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ActiveXPowUpload 1.0

ActiveXPowUpload is easy client-side solution that can be used to perform multiple files uploads from a user machine to the web server. ActiveXPowUpload is a ActiveX supported by only Internet Explorer but don't needs anything on user side and supports any standard file processing script on server side. ActiveXPowUpload is the most popular upload folders download.

See also: activex file upload, multiple files upload, file upload activex control, activex multiple file upload, http file upload activex, client file uploader, client file upload, client side file upload, upload folder, upload folders, upload a folder

Buy ActiveXPowUpload 1.0 (only $199.00)Download ActiveXPowUpload 1.0 (Size: 419 KB)

FileHopper Mobile 3.8

FileHopper Mobile for Android lets you to access files saved in FileHopper anywhere, upload photos and files, and backup and restore contacts, call history and SMS messages. Your files are always secure and work seamlessly with FileHopper desktop client to share files across your devices. FileHopper Mobile is the second most popular upload folders download.

See also: Cloud storage, photos, files, upload, upload photos, upload files, backup, restore, backup and restore, backup contacts, restore contacts, contact, SMS messages, backup SMS messages, call history, file sharing, folders

Buy FileHopper Mobile 3.8 (only $19.95)Download FileHopper Mobile 3.8 (Size: 872 KB)

SynchronEX File Synchronizer, Backup/FTP

Realizes robust multi-directional file tree synchronization and backup over local & network paths in any situation: From laptop synchronization to scheduled backup tasks to incremental FTP/FTPS/DAV website upload. Supports true synchronization of (re)moved files and directories, provides collision detection, advanced wildcard filters, ZIP compression and Python script automation. More than 15 GUI wizards. Duplicate file finder included. SynchronEX File Synchronizer, Backup/FTP is the third most popular upload folders download.

See also: synchronizer, file, backup, ftp, ftps, dav, webdav, upload, directory, free, synchronization, synchronisation, directories, copy, collision, detection, tree, incremental, duplicate, files, mirroring, tool, software, utility

Buy SynchronEX File Synchronizer, Backup/FTP (only $19.95)Download SynchronEX File Synchronizer, Backup/FTP (Size: 1660 KB)

Print It 1.04

Print It allows you to print, copy, or save custom directory listings of multiple folders from any drive. Include and exclude filters can be applied to both the files and folders to produce a custom listing. Sub folders can be filtered before adding them to the list, or you can simply remove any unwanted folders from the list before hand. Printing a directory listing doesn't have to be hard. Download Print It now and start using it today!

See also: print-it, print it, printit, export, save, print, files, folders

Buy Print It 1.04 (only $29.95)Download Print It 1.04 (Size: 194 KB)

QSyncFTP 1.3

Publish your web site to any FTP server. QSyncFTP checks the local file system for changes (new & changed files, new directories) and uploads all changed files automatically to one or more FTP servers. The integrated FTP client allows easy manual upload, it displays both, the ftp directory and the local directory in one window, if the directory is changed in one pane and it switches automatically to the corresponding directory at the other side.

See also: FTP sync, FTP synchronization, FTP Synchronisation, FTP Upload, Real-Time FTP, FTP-Server, Webseite aktualisieren, Web actualization, Webmaster

Buy QSyncFTP 1.3 (only $48.53)Download QSyncFTP 1.3 (Size: 774 KB)

ScrapBook 1.11b

ScrapBook is a note-taking application for Palm OS featuring nested folders, versatile search capabilities, and encryption. ScrapBook can exchange notes with the standard Memo Pad application. You can assign a list of keywords to a note, and perform a fast keyword search for one or more keywords (or title words), then browse the note(s) which matched the search. The message texts of the notes can also be searched. Categories are supported too.

