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E-List Distributor for Mac 3.15

Manage your mass mailing through our easy to set up and use, hassle free software. We let you import, export, manipulate and send to as many e-mails as you like, spanning any number of mailing lists. We help you process your subscribe, unsubscribe and bounce back e-mails so you will stay CAN SPAM act compliant. We allow you to customize and personalize each message that leaves our program, so it is intended for that specific recepient. Try it free. E-List Distributor for Mac is the most popular track bouncebacks download.

See also: mass mail, distribute messages quickly, scheduled sending, track bouncebacks

Buy E-List Distributor for Mac 3.15 (only $97.00)Download E-List Distributor for Mac 3.15 (Size: 7630 KB)

E-List Distributor 6.9

Very easy to set up and use, E-List Distributor is intended for distributing electronic email utilizing mailing lists. It helps you deliver your message to large mailing lists and have full control over who gets it and when. It is an indispensable tool for any business that needs to be in contact with it's clients. You can manipulate your mailing lists and make unlimited number of groups and recepients in each group. E-List Distributor is the second most popular track bouncebacks download.

See also: mass mail, distribute messages quickly, scheduled sending, track bouncebacks

Buy E-List Distributor 6.9 (only $69.00)Download E-List Distributor 6.9 (Size: 2084 KB)

Right Web Monitor 1.5

Right Web Monitor is a handy tool for detecting changes in web resources (web pages, files etc). It constantly monitors specified resources and notifies you when a change occurs. The program features the ability to check a certain part of a monitored resource, and includes a comprehensive notification system (pop-up windows,sound, e-mail), proxy server support, and multithreaded data transfer. Can download changed files and check maiboxes. Right Web Monitor is the third most popular track bouncebacks download.

See also: web, page, monitor, notify, check, track, monitoring, auto, ftp, changes, content, pop3, mail

Buy Right Web Monitor 1.5 (only $39.95)Download Right Web Monitor 1.5 (Size: 2674 KB)

PurgeFox 2.05

PurgeFox is a utility program specifically designed for users of the popular FireFox browser to remove the surfing tracks retained by FireFox, I.E. and Windows. It lets you easily protect the Cookies you want to keep and quickly delete the rest. Cache files, unwanted Cookies, History, Forms History, Recent Links, Recycle Bin and the Windows Temp Folder are the categories you can eliminate. Plugins and secure erase are supported.

See also: firefox, purgeie, cookies, cache, history, track cleaner, footprints, clean, security, protect, secure erase, secure delete

Buy PurgeFox 2.05 (only $24.95)Download PurgeFox 2.05 (Size: 647 KB)

Shareware Tracker

Sophisticated and feature-rich submission software for commercial, demo, freeware and shareware authors and publishers. Supports semi-automated submission to over 400 shareware download sites, software directories and search engines. Numerous submission tools enable the submitter to speed through submissions, increasing link popularity and visitor and download traffic in hours and days instead of weeks and months, tracking progress along the way.

See also: web sites, tracking, track, software, submit, solution, software submission, download, shareware tracker, promotion, submission, shareware, download sites, web

Buy Shareware Tracker (only $89.00)Download Shareware Tracker (Size: 3649 KB)

MP3Producer DE 2.53

MP3Producer DE is a special version for German speaking users with the German interface and Help file. Rips audio CD tracks to WAV,MP3,OGG,WMA files; WAV to MP3,OGG,WMA; OGG,WMA to WAV. MP3Producer supports FreeDB(CDDB), MPEG1, MPEG2, 8-320kbps, constant, variable bitrates, "Extract CD segment" function, ID3v1,2 tags. Has built-in CD player, flexible settings. Handy interface and Help in German make your work with MP3Producer enjoyable and easy.

See also: vbr, cbr, sound, tag, id3, bitrate, album, play, audio cd, editor, edit, extractor, grabber, cdripper, ripping, ripper, rip, conversion, converter, convert, encoder, decode, encode, track, vorbis, freedb, cddb, cdda, wma, ogg, wav, mp3, MP3Producer DE, MPEG

Buy MP3Producer DE 2.53 (only $25.00)Download MP3Producer DE 2.53 (Size: 2233 KB)

MP3Producer FR 2.54

MP3Producer FR is a particular version for French-speaking users (interface and Help file are in French). Converts CD to MP3,WAV,OGG,WMA. Supports ID3v1,2 tagging to save song info in MP3; MPEG1, MPEG2 formats of MP3; 8-320 bitrates, constant and variable; advanced FreeDB(CDDB) function to retrieve the CD info from the Internet. User friendly, stylish interface makes you work with MP3Producer enjoyable and easy.

