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ActiveXPowUpload 1.0

ActiveXPowUpload is easy client-side solution that can be used to perform multiple files uploads from a user machine to the web server. ActiveXPowUpload is a ActiveX supported by only Internet Explorer but don't needs anything on user side and supports any standard file processing script on server side. ActiveXPowUpload is the most popular upload folder download.

See also: activex file upload, multiple files upload, file upload activex control, activex multiple file upload, http file upload activex, client file uploader, client file upload, client side file upload, upload folder, upload folders, upload a folder

Buy ActiveXPowUpload 1.0 (only $199.00)Download ActiveXPowUpload 1.0 (Size: 419 KB)

Remote File Transfer Tool

Web file transfer software is secure FTP client software to transfer files over Internet. Network data copy tool is featured with uni-directional and bi-directional synchronization capabilities to run multiple tasks simultaneously as NT. Remote File Transfer Tool is the second most popular upload folder download.

See also: Remote, file, transfer, tool, copy, web, files, download, ftp, copying, software, upload, download, documents, filter, browse, directory, schedule, synchronize, folder, manage, logon, credentials, execute, events, action, send, email, play, sound

Buy Remote File Transfer Tool (only $39.95)Download Remote File Transfer Tool (Size: 6318 KB)

Aurigma Image Uploader Flash 7.2.9

Do your website users need to upload files to your website? Aurigma Image Uploader Flash is the right solution. Build this Flash uploader into a page of your website, and users will be able to send multiple files at a single click, resize photos before upload, and more. Created with Flash technology, it can run on almost every computer without a hassle. Compatible with PHP, ASP.NET and other server platforms. Aurigma Image Uploader Flash is the third most popular upload folder download.

See also: flash uploader, flash upload, file upload, upload, uploader, php upload, image upload, photo upload, web upload, asp net upload, multiple upload, ajax upload, image uploader, php upload script, php image upload, multiple file upload, upload folder, php uploader

Buy Aurigma Image Uploader Flash 7.2.9 (only $499.00)Download Aurigma Image Uploader Flash 7.2.9 (Size: 11492 KB)

Java file uploader applet 1.2

JavaPowUpload is cross platform client-side applet that can be used in a most browsers to perform multiple files uploads from a user machine to the server and files downloads from server to user machine over HTTP or FTP. It supports images upload with preview. Works at all popular browsers and operating system and supports any standard file processing script on server side (PHP, ASP.NET, etc).

See also: Web, Java, upload, download, file, folder, multiple, multi, download, uploader, image, applet, control, component, Java uploader, java upload applet, java upload, upload java, java upload file, java file upload, java image upload, file upload applet

Buy Java file uploader applet 1.2 (only $99.00)Download Java file uploader applet 1.2 (Size: 6312 KB)

ReplaceMagic VisioOnly Professional 1.6.0

Have you ever been in situation that you need to change text, header, footer, comments, OLE object links, hyperlinks or even more in thousands of files and you had to open each file manually to make changes? With ReplaceMagic you can scan folders for files and by entering search and replace strings let application to do all changes automatically for you. Our prices start from 25 EUR...

See also: word, excel, powerpoint, visio, project, search and replace, microsoft office documents, search and replace on network, fix broken links, fix header, fix footer, header, footer, broken link, data migration, file migration, folder reoganization

Buy ReplaceMagic VisioOnly Professional 1.6.0 (only $62.00)Download ReplaceMagic VisioOnly Professional 1.6.0 (Size: 1872 KB)

GrandBackup Personal 1.2

Automatically copy essential documents and other important files and folders to a reserve location on the same drive, another drive, or across the network. You set up Tasks that describe the source, destination, and the backup schedule. GrandBackup Personal monitors the source files for changes or additions and then automatically copies the new or changed files to their designated destinations.

See also: onlimemedia, grandbackup, backup, data, synchronize, ZIP, file, folder, copy, move, save, filter, schedule

Buy GrandBackup Personal 1.2 (only $29.95)Download GrandBackup Personal 1.2 (Size: 3725 KB)

Pen Drive Undelete

Pen drive data recovery software recover accidentally formatted word, excel, power point, access office documents and application programs. Restoration tool restore deleted jpg, jpeg, gif, riff, tiff images, pictures, photographs mp3 music files audio video clips from flash drive even disk is virus affected or pen drive is crashed. GUI (Graphical User Interface) based utility has read only permission so it does not affect other files in the disk.