See also: Palm, memo, pad, memopad, note, taking, editor, nested, folders, keyword, string, text, search, encryption

Buy ScrapBook 1.11b (only $15.00)Download ScrapBook 1.11b (Size: 167 KB)

Secrets Protector Pro 2006 3.1

A three-in-one privacy protector built for those who like their personal stuff handled carefully. This product gives you the features of a folder locker, a secure eraser and a privacy manager. The Hide Secret File?s proud successor, enforced with strong encryption, secure file deletion technique and a smart built-in trace remover will help you to protect your secret data and online privacy better than ever.

See also: hide, private file, lock folder, hide folders, lock files, file, security, protect, folder, guard, secret, invisible, safe, erase, secure, private, privacy, unhide, eraser, wipe, delete, evidence, protect, lock, sensitive, disk

Buy Secrets Protector Pro 2006 3.1 (only $24.95)Download Secrets Protector Pro 2006 3.1 (Size: 1232 KB)

FCPro 1.1.8

FCPro is a command-line binary file comparison tool. By adding many techniques and features not provided by similar tools, FCPro provides you with a faster and more efficient way to compare the contents of two files, two sets of files, or files in two directory trees byte by byte, and display the differences and detailed relevant information between them.

See also: file comparison, file comparing, compare folders, compare files, verify files

Buy FCPro 1.1.8 (only $16.95)Download FCPro 1.1.8 (Size: 327 KB)

HTTP Commander .NET 6.0

HTTP Commander Web Based File Manager for Windows servers running IIS. It can be used to create Online File Sharing Solutions. It has many standard features like Create, Cut, Copy, Delete, Paste, Rename, Edit, View, Files search and advanced technical features: Directory Tree, Drag-n-Drop, Disk Quota, Context and Drop Down Menu, SSL (HTTPS) support. Upload/Download and Multiple Files Upload and Download over FTP or Macromedia Flash.

See also: online file manager, upload file, http upload file, flash upload file, file upload manager, file upload component, web based file manager, web file manager, web based file sharing, file manager, web based file server, online file sharing

Buy HTTP Commander .NET 6.0 (only $199.00)Download HTTP Commander .NET 6.0 (Size: 2999 KB)

USB Storage Recovery

Removable pen drive formatted data recovery software recovers files folders repairs corrupted important documents. Retrieve audio video files like MPEG 3gp mp3 mp4 MPG MOV AVI fetch JPEG JPG PNG pictures TIFF RIFF photos BMP images. Tool helps restoration of compact flash digital camera smart card sD xD cell phones mobile phones multimedia memory card support recovery of memory key drive information on Windows 98 2000 2003 NT XP media center 2005

See also: rescue, Removable, media, data, restore, deleted, corrupted, pictures, photos, recovery, software, recover, undelete, pen drive, USB, folders, retrieve, secure, digital, disk, thumb, compact, flash, audio, video, missing, damaged, lost, files

Buy USB Storage Recovery (only $69.00)Download USB Storage Recovery (Size: 5560 KB)

iPod Files Undelete Tool

iPod erased data retrieval software restore corrupted audio video mp3 files folders retrieve accidentally deleted digital pictures missing images recover previously saved jpeg, jpg, bmp, wav, mpeg, mp4, m4a, m4b music file rescue virus infected iTunes information extract inaccessible music player formatted photo. Utility support all apple iPod like mini, nano, shuffle operate on windows 98, 2000 server professional, NT, ME, XP operating system.

See also: iPod, software, apple, recovery, files, folders, retrieve, rescue, pictures, image, snap, extract, recover, undelete, audio, video, corrupted, formatted, lost, nano, shuffle, restore, utility, tool, music, media, clips, Jpeg, bmp, gif, wav, mpeg, mp3

Buy iPod Files Undelete Tool (only $69.00)Download iPod Files Undelete Tool (Size: 538 KB)

Removable Disk Restoration Utility

Corrupted compact flash files folders restoration utility restore erased secure digital card images rescue corrupted xD-picture card data recovery tool repair accidentally damaged multimedia memory card audio video songs retrieval software retrieve formatted smart media lost word, excel, power point, access documents undelete jpeg, jpg, mp3, txt, doc, xls, bmp, avi, mpeg file support external storage media on windows operating system (above 98).