See also: MPEG, MP3Producer FR, mp3, wav, ogg, cdda, cddb, freedb, vorbis, track, encode, decode, encoder, convert, converter, conversion, rip, ripper, ripping, cdripper, grabber, extractor, edit, editor, audio cd, play, album, bitrate, id3, tag, sound, cbr, vbr, wma

Buy MP3Producer FR 2.54 (only $25.00)Download MP3Producer FR 2.54 (Size: 2168 KB)

Auction Sentry Deluxe 1.5.6

Whether a buyer or a seller, Auction Sentry Deluxe streamlines & automates tracking and bidding on eBay Auctions. It Automates bidding placing your bid as close to the end of the auction as possible ("sniping"). The intuitive interface displays your auctions in a color-coded grid, indicating which auctions you are winning, which you have been out-bid on, and which you have set up a snipe bid for. Also alerts you when an auction receives a bid.

See also: eBay, Auction, Snipe, Track, Bid

Buy Auction Sentry Deluxe 1.5.6 (only $24.95)Download Auction Sentry Deluxe 1.5.6 (Size: 4096 KB)

Right Web Monitor Pro 2.1

Right Web Monitor Pro is a handy tool for detecting changes in web resources (web pages, files etc). It constantly monitors specified resources and notifies you when a change occurs. The program features the ability to check a certain part of a monitored resource, and includes a comprehensive notification system (pop-up windows,sound, e-mail, SMS), built-in RSS reader, and multithreaded data transfer.Can download changed files and check maiboxes.

See also: web, page, monitor, notify, check, track, monitoring, auto, ftp, changes, content, pop3, mail

Buy Right Web Monitor Pro 2.1 (only $75.00)Download Right Web Monitor Pro 2.1 (Size: 3393 KB)

BlueAuditor 1.3.1

BlueAuditor is a easy-to-use program for detecting and monitoring Bluetooth devices in a wireless network. It can discover and track any Bluetooth device and display key information about each device being detected as well as the services device provided. BlueAuditor will enable network administrators to effectively audit their wireless networks against security vulnerabilities associated with the use of Bluetooth devices.

See also: Bluetooth, device, wireless, network, private area network, PAN, services, detecting, monitoring, security, vulnerabilities, discover, track, technology, administrator

Buy BlueAuditor 1.3.1 (only $9.50)Download BlueAuditor 1.3.1 (Size: 1606 KB)

MP3 Files Rename Software 7.0

Change filenames of many MP3 files. Change case to upper, lower, proper (title) or sentence case. Add character(s) to beginning, end or inside of file. Remove and replace character(s). Remove alpha, numeric, alpha-numeric or non-alpha-numeric.

See also: rename mp3, mp3 renamer, renaming mp3s, mp3 rename software, program that renames mp3 files, remove underscores from mp3 filenames, mp3 file renamer, mass renaming mp3s before burning, MP3 utilities, MP3 tools, MP3 organizers, mass rename mp3's, mp3 reorganize, Auto MP3 Renamer, Rename mp3 files from id3 info, Working MP3 Renamer, Mass Mp3 renamer, MP3 rename script, File and MP3 Renamer, freeware MP3 renamer and tagger, Simplest Mp3 Renaming Tool, mp3 filename name, mp3 filename rename, mp3 filename fix, mp3 uppercase lowercase, mp3 proper case, downloaded mp3, naming downloaded mp3 files, MP3 Renaming, Artist - Track - Title, Fix Your MP3 Tags & Names, MP3 Catalog, mp3 organize, mp3 organizer, MP3 Song rename, mp3 audio rename, rename songs, rename files, MP3 rename tool, mp3 rename software, MP3 renaming program, File Naming, MP3 CLEANED UP, Mp3 Cleaning, MP3 Clean Up, MP3 Filename Formatter, Renames MP3 Filenames, renaming directories and folders with mp3s, Correct format for Mp3 Filename, ID3v1, ID3v2, ID3v3, Mass Rename of Files, mp3 file renaming program, mp3 file renamer, FAST mp3 file renamer, renaming mp3 files, Rename mp3 files from id3 info, repairing damaged mp3 file names, mp3 collection, rename mp3 collection, mp3 collections renamer, software to rename many mp3 files, Help with file renaming, Auto-rename mp3 files, editing MP3 files, editing MP3 file names, MP3 File Rename Software, Renaming a batch of mp3 files, Best Software for rename a folder of mp3s, Cannot rename mp3s, Tag and rename mp3, rename mp3 file automatic, rename tagger, CDDB, looking for app to rename my mp3 files, Bulk rename of mp3, rename itunes, winamp, rename tracks, music match, Renaming All Tracks in a folder, mp3 name change, mp3 filename changer, mp3 filename converter, mp3 file corrector, mp3 file fixer, mp3 adjust, MP3 naming conventions, catalog my MP3's, keep mp3s in order, keep mp3s readable, my mp3 filenames are too long, remove bad characters in mp3 filenames, fix kazaa mp3s, duplicate mp3 namer, downloaded mp3 renamer, change mp3 downloads name, mp3 name formatter, mp3 Autorenaming, mp3 autoname, mp3 autorenamer, Modifying mp3 files