See also: software, restore, pen drive, utility, recovery, thumb, image, flash drive, memory stick, deleted, formatted, media, mp3, photo, picture, restore, document, retrieval, lost, undelete, data, rescue, tool, recover, audio, video, file, folder, jpeg, jpg

Buy Pen Drive Undelete (only $45.00)Download Pen Drive Undelete (Size: 556 KB)

Data Doctor Recovery Removable Drive

Removable drive data rescue tool provides support to recover erased data from storage media like flash drive, memory card, micro drive, music player, pocket Computer and other external drives. Removable device data salvage software restores all data files deleted due to formatting, virus infection, software malfunction and other logical error. USB media data backup application is capable to support all latest media drive manufacturers.

See also: Removable, storage, media, data, recovery, software, retrieve, deleted, file, damaged, folder, digital, images, text, USB, multimedia, memory, card, recover, formatted, music, audio, lost, video, corrupted, picture, smart, drive, micro, mini,

Buy Data Doctor Recovery Removable Drive (only $45.00)Download Data Doctor Recovery Removable Drive (Size: 652 KB)

Apple iPod Repair

iPod file retrieval tool recovers lost digital picture, mp3, mp4 songs, bmp, jpg, gif files from all Apple iPod model. iPod data recovery software retrieves formatted files from virus infected iPod music player. Advanced iPod data restoration utility restores files lost due to software hardware malfunction or improper usage. iPod music recovery software salvage inaccessible files and folders even your computer displays an error message.

See also: Apple, iPod, data, recovery, software, restore, deleted, mp3, mp4, music, file, tool, recover, lost, picture, images, photographs, utility, retrieve, erased, audio, video, clip, song, mini, shuffle, nano, rescue, folder, formatted, player, memory

Buy Apple iPod Repair (only $69.00)Download Apple iPod Repair (Size: 1546 KB)

Loveholic File and Folder Hider 1.0

Have you ever wished that you can keep prying eyes away from your private files? With this File and Folder Hider, you can easily defend private data on your computer that you don't want anyone to see. You can lock and hide any files and folder on your system by just a few simple clicks, and the locked files will no longer be accesssible by anyone but YOU. Lab Loveholic's file and folder hider is used to defend any files and folders.

See also: file hider, file locker, folder hider, folder locker, hider, free hider, free file hider, free folder hider, free, free download, file, folder, locker, file protect, file security, lab loveholic, loveholic, lab, shareware, loveholic file hider, loveholic folder hider,

Buy Loveholic File and Folder Hider 1.0 (only $7.95)Download Loveholic File and Folder Hider 1.0 (Size: 1048 KB)

Cobra File Defrag 2.1

Cobra File Defrag is a useful tool that performs file as well as disk based defragmentation. Most defragmentation tools work on an entire disk or individual drives. Cobra File Defrag is different as it lets you, using an Explorer style screen, to see defragmentation of every file and folder on each of your disks. Each fragmented file or folder can be individually defragmented, as well as an entire disk. Also includes command line option.

See also: file defrag, file, folder, defrag, frag, fragmentation, defragmentation, disk, space, tool, application, utility, cobra, tiny

Buy Cobra File Defrag 2.1 (only $12.00)Download Cobra File Defrag 2.1 (Size: 174 KB)

Windows XP File Recovery

Windows hard disk data restoration software rescues deleted MS office document including word, excel, power point from damaged FAT and NTFS partition. Windows XP file recovery software restores all lost audio, video, song, picture, image, photos from inaccessible hard disk partition volume. Windows data salvage tool recovers significant files folders missing due to hardware malfunction, power fault, virus attack, improper system shutdown etc.

