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TxReader Special Edition 1.0

TxReader converts documents into spoken words meaning you can listen to your electronic documents instead of having to read them. TxReader can read many types of document this includes e-books, web pages, Microsoft word documents and more. Text can be loaded into the application for reading in several ways. The user can type text directly into TxReader, load text from a number of different file types or copy and paste text into the readiing area. TxReader Special Edition is the most popular text reading software download.

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Buy TxReader Special Edition 1.0 (only $99.95)Download TxReader Special Edition 1.0 (Size: 15544 KB)

TxReader Professional 1.0

TxReader converts documents into spoken words meaning you can listen to your electronic documents instead of having to read them. TxReader can read many types of document this includes e-books, web pages, Microsoft word documents and more. Text can be loaded into the application for reading in several ways. The user can type text directly into TxReader, load text from a number of different file types or copy and paste text into the readiing area. TxReader Professional is the second most popular text reading software download.

See also: TxReader, ebook, Text To Speech, Assistive Technology, Reading Disability, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), TTS, Reading Software, Visually Impaired, Text Reader, TxReader, Kabware, Kabware Developments, Natural Voices, Ebook Readers, Natural Voice

Buy TxReader Professional 1.0 (only $99.95)Download TxReader Professional 1.0 (Size: 15544 KB)

NextUp Talker 1.005

NextUp Talker is a Text To Speech application specifically designed for people who have temporarily or permanently lost their voice. With natural, human sounding voices and convenient shortcuts to quickly enter commonly used sentences and phrases, NextUp Talker allows those with vocal impairments to easily communicate with others using a windows PC or Tablet PC. NextUp Talker is the third most popular text reading software download.

See also: Text To Speech, Assistive Technology, TTS, Reading Software, Vocally Impaired, Text Reader, AT&T Natural Voices, neospeech, cepstral, ALS, Talking Computer, TalkForMe, Talk4me, Talk for me, Voice Replacement,

Buy NextUp Talker 1.005 (only $99.95)Download NextUp Talker 1.005 (Size: 5349 KB)

TxReader Special Edition 1.0

TxReader converts documents into spoken words and MP3. TxReader is much more than just a program that reads any document presented to it. It is actually three programs in one, first is the quality easy to use text to speech program that give great reading result making use of the lasted natural sounding voice from all the top sellers.

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Buy TxReader Special Edition 1.0 (only $99.95)Download TxReader Special Edition 1.0 (Size: 15544 KB)

Courier Mails 2D Barcodes

Bar code label designing application generate barcode images with extraordinary image designing objects including lines, text, pencil, rectangles, ellipse, images, pictures, stars and many others for creating unique bar codes for post offices and banking sector industry. Barcode label maker software makes advanced bar code lists using different barcode series producing methodology including sequential series, constant value and random series.

See also: Application, bank, post, office, department, document, service, passbook, barcode, label, sticker, coupon, roll, colorful, fonts, linear, generate, software, mail, courier, bills, line, pencil, ellipse, rectangle, text, picture, image, design

Buy Courier Mails 2D Barcodes (only $27.00)Download Courier Mails 2D Barcodes (Size: 5058 KB)

Packaging Industry Barcode Downloads

Websites offers extraordinary feature to download demo version of packaging and supply barcode label generator software and make wonderful and multipurpose text, image or barcode labels to manage their business processes in less span of time. Easy to use packaging industry barcode printing label software fabricate versatile and customized labels, tags to track supply and distribution of goods, services and products without any extra efforts.

See also: Barcode, creator, software, generate, Linear, font, product, printable, stickers, coupons, wholesale, label, readable, scannable, food, tags, designing, objects, image, text, line, rectangle, ellipse, packaging, distribution, supply, industry

Buy Packaging Industry Barcode Downloads (only $38.00)Download Packaging Industry Barcode Downloads (Size: 5048 KB)

Modems GSM

Easy to use bulk SMS software provides integrated solution to deliver multiple text messages to family, friends, relatives or customers all across the world at same time without any requirement of internet gateway connected to computer/laptop. Award winning text messaging software for USB modem facilitates to send group SMS to large number of GSM mobile phone users from your Computer with instant support to Win 7, XP, Vista, 2008 server etc.