Buy MP3 Files Rename Software 7.0 (only $19.99)Download MP3 Files Rename Software 7.0 (Size: 355 KB)

Mailinfo 3.0

Mailinfo helps you make sure your outgoing emails are not blocked as spam, particularly with the flood of spam and virus threats, which have degraded email as a communication tool. Mailinfo gives you real time alerts when your outgoing email is viewed - as it happens. A daily Mailinfo reminder lets you follow up on any of your emails which haven't been confirmed by Mailinfo or emails that appear to be lost.

See also: mailinfo, email, emails, track, tracking, receive, blocked, trial download, spam, alert, notification, daily, reminder, virus, communication, outgoing, confirmed, recipient, viewed, real-time, follow-up

Buy Mailinfo 3.0 (only $49.90)Download Mailinfo 3.0 (Size: 1689 KB)

Portfolio Manager 1.4

Portfolio Manager is a personal stock portfolio management system with the aim of being a complete stock trading diary. With minimal effort and time you can keep track of which stocks you have bought and sold, along with any associated dividends.

See also: portfolio manager, portfolio, manager, management, trade, trading, trading diary, stock, stocks, track stocks, personal, report

Buy Portfolio Manager 1.4 (only $29.95)Download Portfolio Manager 1.4 (Size: 2515 KB)

FileLog 2008 RC0909 2008 RC0909

FileLog tracks all of the changes you make to files and saves them. You can go back to a previous version of a document and restore it at any time. Moreover, FileLog stays in the background and integrated itself into Windows File Explorer for convenience. You will never lose changes of your Microsoft Office documents, images, drawings or other important files.

See also: file, document, data, backup, back up, log, logging, trace, track, tracking, version, revision, repository, explorer

Buy FileLog 2008 RC0909 2008 RC0909 (only $19.95)Download FileLog 2008 RC0909 2008 RC0909 (Size: 2184 KB)

Action Item Tracker 18

Action Item Tracker from Data Summer Inc. automates minute taking in corporate/team/project meetings. Action Item Tracker allows you focus on the essential action items - who is responsible for doing what by when. (It's equally great for family or personal to-do lists.)

See also: Action Item Tracker, Excel, productivity, meeting outcomes, meeting minutes, track action items, by person, by date, by priority, by status, assign responsibilities, track responsibilities, track due date, track priority, meeting minute examples

Buy Action Item Tracker 18 (only $19.45)Download Action Item Tracker 18 (Size: 1144 KB)

My Personal Informer

My Personal Informer is a fully customizable utility for monitoring and notifying you of changes in specified Web resources. Unlike the traditional RSS feeds or e-mail newsletters, this solution will allow you to have complete control over information that you receive. The software can automatically handle the tasks of analyzing specified websites, downloading updated pages and informing you as required.

See also: monitoring, monitor, track, notify, web, page, snapshot, changes, content, automation, auto, automatic, analyze, receive, information, automatically, spy, competitor

Buy My Personal Informer (only $49.95)Download My Personal Informer (Size: 9324 KB)

Support Chat

Most widely used Support chat programs are used in multiple private and government sectors such as school/colleges/university to take complete backup of all messages that are send between two users. Amazing live chat programs are coming in market with latest features that are used by different users to solve their problem without loss in time. Simple live chat utility is easy to understand there is no need to take extra expertise.

