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TxReader Special Edition 1.0

TxReader converts documents into spoken words meaning you can listen to your electronic documents instead of having to read them. TxReader can read many types of document this includes e-books, web pages, Microsoft word documents and more. Text can be loaded into the application for reading in several ways. The user can type text directly into TxReader, load text from a number of different file types or copy and paste text into the readiing area. TxReader Special Edition is the most popular text reading software download.

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Buy TxReader Special Edition 1.0 (only $99.95)Download TxReader Special Edition 1.0 (Size: 15544 KB)

TxReader Professional 1.0

TxReader converts documents into spoken words meaning you can listen to your electronic documents instead of having to read them. TxReader can read many types of document this includes e-books, web pages, Microsoft word documents and more. Text can be loaded into the application for reading in several ways. The user can type text directly into TxReader, load text from a number of different file types or copy and paste text into the readiing area. TxReader Professional is the second most popular text reading software download.

See also: TxReader, ebook, Text To Speech, Assistive Technology, Reading Disability, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), TTS, Reading Software, Visually Impaired, Text Reader, TxReader, Kabware, Kabware Developments, Natural Voices, Ebook Readers, Natural Voice

Buy TxReader Professional 1.0 (only $99.95)Download TxReader Professional 1.0 (Size: 15544 KB)

NextUp Talker 1.005

NextUp Talker is a Text To Speech application specifically designed for people who have temporarily or permanently lost their voice. With natural, human sounding voices and convenient shortcuts to quickly enter commonly used sentences and phrases, NextUp Talker allows those with vocal impairments to easily communicate with others using a windows PC or Tablet PC. NextUp Talker is the third most popular text reading software download.

See also: Text To Speech, Assistive Technology, TTS, Reading Software, Vocally Impaired, Text Reader, AT&T Natural Voices, neospeech, cepstral, ALS, Talking Computer, TalkForMe, Talk4me, Talk for me, Voice Replacement,

Buy NextUp Talker 1.005 (only $99.95)Download NextUp Talker 1.005 (Size: 5349 KB)

TxReader Special Edition 1.0

TxReader converts documents into spoken words and MP3. TxReader is much more than just a program that reads any document presented to it. It is actually three programs in one, first is the quality easy to use text to speech program that give great reading result making use of the lasted natural sounding voice from all the top sellers.

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Buy TxReader Special Edition 1.0 (only $99.95)Download TxReader Special Edition 1.0 (Size: 15544 KB)

NTFS Data Recovery 1.8

A powerful data backup utility to retrieve entire deleted files and folders in exact format. Software efficiently retrieves accidentally erased images, music, audio, video files safely. NTFS data recovery software is developed using latest technology algorithm to speed up data rescue operation. Free download for data recovery software is available at that lets users to try application for the period of 30 days.

See also: Windows, NTFS, partition, data, recovery, software, undelete, deleted, files, restore, lost, image, music, audio, video, folder, retrieve, accidentally, erased, hard drive, recover, jpg, gif, mp3, mpeg, text, office, document, file, salvage, utility

Buy NTFS Data Recovery 1.8 (only $18.00)Download NTFS Data Recovery 1.8 (Size: 1049 KB)

Barcode Label Maker

Professional version of barcode generator makes high quality and standard barcode labels for business, industrial or personal usages with interactive GUI and inbuilt help guide. Customized barcode ribbon maker software designs and prints multiple barcode images at same time. Reliable barcode builder application lets user to add generated barcode labels into various different Windows applications including Word, Excel, Paint, Access etc.

See also: Freeware, linear, barcode, coupons, maker, tool, software, utility, generate, create, records, rectangle, ellipse, graphics, object, shape, color, stickers, fonts, line, picture, text, tags, creator, design, scanner, print, professional, label

Buy Barcode Label Maker (only $69.00)Download Barcode Label Maker (Size: 5140 KB)

PDF Watermarking

PDF watermarking software makes batch watermark text string or image, anywhere on PDF page. You can make stamp on even, odd, first, last, all pages of PDF or any desired pages (5, 10-20) of Adobe Acrobat. PDF logo mark maker creator utility can add watermarks above the content, below the content and replace the content. User can set the font style, color, size, image size, crop image, link on watermark, angle rotation and position.

See also: PDF, Watermarking, Software, Batch, Watermark, Stamp, Creator, Stamping, Tool, Add, Text, String, Image, Ownership, Copyright, Confidential, Drafts, Angle, Rotate, Degree, Create, Logo, Page, Top, Middle, Center, Corner, Header, Footer, Web, Link

Buy PDF Watermarking (only $19.90)Download PDF Watermarking (Size: 1204 KB)

PC SMS Software

Innovative Computer SMS software easily sends multiple numbers of messages to mass amount of mobile users having support for major all brand name manufacturers of GSM technology mobile phones including Sony Ericson, Samsung, Nokia, LG, Motorola and many more. Efficient send bulk text message software easily forwards desired number of business product specific and personal occasional greeting SMS worldwide in few simple mouse clicks.