See also: Mass, text, messaging, software, sends, group, SMS, connect, USB, modem, application, forwards, multiple, job, alerts, greetings, price, reminders, GSM, mobile, phone, network, support, Windows, save, templates, contact, numbers, lists

Buy Modems GSM (only $49.00)Download Modems GSM (Size: 3860 KB)


Technically innovative data recovery application helps users to secure their valuable documents and data deleted due to unintentionally deletion, OS corruption, partition failure, hard disk crashed, virus attack, power fault, crashed pen drives, system sabotage and many other reasons. Best and cost effective DDR professional data retrieving software quickly restores all lost files and folders at specified location in computer system.

See also: Software, tool, utility, lost, USB, digital, media, device, data, recovery, files, folders, removable, text, music, photographs, disk, business, college, assignment, computer, hard, backup, video, system, program, retrieve, image, audio, document

Buy Undelete (only $79.99)Download Undelete (Size: 2211 KB)

Recover Lost Files Mac

Recover Lost Files Mac application is especially developed and designed by highly qualified software engineers to easily and firstly salvage your lost valuable or memorable data from major manufacturing brands of USB drive like Thumb Drive, Handy Drive, Jet Flash Drive, USB Hard Drive, Jump Drive, USB Flash Drive, Pen Drive etc. Professional Recover Lost Files Mac tool completely renovates your damaged or deleted data without any changing.

See also: Apple, mac, virus, infected, accidently, deleted, lost, formatted, damaged, video, audio, music, digital, photograph, image, picture, text, document, file, folder, recovery, restore, removable, pen drive, media, device, software, tool, application

Buy Recover Lost Files Mac (only $45.00)Download Recover Lost Files Mac (Size: 2713 KB)

Birthday Card Maker Free

Birthday Card Maker application provides facility to engender birthday cards in different designing objects in cheaper and time expedient technique. Application makes birthday cards in dissimilar shapes similar to ellipse, text, line, rectangle, triangle and rounded rectangle from computer system with innovative color, font and backgrounds. Birthday Card Maker Free software lets to make multiple designing objects at a single time from PC.

See also: Birthday, card, maker, free, application, object, color, font, software, user, line, ellipse, interface, text, technical, money, market, quality, images, multiple, create, rectangle, arc, triangle, picture, shapes, advance, computer, printer, system

Buy Birthday Card Maker Free (only $29.00)Download Birthday Card Maker Free (Size: 13004 KB)

SMS Marketing

Modern SMS marketing service provide facility to advertise their business product by delivering unlimited text messages to multiple contacts collectively just in few mouse clicks. Advance SMS marketing appliances simply send regular messages and employee notification. Bulk SMS software does not require any prior tech skills and broadcast text messages in both English or Non-English font format from computer connected with mobile phone.

See also: Professional, mobile, text, message, advance, software, application, tools, transmit, broadcast, mass, SMS, advertise, internet, online, multiple, gateway, phone, Unicode, GSM, technology, laptop, send, bulk, group, computer, service, windows

Buy SMS Marketing (only $49.00)Download SMS Marketing (Size: 6174 KB)

Make a Business Card

Affordable Make a Business Card application enable users with sophisticated feature to prominently design and print business card images in minimum span of time and different sizes. Business Card designing utility facilitates users to conveniently modify size, color, shape, font, dimension, caption, height, width, style, barcode value and many other properties of generated card images according to their business organization needs or requirements.