See also: Support, chat, Live, software, website, visitor, list, track, online, message, text, email, address, representative, transfer, communication, utility, color, style, online, offline, operator, help, desk, business, Windows, GUI

Buy Support Chat (only $79.00)Download Support Chat (Size: 5683 KB)

Parcels and Luggage Barcodes Generator

Fully professional Parcels and Luggage Barcodes Generator makes stickers for labeling of inventory items, parcels and luggage. Affordable parcels barcode label maker utility generates stylish barcode labels and stickers for tagging parcels and luggage to give quick and error free item distribution service. Specialized distribution industry barcode label maker application prints colorful and scanable barcode designs by using advance printing options.

See also: Track, fast, accurate, error, free, distributes, goods, stickers, barcode, linear, designer, label, packaging, process, delivery, data, entry, maintain, inventory, item, supply, program, application, generator, luggage, industry, distribution

Buy Parcels and Luggage Barcodes Generator (only $38.00)Download Parcels and Luggage Barcodes Generator (Size: 5048 KB)

Warehousing Barcode Download

Powerful and efficient warehousing barcode download software develops reliable and customized industry product specific barcode image tags of user desired rectangular, elliptical, rounded rectangular and other specified shapes and measurements. Cost effective business merchandize barcode tag design software forms eye-catching and easily scan able barcode labels holding complete details of product that can be accessed within few simple clicks.

See also: Print, track, high, resolution, manufacturing, download, warehousing, barcode, software, tool, design, create, customized, reliable, colorful, business, industry, tag, sticker, utility, produce, develop, product, linear, scanable, label, image

Buy Warehousing Barcode Download (only $45.00)Download Warehousing Barcode Download (Size: 5058 KB)

Pen Drive Recovery Software

Well designed Pen Drive Recovery Software is available at which supports restoration of data saved in major file formats like word files, excel files, music files and various other multimedia files.

See also: Download, Pen, drive, file, salvage, software, restore, rescue, recover, undelete, corrupted, lost, multimedia, digital, photograph, image, picture, photo, text, word, document, PDF, doc, mp3, music, song, video, audio, sound, track

Buy Pen Drive Recovery Software (only $45.00)Download Pen Drive Recovery Software (Size: 4055 KB)

Retail Business Barcodes Generator

Retail Business Barcodes Generator software is beneficial for tiny to large scale inventory control and retail businesses to manage products in easy way. Retail barcode software supports all major 2D and linear barcode fonts to design standardized barcode labels. With the help of Retail Business Barcode software user can make own style barcode labels using different designing objects like ellipse, rectangle, images, picture, pencil and text.

See also: Barcode, software, utility, generate, create, design, print, label, asset, tag, price, sticker, coupon, retail, inventory, business, industry, linear, professional, customized, colorful, image, picture, ellipse, rectangle, track

Buy Retail Business Barcodes Generator (only $45.00)Download Retail Business Barcodes Generator (Size: 5068 KB)

Barcode Labels for Inventory Control

Technical powerful bar code software for retail industries generate user own style, shape and size barcode stickers for numerous product integrated with customized data like price, product id, bars, image, descriptive text and many more at most affordable price. Advance and easy to use barcode label maker application easily design versatile bar code labels for complete inventory control of various goods and product for ensuring adequate supply.

See also: Barcode, software, retail, industry, generate, printable, scanable, coupon, create, professional, tag, customized, sticker, image, label, roll, linear, standard, line, pencil, text, designing, object, control, manage, track, inventory

Buy Barcode Labels for Inventory Control (only $45.00)Download Barcode Labels for Inventory Control (Size: 5068 KB)

Link Partners Monitoring Software

Web server uptime analyzer software keeps you aware with all web related troubles including server not found, page not responding, low bandwidth, slow connection, loading error. Link partners monitoring software sends SMS, emails, sound alarms, run software etc when URL not giving appropriate response on web. Website downtime measuring application is specially designed and developed to track multiple websites configure to different remote servers.

See also: Link, partner, monitoring, application, detect, check, downtime, uptime, ping, status, software, track, online, performance, business, website, tool, watch, analyze, URL, accessibility, notify, report, sound, alert, mail, internet, server, protocol

Buy Link Partners Monitoring Software (only $45.00)Download Link Partners Monitoring Software (Size: 4444 KB)

TimeGuard Network

TimeGuard is a semi-automatic time tracking and expense logging software, 1 - 50 users. TimeGuard will ACTIVELY help your business to track time and expenses, taking much of the burden off user's shoulders. TimeGuard provides an accurate view of how time was spent on projects and by whom. It will calculate your project's bills and produce professional reports that you can print or email.