See also: Windows, file, recovery, software, recover, lost, boot, sector, system, FAT, NTFS, data, rescue, utility, restore, damaged, folder, erased, hard, disk, partition, tool, salvage, deleted, MBR, program, retrieve, formatted, directory, missing, DBR

Buy Windows XP File Recovery (only $69.00)Download Windows XP File Recovery (Size: 703 KB)

Restore Deleted File

Most technically strong professional restore file recovery application is coming in market with advance features that easily scans all hard disk and saved pictures folders at user defined safe location in system. Extraordinary permanent deleted file restoration application helps user to retrieve mass text files at few clicks on mouse. Restore deleted file software recovery of lost pictures, audio, birthday video etc in efficient way.

See also: Restore, deleted, recovery, software, file, folder, picture, restore, backup, erased, utility, hardware, boot, sector, recycle, bin, data, missing, permanently, damaged, audio, video, lost, card, drive, disk, device, corrupted, USB, Windows

Buy Restore Deleted File (only $79.99)Download Restore Deleted File (Size: 2211 KB)

Manage Folder Now 1.6

Manage Folder Now lets you to hide folder or fast jump your folders.You can keep your personal data away from others. Others will not know where your personal files exist.Launch of it is password protected. Manage Folder Now helps you quickly jump to your frequently used folders in the Windows Explorer, in standard Open/Save as/Browse dialogs,the desktop and the Start Button.It can runs automatically as part of your context menu in them.

See also: hide folder, lock folder, folder guard, jump folder, folder navigator, access folder, favorite folder, browse folder, hide folders, change folder, explore folder, open folder, folder shortcut, shell tool, shell enhance, fast access

Buy Manage Folder Now 1.6 (only $19.95)Download Manage Folder Now 1.6 (Size: 866 KB)

Pen Drive Recovery Software

Highly interactive data restoration tool quickly retrieves lost or deleted data from commonly used different USB removable media devices. Award winning Pen Drive Recovery Software is comprehensive solution to search missing file and recover without any data loss at user specified location. Easy to use file retrieval application supports restoration of lost precious file and folder from micro drive, pen drive, video game, PDA, mp3 player etc.

See also: Removable, media, data, drive, recovery, software, application, rescue, recover, restore, missing, misplaced, erase, document, file, folder, digital, picture, image, music, video, human, power, failure, formatted, crash, corrupted, storage, device

Buy Pen Drive Recovery Software (only $45.00)Download Pen Drive Recovery Software (Size: 1464 KB)

Lark File Encryption 6.1.8

Lark File Encryption is a powerful file encryption tools, five encryption algorithms ( AES, MD5, DES,SHA,ECC), Encryption speed is fast, No file format and size limits,easy to use.Once your data has been protected. There is no way of restoring the data without the correct password.

See also: easy and advanced encryption, easy email encryption, file encryption, encryption file, file and folder encryption, file compression, encryption file, encryption utilities, file encryption software

Buy Lark File Encryption 6.1.8 (only $14.95)Download Lark File Encryption 6.1.8 (Size: 802 KB)

Recover USB Drive

Advance digital media data recovery tool provides preview facility of entire deleted files before real restore process. Recover USB application easily works with all brands such as Transcend, King max, SanDisk, Sony, Lenovo and many more brands products. USB Drive Data Recovery Software is perfect solution to regenerate missing valuable report document and memorable photograph form external mass storage media in very minimal time period.

See also: Disk, regain, media, USB, product, Multi Media, Memory Drive, recovery, software, reestablish, erased, External, hard disk, utility, application, storage, restoring, zipped, damage, remake, recaptures, folder, corrupted, delete, regenerate, misplace

Buy Recover USB Drive (only $45.00)Download Recover USB Drive (Size: 1464 KB)

Mobile Phone Data Restore Mac

Resourceful Mobile Phone Data Restore Mac software is downloading from that supports user for retrieving all corrupted data into original form. Simple and reliable lost data retrieval application regains all data and saves into different file format like Jpg, Jpeg, Doc, Midi and many others.

See also: Mac, damaged, file, folder, audio, video, clip, photograph, mobile, phone, cell, data, restore, software, deleted, erased, missing, misplaced, corrupted, crashed, search, scan, save, view, program, tool, text, device, wallpaper, rescue,

Buy Mobile Phone Data Restore Mac (only $45.00)Download Mobile Phone Data Restore Mac (Size: 2826 KB)

Free Camera Flash Drive Recovery is used for providing retrieve software to restore delete images folder from compact digital camera. Free Camera Flash Drive Recovery software is used to revive corrupt photograph from point camera.