See also: Business, card, designing, software, create, print, customized, high, resolution, colorful, images, shapes, sizes, utility, designing, tool, lines, text, pencils, ellipse, rectangle, barcode, star, triangle, suitable, small, large, scale, enterprises

Buy Make a Business Card (only $38.00)Download Make a Business Card (Size: 10547 KB)

Design ID Card

Easy to use Design ID Card software is developed to meet all growing demands of business identity cards and product label images in cost effective, timely and simplified manner. Expertise ID card creator tool gives you ability to modify previously exist cards in order to produce new eye catching labels, ID card, sticker, tags, ribbon and product coupons etc just in few countable clicks of mouse and does not require any prior tech skill.

See also: card, generator, software, designs, commercial, premium, custom, style, shipping, labels, product images, clothing, tags, colorful, business, visiting, cards, linear, font, organization, laptop, photograph, image, logo, text, message

Buy Design ID Card (only $45.00)Download Design ID Card (Size: 10649 KB)

Download Sim Card SMS Recovery

Download Sim Card SMS Recovery application is most demonstrated on site that adequately reestablish back your all deleted text messages and phone numbers from GSM mobile phones in contributive manner. Recover data application provide options for peoples to effectively recollect significant contact numbers with contact name from damaged sim card.

See also: SIM, card, data, Recover, software, restore, formatted, misplaced, contact, numbers, lost, text, messages, saved, notification, corrupted, GSM, mobile, crashed, blocked, phones, phonebook, name, identification, network, information

Buy Download Sim Card SMS Recovery (only $69.00)Download Download Sim Card SMS Recovery (Size: 2447 KB)

SMS Messages Broadcasting Software

PC to mobile bulk text messaging software is secure and cost effective utility to send unlimited text messages at any network in just a single click. Bulk SMS messenger application send SMS typed in different Unicode languages like English, French, Greek, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi, Thai, Chinese, Korean etc. Mobile text message sender software allows user to load contact numbers manually or from the phonebook of your mobile phone.

See also: mobile, cell, phone, bulk, text, message, sender, software, application, send, alert, notification, greetings, promotion, Unicode, language, contact, destination, national, international, network, GSM, CDMA, PDA, services, SMS, computer, Windows

Buy SMS Messages Broadcasting Software (only $45.00)Download SMS Messages Broadcasting Software (Size: 1996 KB)

Barcode Label Maker

Technically sound Barcode Label Maker utility creates easily readable, printable and scan able product label images in minimal time period. Reasonable priced label generator tool allows user to save generated barcode images in your Computer in multiple file extension as per requirement. Expertise Barcode Label Maker software facilitates you to make use of generated label images in distinct Windows application like MS-Word, Excel and MS-Paint etc.

See also: Barcode, label, creator, software, program, generate, design, craft, standard, customized, premium, colorful, images, tags, stickers, rolls, ribbon, coupon, product, labels, object, line, text, pencil, circle, linear, font, style, laptop

Buy Barcode Label Maker (only $45.00)Download Barcode Label Maker (Size: 3860 KB)

Mac OSX Restore

Is it possible to bring back mistakenly format USB flash drive data? Yes, take the advantage of Mac operating system X restore software to easily and quickly regain lost media folders, text files, baby photographs, favorite wallpapers, etc from virus infected memory card in less span of time without any extra efforts. Mac operating system X restore utility powerful software for recovery of all lost or missing significant files after reinstallation of Macintosh operating system.

See also: Download, file, undelete, software, professional, recovery, tool, Mac, OS X, data, restore, utility, recover, rescue, missing, video, audio, text, documents, lost, photo, damaged, memory, card, virus, corrupted, USB, flash, drive, crashed, hard, disk

Buy Mac OSX Restore (only $69.00)Download Mac OSX Restore (Size: 3409 KB)

Send SMS Online

Advanced Send SMS Online application helps user to compose thousands of text messages and sends to large market area for product promotion. gives solution to deliver bulk of messages to connect group of user for healthy conversation. Wonderful text messaging tool provide facility to transmit heavy information related to meeting schedule, vacancy details, product announcements etc without any interruption.