See also: time tracking, track time, time track, time sheet, timesheet, time sheets, timesheets, client billing, billing, time, timer, timing, time billing, finance, tracker, employee time, expense, expenses, task, lawyer, legal, attendance

Buy TimeGuard Network (only $399.00)Download TimeGuard Network (Size: 6194 KB)

TimeGuard Network 2.012

TimeGuard Network is semi-automatic, smart and friendly time tracking package. TimeGuard's innovative capabilities combined with superb ease of use, provides accurate and reliable view of how time is used by the company or by individuals. Some of TimeGuard's capabilities include: Rate rules with hierarchy for projects tasks and employees. Reports and functionality according to user's status. Assign employees to projects and much more.

See also: time sheet, timesheet, time keeping, time tracking, track time, time track, management, project, project management, productivity, client, billing, time, timer, timing, manage project

Buy TimeGuard Network 2.012 (only $399.00)Download TimeGuard Network 2.012 (Size: 6687 KB)

Website Backlink Analyzer

Website backlink monitor tool checks reciprocal link status of advertiser?s site on publisher?s site and evaluates website visibility on internet. Weblink tracker utility watches different types of links on publisher website and if backlink is not found, software sends an e-mail notification to specified e-mail id. Backlink analyzer application makes weblink status report which helps user to know the actual status of websites.

See also: Website, backlink, analyzer, tool, check, direct, broken, reciprocal, inward, link, checker, utility, find, site, status, report, html, text, alert, email, publisher, monitor, software, improve, page, rank, popularity, track, csv, file, position, URL

Buy Website Backlink Analyzer (only $69.00)Download Website Backlink Analyzer (Size: 958 KB)

Staff Scheduler

Affordable Staff Scheduler application is downloaded on clicking website is used to track tour and training details, leave details, payroll details, employee in/ out detail with date and time etc. Software is used to automate manual employee planning process at minimum price.

See also: Business, company, employee, staff, planer, scheduler, program, tool, track, monitors, records, entire, staff, activities, leaves, administrator, information, salary, increment, expense, shift, payroll, in/ out, time, attendance, details

Buy Staff Scheduler (only $49.00)Download Staff Scheduler (Size: 4956 KB)

Business Scheduling Software

GUI interactive Business scheduling software is available on website that is used to maintain entry or exit timing of employees in sophisticated manner. Payroll application tracks staff attendance records in organization without any error.

See also: Business, scheduling, software, maintain, staff, member, entry, exit, timing, leave, application, track, payroll, records, organization, employee, planner, program, manage, attendance, utility, organize, tour, training, company

Buy Business Scheduling Software (only $49.00)Download Business Scheduling Software (Size: 4956 KB)

Pocket PC Investigation Tool

Smart phone investigator examines all useful data from Pocket Computer devices. Pocket Computer forensic software gathers information like SIM IMSI number, mobile IMEI number, operating system registry, database files, phone book information etc. Mobile phone monitoring utility works with all Pocket Computer brands and provides support to windows operating system. PDA surveillance tool facilitates user with systematic help manual and used in scientific, forensic investigation.

See also: Pocket, cell, phone, investigation, tool, extract, windows, mobile, data, PDA, surveillance, utility, display, IMEI, IMSI, SMS, forensic, software, detect, handheld, device, track, information, application, analyze, Vista, Business, Ultimate

Buy Pocket PC Investigation Tool (only $79.00)Download Pocket PC Investigation Tool (Size: 1198 KB)

Reciprocal Links Monitor Software

Backlinks checker software helps to identify the popularity of your website (advertiser site) with respect to other partners (publishers) websites. Tool is capable to analyze several websites backlink status at single click only depending on user requirement. Back link monitoring software helps webmaster to improve the popularity with page rank of website regarding Yahoo, Google likes search engine and save all links information in text file.

See also: Reciprocal, inlink, monitor, software, track, direct, link, inward, SEO, checker, exchange, program, publisher, website, monitor, check, backlink, availability, tool, analysis, URL, email, text, html, windows, advertiser, popularity, status, report

Buy Reciprocal Links Monitor Software (only $69.00)Download Reciprocal Links Monitor Software (Size: 958 KB)

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