See also: removable, recovery, USB, multimedia, pictures, files, folders, pen drive, software, flash card, lost, digital, recover, documents, memory, media, restore, utility, restoration, external, smart media, compact, data, images, retrieve, erased

Buy Removable Disk Restoration Utility (only $45.00)Download Removable Disk Restoration Utility (Size: 605 KB)

HideFlash 1.2

HideFlash is a security software to protect files and folders on USB flash drive from viewing them without your permission. Your files and folders are hidden and remain invisible on any computer to which you connect your USB flash drive. It is useful for anyone who wants to protect their private data.

See also: hide, folders, files, folder, file, usb, flash, filesystem, hidden, remove, lock, password

Buy HideFlash 1.2 (only $19.95)Download HideFlash 1.2 (Size: 102 KB)

PowerFolder 3.1

PowerFolder is a software to synchronize, share, backup and access files. PowerFolder connects computers and lets to exchange all kind of data, which you want to sync or share between multiple computers. It can keep your office and home computer in sync or backup significant data to another computer. It automatically detects new or changed files and keeps all your computers in sync.

See also: powerfolder, synchronization, synchronize folders, synchronize directories, synchronize archives, synchronize files, share folders, share directories, share archives, share files, sync files, sync folders, sync file, sync, backup, peer-to-peer

Buy PowerFolder 3.1 (only $54.00)Download PowerFolder 3.1 (Size: 21009 KB)

Tonino Professional 2.5

The Tonino File Encoder Professional is the Professional version of the Tonino File Encoder. Next to a vastly better and higher encryption it also lets you to attach these encrypted and pass worded files to other files, while maintaining the file looking integer. (except for the files size) In example you can attach an encrypted Tonino Archive to a jpeg or mp3 and still play or view the image without knowing there are other encrypted files there

See also: encryption, hide, messages, notes, privacy, archiving, archiver, hash, decryption, smart, files, jpg, avi, mp3, png, bmp, gif, upload

Buy Tonino Professional 2.5 (only $29.00)Download Tonino Professional 2.5 (Size: 3738 KB)

Twin Folders 4.3

Twin Folders is a file and folder synchronization utility. If you are working on two different computers, then you need to keep your work files up-to-date at both of them. Twin Folders will keep your files synchronized. It also able to backup/restore your files, access FTP folders and work on timer and/or folder content change event.

See also: twin folders, file, folder, directory, synchronization, sync, replication, synchronize files, synchronize, Windows, network, utility, free download, desktop, FTP, software, shareware, tool, backup, backup software, FTP sync, automated sync

Buy Twin Folders 4.3 (only $24.95)Download Twin Folders 4.3 (Size: 1913 KB)

USBsyncer 4.0.0

USBsyncer is a job based utility for file handling, backup, copying, moving, deleting, compressing, synchronizing, file and folder surveillance and many more. The job can be executed in one click and USB drive inserted. The USBsyncer also provide comprehensive executed schedule options, all jobs can be executed in intervals, daily, weekly, monthly, year, etc.

See also: USB sync, sync file, move file, backup file, sync folders, incremental backup, USB backup, software software

Buy USBsyncer 4.0.0 (only $28.00)Download USBsyncer 4.0.0 (Size: 9457 KB)

Folder Protect 1.9.1

Folder Protect is a new concept in Data Security. It allows you password defend and set different access rights to your files, folders, drives, installed programs and popular extensions. Folder Protect goes beyond normal file locking and encryption by letting you decide whether to make files inaccessible, hidden, delete proof or write proof. Folder Protect is Windows 7 / Vista / 2003 / XP / 2000 compatible.