See also: SMS, software, tool, publish, broadcast, mass, amount, customized, business, product, publicity, personal, greeting, text, sending, utility, transmit, bulk, standard, notification, message, multiple, GSM, mobile, cell, device, phonebook, contacts

Buy PC SMS Software (only $49.00)Download PC SMS Software (Size: 3696 KB)

Greeting Card Designer

PC based wedding card composer software produces intuitive cards and offers you to print numerous copies of same or different card on one page at a time. Greeting card designer software offers you to develop enthuastic cards with outstanding color combination, gradient and texture. Excellent greeting card creator utility facilitates you to fabricate cards on your best friend birthday with some personal touch like adding personal photos, texts etc.

See also: Software, craft, create, compose, wonderful, greeting, card, special, occasion, valentine day, Christmas, Ester, birthday, wedding, image, font, color, shape, design, graphics, object, tool, line, text, picture, pencil, logo, Windows, application,

Buy Greeting Card Designer (only $29.00)Download Greeting Card Designer (Size: 10342 KB)

2d Barcodes for Libraries

Simple to operate 2d barcode for library software is widely used in college, university, schools to give a smart identify for books. Most widely used 2d label creator utility provide random, linear, constant series to generate multiple attractive tags for library books at a single click of mouse. Technically powerful 2d tags programs for library support advance GUI which helps users to generate eye catching barcodes without any difficulty.

See also: barcode, library, trace, book, publisher, maker, font, software, label, marker, linear, image, picture, text, sequential, random, constant, ellipse, line, rectangle, circle, pencil, star, shape, size, mass, coupons, object, Windows

Buy 2d Barcodes for Libraries (only $38.00)Download 2d Barcodes for Libraries (Size: 4986 KB)

BlackBerry SMS Software

Text SMS marketing application is an first-class choice over time consuming, costly telephone calls and e-mails (using internet) for stay connected with your closed ones residing worldwide. BlackBerry SMS software efficiently import phone numbers saved in txt, excel file formats on your Computer while sending bulk messages. High quality messaging tool is used in enterprises for communicates with their customers, clients, vendors, business partners etc.

See also: Software, send, unlimited, group, text, SMS, event, greeting, detail, BlackBerry, mobile, phone, application, broadcast, bulk, instant, message, internet, gateway, service, utility, permit, user, deliver, mass, alert, business, notification, news

Buy BlackBerry SMS Software (only $45.00)Download BlackBerry SMS Software (Size: 2990 KB)

SMS via GSM Modem

Innovative SMS via GSM Modems software present advance and professional solutions to send information about new product launching to your customers or clients across the world in minimal time. Advance SMS via GSM Modems application present affordable and convenient solutions to wishing your business partners, employee, customer, client, family members, relative, friend, students etc on any occasional day like festival, annual party, new year etc.

See also: Multi, USB, modem, GSM, broadcast, send, deliver, compose, text sms, message, bulk, group, mass, instantly, worldwide, network, gateway, product, launching, information, detail, business, notification, job, event, alert, application, software, tool

Buy SMS via GSM Modem (only $49.00)Download SMS via GSM Modem (Size: 3860 KB)

Printing Envelopes Software

Printing Envelopes Software function tool can full import and export data capabilities which make it very straightforward to load your data from existing. Standard envelope?s application sizes utility does not have all of the complicated things like batch processing, email merge, and databases that you don't need. How to prints on envelope free download software can prints addresses and return address on any size cover.

See also: address, envelope, envelopes, sizes, printing, software, cosmic, change, Arial, sender, print, receiver, windows, font, Advance, stores, text, manage, millimeter, desired, printer, set, color, address, margins, top, left, size, of messages, create

Buy Printing Envelopes Software (only $24.95)Download Printing Envelopes Software (Size: 1822 KB)

Barcode Software Post Office and Banks

Highly interactive barcode maker software for banks and post offices provides perfect solution of postal services and banking sector bar code labeling and printing requirements. Best and cost effective post office and banking sector bar code sticker designer software facilitates user to design and generate attractive barcode labels using multiple formats including tags, stickers, labels, badges, coupons and rolls etc according to their choice.

See also: Software, tool, utility, bank, post, office, parcel, letters, barcode, tags, stickers, industry, service, lines, ellipse, pencil, text, picture, rectangle, labels, size, shapes, dimension, documents, linear, font, design, generate, JPEG, Bitmap

Buy Barcode Software Post Office and Banks (only $27.00)Download Barcode Software Post Office and Banks (Size: 5058 KB)

Badges Maker Software

Website is helpful for general users to get award winning business card maker tool that uses color and background settings to generate high quality stickers. Cost effective Badges Maker Software offers facility to add desired photos, text, graphics etc on created badges and identity cards.

