows platform including Windows 7 and Windows Vista version.

See also: NTFS, NTFS5, file, undelete, software, recover, deleted, files, restore, erased, jpg, gif, png, text, office, images, music, audio, video, retrieve, hard disk, partition, folder, recycle, bin, crashed, ide, scsi, sata, ata, master, drive, records

Buy File Recovery Software 1.8 (only $20.00)Download File Recovery Software 1.8 (Size: 1049 KB)

Pen Drive Recovery Software

Well designed Pen Drive Recovery Software is available at which supports restoration of data saved in major file formats like word files, excel files, music files and various other multimedia files.

See also: Download, Pen, drive, file, salvage, software, restore, rescue, recover, undelete, corrupted, lost, multimedia, digital, photograph, image, picture, photo, text, word, document, PDF, doc, mp3, music, song, video, audio, sound, track

Buy Pen Drive Recovery Software (only $45.00)Download Pen Drive Recovery Software (Size: 4055 KB)

Mac Recover Lost Files

Mac recover lost files software offers safe, easiest and non-destructive way to get back all lost folders of various data including movie, photographs, text files, wallpapers, e-books etc from logically crashed or accidentally reformatted removable usb drive in fraction of time. Advance Mac recover lost files utility regain corrupted directory, still images, raw files, video/audio clips etc from virus infected flash drive in simplified manner.

See also: Download, Mac, USB, data, recovery, software, freeware, apple, file, retrieval, tool, recover, lost, deleted, text, documents, rescue, corrupted, images, formatted, missing, photos, picture, video, audio, folder, damaged, pen, thumb, flash, drive

Buy Mac Recover Lost Files (only $45.00)Download Mac Recover Lost Files (Size: 2713 KB)

Mac Pen Drive Data Recovery

Are you looking for software to restore all formatted file from USB? website provides facilities to download Mac Pen Drive Data Recovery software to rescue all lost valuable folder and file from various brand USB drive including Samsung, Kingston, SanDisk and more.

See also: USB, pen, drive, data, recovery, software, rescue, formatted, office, text, doc, document, file, restore, corrupted, image, photograph, picture, photo, album, salvage, accidentally, deleted, video, clips, recover, lost, music, song, audio, folder

Buy Mac Pen Drive Data Recovery (only $45.00)Download Mac Pen Drive Data Recovery (Size: 3450 KB)

SMS Sending Software

Download SMS Sending Software from which provides facility to connect multiple USB modem with your laptop to send unlimited number of text messages from one place to another in easy way.

See also: SMS, Sending, Software, mobile, phone, connection, device, market, advertisement, share, notification, invitations, alerts, messages, save, file, formats, alerts, business, text, internet, gateway, download, application, USB

Buy SMS Sending Software (only $49.00)Download SMS Sending Software (Size: 3993 KB)

Mac Pen Drive Restore

Mac Pen Drive Restore software developed to recover accidentally formatted or reformatted crucial files from all types of USB drive including thumb, key, flash, jump etc. within affordable manner. Mac file recovery software helps to retrieve fully damaged data from different types of brands of USB drive like Sony, Samsung, and HP. Easy to use Mac data recovery application provides restoration of logically crashed pen drive without any file loss.

See also: Mac, pen, drive, restore, software, application, tool, recover, formatted, reformatted, deleted, lost, crashed, corrupted, text, word, documents, image, picture, music, file, damaged, misplaced, missing, removable, storage, media, flash, USB, thumb

Buy Mac Pen Drive Restore (only $45.00)Download Mac Pen Drive Restore (Size: 3450 KB)

How to Recover Deleted Files on a Mac

Amazing how to recover deleted files on Macintosh software is coming in market with latest features day by day which is used in different fields to recover their permanent corrupted data in a short time of period. Popular damaged data Mac restoration tool easily retrieves all damaged, corrupted, erased, missing, misplaced, lost file etc in original form without affecting another saved data and save them at safe location in system.

See also: Recover, delete, file, folder, Mac, USB, drive, device, delete, data, damage, permanent, corrupted, lost, restore, save, regain, audio, video, clip, picture, text, digital, search, scan, document, missing, misplaced, disk, GUI

Buy How to Recover Deleted Files on a Mac (only $45.00)Download How to Recover Deleted Files on a Mac (Size: 2713 KB)

Restore Mac Software

Restore Mac Software lets user for retrieving lost office documents and related information folders from compact flash card that deleted by user mistake. Visit website to download Macintosh audio reviving software that restores corrupted songs from portable media player.

See also: disk, hard, Macintosh, songs, photographs, lost, rescue, utility, recovery, image, player, media, portable, wallpapers, screenshots, deleted, documents, office, missing, revive, software, retrieval, file, Text

Buy Restore Mac Software (only $69.00)Download Restore Mac Software (Size: 3153 KB)

Undelete Freeware Software

Undelete Freeware Software does not require any tech help for regaining accidently deleted digital pictures from hard drive. Go on website for downloading audio rescuing tool that quickly recoups formatted music collection from hard disk partition.

See also: File, recovery, software, retrieve, corrupted, screenshots, text, data, folders, formatted, video, clips, image, recouping, utility, restore, missing, photographs, audio, songs, wallpapers, deleted, documents, NTFS, hard, disk

Buy Undelete Freeware Software (only $69.00)Download Undelete Freeware Software (Size: 2293 KB)

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