See also: Send, SMS, online, utility, transfer, bulk, information, broadcast, unlimited, messages, notification, message, distribution, software, convey, business, job, alerts, compose, promotional, text, update, stock, details, season, greeting, product, news

Buy Send SMS Online (only $49.00)Download Send SMS Online (Size: 6246 KB)

Text Messaging Software For Pocket PC

Smart phone text message broadcasting tool creates and send SMS from your Windows mobile pocket PC, PDA mobile device to other mobile phone with extraordinary text messaging facility. Pocket Computer to mobile SMS sender software is powerful easy to use messaging utility allows you to send group (mass) SMS messages to list of selective contacts, phonebook or individuals globally on both national and international mobile networks.

See also: Pocket, mobile, mass, group, bulk, SMS, sender, software, tool, utility, send, unlimited, text, message, business, news, greeting, invitation, product, campaign, national, international, users, family, friends, relatives, save, date, time

Buy Text Messaging Software For Pocket PC (only $45.00)Download Text Messaging Software For Pocket PC (Size: 217 KB)


Superior Quality SMS GSM Modem software is a convenient software which provides another tech option to save these whole sent bulk text messages or SMS to templates within a complete quickest mode without any extra efforts. Professional SMS GSM Modem application is widely useful in industrial areas to send various types of text messages for customers, business clients and other persons within a reasonable form at a standard time period.

See also: Message, bulk, modem, USB, SMS, GSM, value, business, sales, devices, software, laptop, text, customer, computer, space, disk, hard, drives, networks, contact, phone, mobile, tool, broadcast, clients, internet, templates, time, fastest

Buy SMS GSM Modem (only $49.00)Download SMS GSM Modem (Size: 3860 KB)

Media Recovery Freeware

Removable media data revival software recovers deleted or corrupted audio video clips, music, office documents, mp3 songs and images from commonly used removable media storage devices. USB drive data retrieval tool regains images, documents, song files in all major extensions includings jpeg, txt, bmp, mp3, mpeg, gif etc. Pen drive data recovery software is inexpensive and reliable utility as compare to other USB removable data recovery programs.

See also: Removable, media, data, recovery, software, recover, deleted, multimedia, file, computer, system, hard, disk, USB, drive, salvage, tool, restore, lost, text, picture, music, pen, drive, rescue, program, retrieve, corrupted, formatted, picture, video

Buy Media Recovery Freeware (only $45.00)Download Media Recovery Freeware (Size: 1454 KB)

SIM Card Restore

SIM card SMS restoration software easily salvages all erased phone book contact numbers, unreadable text messages from your mobile phone SIM card. Professional SIM card data revival utility provides facility to print reports of all recovered data like your phone book contact numbers and text messages with sender name, date and time. GSM SIM card text message recovery tool provides full back up of your mobile phone SIM card memory.

See also: SIM, card, restore, software, salvage, lost, inbox, outbox, draft, text, messages, recover, erased, contact, numbers, retrieval, utility, rescue, SMS, GSM, recovery, tool, retrieve, deleted, sent items, display, ICC ID, IMSI, number, support, Windows

Buy SIM Card Restore (only $69.00)Download SIM Card Restore (Size: 985 KB)

Business Cards Printing

Easy to use card generator software designs robust quality, classic business cards and record them on user defined location on Computer for further use. User-friendly business card printing software is able to fabricate terrific, smart visiting cards for all small, mid and large scale business application areas. Prominent card maker application is able to design business card using different color, style, text, font, image, graphics, logo and much more.

See also: Business, card, print, tool, design, Windows, application, build, craft, elegant, image, graphical, format, software, generate, Visiting, label, utility, create, custom, tag, logo, color, style, size, shape, font, line, picture, text, drawing, object

Buy Business Cards Printing (only $38.00)Download Business Cards Printing (Size: 10547 KB)

Making Cards

Making Cards software is advanced and versatile utility which provides facility to design professional ID cards by adding logo, barcode, personal photo and text. Software facilitates to make eye catching and customized ID cards using innovative card maker tools and objects in less time and affords. ID card generator utility offers best features to design specific identity cards in folded format like Quarter Fold, Half Fold etc. in simplest way.