See also: image, computer, print, program, application, make, coupon, tags, sticker, make, label, barcode, utility, create, line, shape, text, circular, rectangle, rounded, ellipse, size, colorful, build, tool, software, generate, card, versatile, Design

Buy Badges Maker Software (only $45.00)Download Badges Maker Software (Size: 10752 KB)

Datei Wiederherstellen

Hard Drive Recovery Programm effizient undelete gesamte verloren wichtige Dateien und Ordner von der Festplatte oder Wechseldatenträger Geräte und gespeichert in diverse Dateiformate wie als txt, html, jpeg, png, exif, wmf, emf, jpg, bmp, tiff, riff , mp3, mp4, zip und andere ähnliche Erweiterungen. Daten Wiederherstellung Dienstprogramm ermöglicht es Ihnen, Daten auch mit Scheiße + delete Schlüsseln verloren hatte.

See also: Hard, Antriebs-, Recovery-Software wiederherstellen, Daten-, USB-, Speicher-Karte, Handy, Handys, Digitalkameras, Kamera-, Daten-, Flash-, Stick, Abrufen, Anwendung, Bergung, fehlt, Text, Dokumente, Fotos, Wallpaper, Video, Clippings

Buy Datei Wiederherstellen (only $99.00)Download Datei Wiederherstellen (Size: 2201 KB)

Data Recovery Tool

For downloading Data Recovery Tool Visit Company website which facilitate user to retrieve lost text documents, pictures, images, movie, audio video files and folders from FAT file system. FAT data rescue software allows user to preview missing files and folders before real recovery.

See also: Download FAT data recovery tool, file retrieving application, data regaining software, FAT text restore application, images recoup tool, data file recover application, FAT document retrieving software, image recoup application

Buy Data Recovery Tool (only $69.00)Download Data Recovery Tool (Size: 2539 KB)

Greeting Cards for Birthday

Greeting Cards for Birthday software provides best features to design cost effective and personalized birthday cards in minimal time. With the help of commercial birthday cards maker tool users can print birthday greetings in stylish shapes such as ellipse, rectangle, circle etc. Reliable greeting cards application supports first-class facilities to make good looking birthday cards with easy to operate and understandable working interface.

See also: Birthday, card, design, create, craft, print, photo, images, picture, text, message, personal, custom, tool, utility, friend, family, wishes, gift, celebrate, greeting, shape, stylish, colorful, rectangle, triangle, rounded, software, program

Buy Greeting Cards for Birthday (only $29.00)Download Greeting Cards for Birthday (Size: 13004 KB)

Online Text Messaging website to download Online Text Messaging software delivers text message from computer to your friends and relatives. Group text messaging software helps to control and customized the load of sending price alert using delay delivery options.

See also: Online, bulk, text, messaging, software, deliver, forward, convey, seasonal, greetings, event, reminders, program, application, job, notification, unlimited, sms, national, international, skip, duplicate, contact, numbers, broadcast

Buy Online Text Messaging (only $49.00)Download Online Text Messaging (Size: 6307 KB)

Send SMS via Modem

Consistent mass SMS sending software is helpful to easily broadcast significant commercial information at national/international cell phone user. Valuable bulk SMS broadcasting software contains preeminent characteristics co-operative to transmit multiple messages in few clicks of mouse button. Pioneering send SMS via modem utility for Windows grants user to communicate with your relatives and friends using remarkably uncomplicated method.

See also: Send, SMS, modem, program, delivers, compound, text, messages, software, broadcasts, details, internet, gateway, connect, tool, communicate, mobile, phone, network, transmits, business, client, contact, number, convey, supports, graphical, interface

Buy Send SMS via Modem (only $49.00)Download Send SMS via Modem (Size: 3860 KB)

USB Modem Text SMS

Company offers bulk messages sending tool from that easily delivers thousand of text messages locally and globally without internet connection. Resourceful USB Modem Text SMS software saves all messages details for future reference.

See also: USB, modem, software, deliver, multiple, text, sms, message, alert, reminder, notification, connect, computer, phone, product, banking, loans, telecom, network, internet, broadcast, update, Unicode, send, save, greeting, template, Windows,

Buy USB Modem Text SMS (only $49.00)Download USB Modem Text SMS (Size: 3993 KB)

RTF to HTML Converter

RTF to HTML converter software converts document in all format to any format. This software makes WebPages from the RTF (Rich Text Format), MS-Word, Word, XML, Text, Notepad. This software can also support Microsoft Word 98, 2000, 2003 and 2007 and it is successfully works on Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Win7 and both x32 & x64 bits Operating System. With the help of this utility you can save your valuable time.