See also: Retrieve, program, restore, delete, corrupt, damaged, video, images, picture, folder, novelty, professional, compact, regain, software, utility, recover, delete, lost, crashed, photograph, snapshots, point, camera

Buy Free Camera Flash Drive Recovery (only $45.00)Download Free Camera Flash Drive Recovery (Size: 4444 KB)

Windows Pen Drive Recovery Software

Website offer USB drive file retrieval application enables user to regain all missing files in data loss condition like when transferring files from pen drives to other drives, virus attack and accidentally deleted data from pen drives. Proficient Windows Pen Drive Recovery Software enables user to revive entire lost or formatted project details, text documents files from all kinds of USB storage drives like pen drive, key drive and more.

See also: Pen, drive, recovery, utility, application, software, USB, tool, program, flash, digital, handy, restore, regain, file, folder, program, data, computer, lost, retrieve, revive, thumb, key, disk, corrupted, windows, formatted, deleted, storage, device

Buy Windows Pen Drive Recovery Software (only $45.00)Download Windows Pen Drive Recovery Software (Size: 4024 KB)

Removable Media Data Rescue Tool

Removable media file backup utility ensures complete data recovery from accidentally formatted or logically crashed USB drives, memory cards, iPods etc. Smart media files recovery software supports restoration of all formats of photos, images, music, audio, video files lost due to virus affect, accidental deletion or formatted media. Removable media data recovery software deeply scans storage media drives and restores all lost or deleted files

See also: Removable, media, data, restore, tool, recover, lost, deleted, folder, utility, undelete, retrieve, damaged, file, crashed, formatted, pen, zip, thumb drive, flash, MMC, card, memory stick, erased, jpg, jpeg, gif, files, recovery, software

Buy Removable Media Data Rescue Tool (only $45.00)Download Removable Media Data Rescue Tool (Size: 652 KB)

Handy Backup Network Server 7.3.3

Handy Backup Network Server is an enterprise-level software for backing up data of multiple networked computers. It features centralized data management, quick backup of files, folders, disk images, MySQL, MS SQL Server, MS Exchange Server, Oracle, DB2, Lotus Notes, and other data. Supports incremental and differential backup, compresion, encryption. Allows storing data to USB, DVD, FTP, SFTP, FTPS, Amazon S3 and WebDAV-compatible cloud services.

See also: network, backup, remote, server, database, exchange, centralized, easy, automatic, file, external, FTP, cloud, storage, folder, sync, Windows, Linux

Buy Handy Backup Network Server 7.3.3 (only $599.00)Download Handy Backup Network Server 7.3.3 (Size: 22348 KB)

Windows Drive Recovery Software

Website offer Windows Drive Recovery Software enables user for retrieving whole deleted data, files and folders from NTFS and NTFS5 drives partition files system. Proficient Windows Drive Recovery tool allows user to revive whole missing or damaged files from corrupted NTFS file system. Website provides Data restoration software enables user to get back missing data from all major hard drives including SCSI, ATA, EIDE, IDE and many more.

See also: NTFS, drive, recovery, software, program, windows, data, file, restore, retrieve, hard, disk, USB, formatted, deleted, lost, data, digital, folder, FAT, windows, flash, memory, revive, regain, computer, application, missing, compressed, encrypted

Buy Windows Drive Recovery Software (only $69.00)Download Windows Drive Recovery Software (Size: 1536 KB)

Undelete USB Drive offer file restoring application that useful for recover picture, photo and images that format from system hard disk due to virus attack. Undelete USB Drive software is used to retrieve user detail that lost from computer system hard disk or Key chain drives due to format.