See also: Design, create, print, make, cards, software, tool, program, application, utility, professional, business, employee, student, visitors, membership, identity, colorful, photo, logo, barcode, text, arc, ellipse, rectangle, shape, format, custom

Buy Making Cards (only $38.00)Download Making Cards (Size: 10547 KB)

USB Disk Repair

USB media drive data retrieval software is powerful and easy to operate utility which efficiently recovers lost, deleted or formatted folders from various USB drive removable storage devices like Pen drive Pro, Pen drive Mini, Pen drive Mp3, Pen drive Camera, Pen drive Compact etc. USB drive data recovery software retrieves files with all major extensions like jpeg, jpg, mpeg, bmp, doc etc. USB drive data rescue utility provides advance search option

See also: USB, media, drive, files, retrieval, utility, recover, formatted, damaged, mp3, mp4, music, digital, images, text, directories, salvage, software, restore, corrupted, missing, virus, infected, photographs, audio, video, songs, rescue, tool, documents

Buy USB Disk Repair (only $45.00)Download USB Disk Repair (Size: 1658 KB)

Bulk SMS Modem

Website provides easy to use Bulk SMS Modem software that facilitates user to broadcast text SMS from Computer to targeted mobile phone users. Advanced text messaging software provides delay delivery facility for delivering unlimited messages.

See also: Bulk, SMS, Software, program, deliver, unlimited, messages, text, notifications, USB, modem, targeted, mobile, phone, create, contact, list, internet, connectivity, promote, business, products, save, sent, details, online, communication, Windows

Buy Bulk SMS Modem (only $49.00)Download Bulk SMS Modem (Size: 3993 KB)

USB Recovery represents USB Recovery software regain virus infected PowerPoint slides, excel spreadsheets and other official text documents from thumb drive. Retrieval application rescues deleted photos of memorable moments in their original format from any USB devices within few clicks.

See also: Revival, software, retrieves, lost, images, pictures, audio, video, files, folders, storage, media, devices, restoration, program, repair, deleted, text, official, word, documents, disk, scan, thumb, drive, recovery, tool, rescues, corrupted

Buy USB Recovery (only $45.00)Download USB Recovery (Size: 2314 KB)

Bulk SMS

Download Bulk SMS software from to send job, news and event alerts to your friends within fraction of time. Mobile marketing application attracts consumers towards your business by broadcasting advertisements to them.

See also: Bulk, SMS, software, broadcast, multiple, number, text, message, seasonal, religious, occasional, greeting, national, international, communication, network, send, business, product, update, client, consumer, computer, GSM, Windows, mobile

Buy Bulk SMS (only $49.00)Download Bulk SMS (Size: 6307 KB)

Reciprocal Links Monitor Software

Backlinks checker software helps to identify the popularity of your website (advertiser site) with respect to other partners (publishers) websites. Tool is capable to analyze several websites backlink status at single click only depending on user requirement. Back link monitoring software helps webmaster to improve the popularity with page rank of website regarding Yahoo, Google likes search engine and save all links information in text file.

See also: Reciprocal, inlink, monitor, software, track, direct, link, inward, SEO, checker, exchange, program, publisher, website, monitor, check, backlink, availability, tool, analysis, URL, email, text, html, windows, advertiser, popularity, status, report

Buy Reciprocal Links Monitor Software (only $69.00)Download Reciprocal Links Monitor Software (Size: 958 KB)

SMS Software Blackberry Mobile

You can visit company website to download SMS Software Blackberry Mobile supports all Unicode languages (English or Non-English character) for broadcasting massive text messages. Text SMS Application provides list wizard to maintain list of large group of contact number.

See also: SMS, Software, compose, mass, text, deliver, promotional, professional, personalized, message, send, bulk, standard, message, notification, Blackberry, Mobile, phone, broadcast, alert, reminder, event, advertisement, worldwide

Buy SMS Software Blackberry Mobile (only $45.00)Download SMS Software Blackberry Mobile (Size: 4218 KB)

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