See also: Folder Protect, password protect folders, protect password, folder protection, protect folders, hide folder

Buy Folder Protect 1.9.1 (only $39.95)Download Folder Protect 1.9.1 (Size: 3641 KB)

StuffIt Deluxe for Mac 2011

Simplify your workflow with our fast drag-and-drop tool! Pack and send your files any way and anywhere you want them to go without worrying about the details. Whether it's MobileMe, FTP, email, or local drives, make as many custom tiles in StuffIt Destinations as you want. SmartSend takes the guesswork out of sending large files via email. Say goodbye to e-mail bouncebacks.

See also: Compress, upload, email, attachment, zip, stuff, share, archive, encrypt, transfer, ftp, cloud, compressor

Buy StuffIt Deluxe for Mac 2011 (only $49.99)Download StuffIt Deluxe for Mac 2011 (Size: 70078 KB)

Partition Recovery

Partition Recovery software lets user to easily retrieve their lost files and folders which are lost due to tech faults, improper handling of devices or human error from corrupted or crashed storage media. Data restore software enable user to easily undelete significant documents like pdf, doc, ppt, xls, txt from corrupted flash drives or memory sticks with facility to scan storage media in depth by running various disks scanning methods.

See also: Partition, recovery, software, undelete, folders, restore, lost, files, missing, data, deleted, documents, crashed, hard, disks, corrupted, storage, device, formatted, flash, drive, USB, media, restore, snaps, videos, digital, camera, memory, sticks

Buy Partition Recovery (only $99.00)Download Partition Recovery (Size: 1925 KB)

Blaze Audio ePodcast Creator 2.0

Record, edit, upload audio podcasts; make iTunes tags, make complete RSS feeds. Sound files are available from on-screen buttons. Fade in and out of prerecorded sound files while recording your voiceover. Prerecord your own sound files from external (mics, mixers) and internal (streaming audio, CDs) sources, or import wma, mp3 and wav files. The built-in ftp client uploads the finished podcast to a destination URL on the Internet.

See also: podcast, podcasting software, record audio, edit audio, podcast creator, upload podcast, create podcast, record podcast, podcast production, rss feed, ftp client

Buy Blaze Audio ePodcast Creator 2.0 (only $89.95)Download Blaze Audio ePodcast Creator 2.0 (Size: 3747 KB)

Windows Data Recovery

Windows Data Recovery software uses inbuilt disk scanning technique to recover misplaced folders. Visit website and install reliable file undelete tool that is highly capable to regain unintentionally erased essential documents from damaged memory card.

See also: Windows, data, recovery, salvage, missing, files, folders, computer, retrieve, image, picture, storage, media, memory, card, USB, device, restore, GUI, regain, photographs, audios, videos, picture, documents

Buy Windows Data Recovery (only $79.99)Download Windows Data Recovery (Size: 2457 KB)

Flash Drive Recovery Software

Flash Drive Recovery Software provides attractive GUI interface for regaining deleted images and other valuable information from USB storage device. Visit website for downloading file retrieval utility that easily recoups audio songs from pen drive.

See also: Image, restoration, utility, recover, formatted, office, documents, deleted, files, folders, corrupted, jump, drive, data, reviving, application, recoup, missing, photographs, lost, audios, USB, storage, device

Buy Flash Drive Recovery Software (only $45.00)Download Flash Drive Recovery Software (Size: 2314 KB)

Data Recovery Demo Software

Want to access deleted digital pictures from your PDA?s visit our company website address for installing Data Recovery Demo Software which is fully compatible with USB drive, flash drives, pen drives and various hard disk. Program recovers data in various file formats like jpeg, jpeg an many more in short period of time.

See also: Photo, recovery, program, rescue, deleted, digital, picture, lost, stills, missing, images, restore, hard, disks, corrupted, formatted, USB, utility, recoup, snaps, files, regains, damaged, folders, computer, application, revive, videos, memory, card

Buy Data Recovery Demo Software (only $79.99)Download Data Recovery Demo Software (Size: 2457 KB) Right Click Configurator 5.00 Right Click Configurator lets Windows users to edit the context menu they see when they use the right mouse button in Windows Explorer. From a very easy-to-use interface they get all these connections to Windows features and external programs. De-activating such an entry is just one click, activating it again is only one click as well. Customized entries that can be started with any command line can also be added by the user.