See also: RTF, Word, HTML, Converter, Software, Website, Text, MS-Word, Translator, Change, WebPage, Pages, Changer, Notes, Create, Format, Tools, Convert, Pages, Make, produce, build, Maker, Generate, Translate, XML, Web, File, Document, Notepad, compose

Buy RTF to HTML Converter (only $9.90)Download RTF to HTML Converter (Size: 1135 KB)

Barcode Maker Software

Download Barcode Maker Software from in few simple clicks and see how easily you can design your own labels as per your choice. You can use different designing objects like text, pencil, line, rectangle etc.

See also: Software, create, colorful, Barcode, Design, text, multidimensional, Print, rectangle, series, constant, customized, linear, label, generate, Program, object, random, stickers, size, shape, tags, line, pencil, Maker, asset, sequence

Buy Barcode Maker Software (only $45.00)Download Barcode Maker Software (Size: 5140 KB)

Android Mobile Messaging Software

Website URL offers Android Mobile Messaging Software for sending bulk text message from pc to your friends, relatives and business partners. Android bulk text messaging application is capable to send short text sms over worldwide.

See also: Android, mobile, messaging, software, deliver, group, instant, text, unlimited, sms, forward, program, application, load, skip, duplicate, entries, national, international, business, technique, broadcast, send, compose, individual, contact, numbers

Buy Android Mobile Messaging Software (only $45.00)Download Android Mobile Messaging Software (Size: 3102 KB)

Sim Undelete

Website announces professional Sim Undelete application has capability to retrieve misplaced significant contact numbers and phonebook entries due to accidentally or intentionally formatting mobile phone sim card.

See also: Sim, card, undelete, software, recover, deleted, text, messages, application, restore, dial, contact, numbers, retrieve, inbox, utility, save, outbox, program, folders, regain, service, revive, provider, data, name, retrieval, identification, tool

Buy Sim Undelete (only $69.00)Download Sim Undelete (Size: 2293 KB)

Barcode Labels Maker Software

Are you still finding out solution to design cost effective bar codes on computer system? Then do not waste your time just download one and only Barcode Labels Maker Software which is easily find out at to make bar codes in linear as well as 2D fonts without any special guidance.

See also: Download, printable, colored, barcode, labels, maker, software, create, multiple, rolls, price, asset, tags, craft, ribbons, hologram, stickers, image, design, tools, line, text, pencil, star, objects, ellipse, rectangular, shape, computer, system

Buy Barcode Labels Maker Software (only $69.00)Download Barcode Labels Maker Software (Size: 5191 KB)

Free SMS Windows

Company release advance GSM mobile text messaging software that helps home users or business owners to share information by broadcasting text messages to group of people that located worldwide without extra charges. Comprehensive to use windows SMS software helps business in easy communication with their target audience and clients by sending various product launch alerts and advertise campaigns with the help of user-friendly graphical interface.

See also: Software, utility, create, promotion, advertisement, send, bulk, SMS, compose, jobs, alerts, forward, personalized, messages, broadcast, deliver, mass text, marketing, product, service, notification, business, news, GSM, Windows, mobile, phone,

Buy Free SMS Windows (only $45.00)Download Free SMS Windows (Size: 3706 KB)

Bulk SMS Software Android Mobile

Company website offers powerful Bulk SMS Software Android Mobile that instantly deliver notification, reminder, greeting, part invitation, share market updates, interview schedule, emergency meeting and other message from your pc or laptop.

See also: Bulk, SMS, Software, Android, Mobile, broadcast, news, alert, notification, list, contact, application, transmit, text, message, advertise, product, information, utility, communicate, global, network, program, deliver, compose, business, campaigns

Buy Bulk SMS Software Android Mobile (only $45.00)Download Bulk SMS Software Android Mobile (Size: 3102 KB)

Mac Bulk SMS Software

Visit website and download Mac Bulk SMS Software to easily generate and send group of message notifications, alerts, reminders, seasonal messages, occasional sms, wishing text and many more.

See also: Send group messages, bulk sms program, Mac sms software, Mac Bulk SMS Software, Text messaging software, install bulk sms utility, Download bulk text sms tool, broadcast bulk sms, Mac text messaging tool, Download group sms software

Buy Mac Bulk SMS Software (only $45.00)Download Mac Bulk SMS Software (Size: 5632 KB)

Mac Bulk SMS Software for USB Modems

Want to know about how to compose bulk sms? Use reliable Mac Bulk SMS Software for USB Modems from website that permits user to send job alerts, notifications and other significant messages in minimum time of period at lowest money.

See also: Mass, text, information, composing, software, Mac, computer, usb, modems, bulk, sms, application, download, utility, broadcast, advertisements, news, business, updates, large, volume, messages, events, tool, internet, program, forward

Buy Mac Bulk SMS Software for USB Modems (only $49.00)Download Mac Bulk SMS Software for USB Modems (Size: 6502 KB)

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