See also: Utility, undelete, usb, drive, application, restore, removed, lost, text, document, audio, video, songs, folder, memory, cards, download, file, recovery, program, retrieve, rescue, missing, erased, music, folder, data, digital, media, device

Buy Undelete USB Drive (only $79.99)Download Undelete USB Drive (Size: 4259 KB)

Recovering Files on Mac

Resourceful recovering deleted files on Mac software is fully able to retrieve all corrupted data from different type of drive such as pen drive, thumb drive, flash drive, smart drive, handy drive, jump drive, external drive, key chain drive, micro drive and many others. Amazing deleted data retrieval Macintosh software is coming in market with latest features that provides recovery of data in original form with high resolution.

See also: Data, recovery, file, software, storage, media, delete, Mac, picture, digital, lost, erased, corrupted, folder, audio, video, clip, permanent, scan, images, formatted, thumb drive, device, restore, regain, missing, misplaced, USB, GUI,

Buy Recovering Files on Mac (only $45.00)Download Recovering Files on Mac (Size: 2713 KB)

AFP2PDF Transform Server 1.02

Transform AFP documents to PDF files with enterprise class software in high volume environment. The software enables Computer users to convert AFP to PDF files by uploading or dropping AFP files into a hot folder and obtaining the conversion result in Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) in an output folder. Since it's a server based product, you can share the input hot folder and the output folder as a network shared folder for your client users.

See also: afp2pdf, pdf, afp, afpds, ipds, as400, convert, transform, server, hotfolder, hot folder, conversion, converter, afp to pdf

Buy AFP2PDF Transform Server 1.02 (only $500.00)Download AFP2PDF Transform Server 1.02 (Size: 1754 KB)

Public Duplicate Eraser 1.0

Public Duplicate Eraser is a powerful addin for Microsoft Outlook, Exchange and Public ShareFolder that remove duplicate mail, contact, calendar and task items. This addin for Outlook is compatible with all versions of Outlook and Exchange. You can save all settings, so for the next search for duplicate items, you do not need to configure the settings again. Public Duplicate Eraser search also across different folders for dupes.

See also: duplicate-folder, duplicate-folders, Outlook-dupes, Outlook-dupe, Outlook-duplicates, Outlook-duplicate, email, mail, dates, contacts, delete duplicate, Outlook, Outlook duplicated, Outlook server, dupes, dupe, duplicate, duplicates, Windows 2008, 2007, Outlook 2010

Buy Public Duplicate Eraser 1.0 (only $47.00)Download Public Duplicate Eraser 1.0 (Size: 2687 KB)

Free Fat File Recovery

Free Fat File Recovery software presented by lets user to regain corrupted data from hard disk partition based on FAT file system that lost due to some tech error. Image revival utility having an option of searching to search the drive and recover deleted document easily.

See also: IDE, ATA, SATA, drive, disk, hard, audio, lost, damaged, corrupted, image, picture, photograph, unformatted, formatted, revive, program, document, text, folder, deleted, regain, tool, software, application, recovery, file, Fat

Buy Free Fat File Recovery (only $69.00)Download Free Fat File Recovery (Size: 2560 KB)

Windows Restoration Software

Windows data recovery software recover formatted zip, bmp, rar, mpg, jpg, jpeg, and office files. Software recover deleted word, excel, access documents. Utility retrieves permanent erased recycle bin information and support windows 98 2000 NT ME XP. Windows data recovery software retrieves formatted FAT32 FAT16 hard disk drive corrupted or overwritten files folders. Rescue utility restore deleted pictures, images, audio, video, photographs, snaps.

See also: partition, hard disk, formatted, recover, corrupt, drive, data, rescue, restore, file, folder, recovery, windows, FAT, NTFS, utility, deleted, erased, tool, system, root, lost, damage, software, crashed, fetch, retrieve, windows, overwrite, document

Buy Windows Restoration Software (only $69.00)Download Windows Restoration Software (Size: 680 KB)


You can download Data Recovery Program at to regains deleted files and folders from different types of storage device including memory cards, USB removable disk, pen drives, hard disk drive and other digital media storage device in all major data loss situation.

See also: clips, video, deleted, retrieve, removable, USB, program, computer, card, memory, photos, sheet, spread, excel, presentation, point, power, official, missing, rescue, disk, hard, laptop, folder, file, lost, regain, Software, Recovery, Data

Buy Datarecovery (only $79.99)Download Datarecovery (Size: 4249 KB)

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