See also: right, click, configuration, configure, edit, add, remove, activate, de-activate, windows, explorer, menu, popup, context, files, folders, drives, select, paint, notepad, customized, entry, entries, access, fast, quick, easy, use, interface, tune, tuning, new, feature, function

Buy Right Click Configurator 5.00 (only $14.99)Download Right Click Configurator 5.00 (Size: 391 KB)

Memory Stick Data Recovery

Get visit and access Memory Stick Data Recovery software from site that is able to retrieve your crucial data from badly corrupted memory card. Download card restore application restores your all types of deleted data from picture card.

See also: Download, card, restore, application, retrieve, deleted, audio, video, clip, music, mp3, mp4, songs, misplaced, file, folders, formatted, data, crashed, digital, photos, pictures, images, snaps, damaged, memory, stick

Buy Memory Stick Data Recovery (only $49.00)Download Memory Stick Data Recovery (Size: 2529 KB)

Windows Data Restoration Software

Windows partition data recovery utility recover erased files and data deleted due to human error, hardware failure, improper system shut down or virus infection. Windows files retrieval software restores misplaced information about MBR, DBR and root directory from different type of hard drives. FAT partition data restoration utility retrieves undetected pictures, images, music songs files and lost office documents from FAT, NTFS partition based HDD.

See also: Windows, partition, restore, tool, rescue, corrupted, NTFS, FAT, file, system, lost, MBR, MFT, root, directory, software, retrieve, data, formatted, hard, drive, backup, table, recovery, utility, recover, deleted, files, folders, erased, boot, sector

Buy Windows Data Restoration Software (only $69.00)Download Windows Data Restoration Software (Size: 677 KB)

Restore Deleted Files USB Drive website provides simple to learn Restore Deleted Files USB Drive application to restores your misplaced text document, music file in less time periods. Data rescue tool is best method to get back picture, photograph without loss of original format.

See also: File, USB, Drive, program, recoup, formatted, images, picture, pen, drive, media, software, regains, rescue, erased, deleted, folders, video, clipping, doc, folders, photograph, application, recover, revive, salvage, document, data, memory, card

Buy Restore Deleted Files USB Drive (only $79.99)Download Restore Deleted Files USB Drive (Size: 4239 KB)

DDR Pen Drive Data Recovery

Now it?s possible to retrieve entire missing or deleted documents including text file, images, picture, memorable photos, audio/video songs and other precious information from logically corrupted HD or usb flash drives using non destructive Pen Drive Data Recovery Software which is available at website.

See also: Pen, drive, data, recovery, software, application, program, regain, restore, retrieve, lost, deleted, erased, files, folders, documents, music, audio, songs, video, clips, images, photographs, snapshots, formatted, corrupted, crashed, hard, disk

Buy DDR Pen Drive Data Recovery (only $79.99)Download DDR Pen Drive Data Recovery (Size: 4157 KB)

Memory Card Recovery Program

Visit URL for download highly configured Memory Card Recovery that work effectively for retrieving and restoring lost, erased data from corrupted memory cards in easiest way without any expert guidance. USB drive retrieval software support all removable memory card storage media devices like compact flash memory card, secure digital SD, Multimedia Card, memory stick and other commonly used memory card storage media.

See also: Memory, Card, Recovery, Software, recover, deleted, missing, corrupted, lost, formatted, data, folders, file, documents, photographs, image, documents, audio, video, songs, utility, system, operating, drive, retrieve, program, USB, micro,

Buy Memory Card Recovery Program (only $45.00)Download Memory Card Recovery Program (Size: 4249 KB)

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