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Security Monitor Pro 5.14

Professional Video Surveillance Software With Support For Multiple IP and USB Cameras. Security Monitor Pro is the perfect solution for complex security problems. It can monitor and record from multiple cameras simultaneously, make continuous video recordings, and view multiple cameras in a single window. Each camera can be configured individually. When motion is detected, it can send e-mail and/or record audio / video. Security Monitor Pro is the most popular webcam monitoring download.

See also: WebCam, WebCam software, video surveillance, surveillance, video security, security, monitoring, intrusion, multiple cameras, camera, ip camera, alarm

Buy Security Monitor Pro 5.14 (only $89.95)Download Security Monitor Pro 5.14 (Size: 22751 KB)

WapWebCam 1.03

WapWebCam 1.03 - Provides access to your pc WebCam via mobile phone(wap) also via html. Supports two methods of access to your webcam: using your external IP or by uploading to your FTP account. To view WebCam picture on your mobile phone, just type the link in your phone WAP browser. WapWebCam is the second most popular webcam monitoring download.

See also: wap, webcam, video, capture, tuner, remoute control, monitoring, peeper

Buy WapWebCam 1.03 (only $19.95)Download WapWebCam 1.03 (Size: 5757 KB)

Webcam Zone Trigger 1.6

Zone Trigger is an innovative, intelligent motion detection software that gives you full control over the area being monitored. Because of its user-friendly, object-oriented interface, Zone Trigger is hands-down the easiest motion detection software to use. Webcam Zone Trigger is the third most popular webcam monitoring download.

See also: Webcam, motion, detection, alarm, security, monitoring, house automation, movement, hot spot, capture, spycam

Buy Webcam Zone Trigger 1.6 (only $24.95)Download Webcam Zone Trigger 1.6 (Size: 2778 KB)

Webcam Surveyor 1.5.6

Webcam Surveyor is a utility that allows you to easy control your web cams. You worry for your home or office? Webcam Survayer will help to track safety and will inform you if something happen. Webcam Survayer?s motion detection feature to alert you immediately when activity is detected. Webcam Survayer support E-mail and FTP alerts or you can simply capture sequence of images with an interval of time of a second to 59 hours.

See also: webcam surveyor, webcam, software, soft, web cam, camera, motion detection, capture, surveyor, security cam, surveillance system, video surveillance, monitoring, AVI capture

Buy Webcam Surveyor 1.5.6 (only $29.95)Download Webcam Surveyor 1.5.6 (Size: 1625 KB)


Remotely monitor your webcam, your desktop, or your microphone with this powerful all-in-one surveillance tool. Features include motion detection , sound detection, and secure website publication with access to live video, and all detected activity.

See also: video, screen, webcam, desktop, computer, cam, svideo, website, image, audio, monitor, security, surveillance, monitoring, remote, motion, detection, intrusion, home, office, children, child

Buy 1AVMonitor (only $59.95)Download 1AVMonitor (Size: 4357 KB)

Zebra-Media Surveillance System 1.3

Video surveillance and motion capture software. Supports unlimited number of cameras. Some key features are: unlimited cameras (including IP and USB cameras), motion detection, adjustable sensitivity for each zone, record on detection, record on schedule, password protection, SMS and MMS and Email alerts.

See also: nanny cams, baby monitoring, office surveillance, pet monitoring, motion detector, detection of movements, webcam software, camera software, video surveillance, video recorder, remote webcam, webcam monitoring, remote surveillance, webcam security, capture web cam

Buy Zebra-Media Surveillance System 1.3 (only $49.95)Download Zebra-Media Surveillance System 1.3 (Size: 14644 KB)

CamShot Monitoring Software 3.1.4

CamShot monitoring software is a simple and easy-to-use monitoring software. It can capture the WebCam image and deliver it via Internet. CamShot has two monitoring modes Schedule Mode and Motion Detect Mode. The screen capture can be sent out via e-mail notification, ftp upload, file saving, post to built-in server. You can set to play an audio file to act as warning system.

See also: cam, video, shot, snapshot, web cam, monitoring, security, guard, webcam, monitor, safe, safety

Buy CamShot Monitoring Software 3.1.4 (only $24.95)Download CamShot Monitoring Software 3.1.4 (Size: 37664 KB)

Home Security Center 2.0

Effective office and home monitoring solution. Computer + Web Viewer. The Home Security Center software is an invisible and easy-to-use Computer and home activity monitoring utility that stores a live audio/video from desktop, webcams and microphones in hidden mode. The video archive can later be viewed with the built-in video viewer and Web viewer remotely.

See also: employee monitoring, pc activity monitoring, desktop monitoring, webcam monitoring, microphone monitoring, user activity monitoring

Buy Home Security Center 2.0 (only $39.00)Download Home Security Center 2.0 (Size: 24154 KB)

Photo Surveillance Cam 2.0

Photo Surveillance Software to guard your office, home or shop. Photo Surveillance Cam 2.0 is easy to install and configure. You can use an inexpensive webcam that's connected to your USB port, or a camera connected to your TV-capture card and make a photo archive on disk. Turn your Computer into a simple to use photo surveillance system. Photo Surveillance Cam 2.0 will send you a e-mail with a picture if it detects movement in front of the camera.

See also: webcam, photo, video, security, surveillance, photo, motion detection, videocamera, camera, guard, protection, snapshot, monitoring, video capture, digital camera

Buy Photo Surveillance Cam 2.0 (only $24.95)Download Photo Surveillance Cam 2.0 (Size: 1668 KB)

UnionCam Manager 1.0

UnionCam Manager is a ip camera software which can support 64 cameras at the same time. It can keep an eye on your home from anywhere, turning your Computer into a video surveillance system. This webcam software can broadcast live camera video on internet with standard flash stream or windows media stream. It can also support video motion detect and audio detect for Email alerts and recording, standard MP4, ASF, FLV, AVI record files.

See also: H264, WebCam, WebCam software, video surveillance, surveillance, video security, security, monitoring, multiple cameras, camera, ip camera, alarm, email, record video, video recording, DVR, NVR, IP video, alerts, video buffering, broadcast

Buy UnionCam Manager 1.0 (only $25.00)Download UnionCam Manager 1.0 (Size: 3137 KB)

Webcam Surveyor 1.9.2

Monitor your home or your office with Webcam Surveyor. Webcam Surveyor detects motion it can grab a picture and send it to you in an Email or upload on your FTP site if you're away from your computer. Also you can capture video/audio with use of modern codec's like MPEG4 or DivX.

See also: webcam surveyor, webcam, software, soft, web cam, camera, motion detection, capture, surveyor, security cam, surveillance system, video surveillance, monitoring, AVI capture

Buy Webcam Surveyor 1.9.2 (only $29.95)Download Webcam Surveyor 1.9.2 (Size: 2901 KB)

SPX Instant Screen Capture 5.0

Capture any shape, from any source, to any destination in real time. Email screenshots with a program or with SMTP, as attachments or embedded HTML. Capture freehand shapes, rectangles, entire windows, objects. Send captures to clipboard, file, e-mail, web, ICQ, graphic editor, studio, printe/fax. Add watermarks, text stamps, edge effect. Other: Zoom, Scroll, Timer.

See also: screen capture, screen, capture, capture screen, print screen, screen print, webcam, cam, timer, record, capturing, screenshot, training, marketing, image, graphic, email image, email, zoom, scroll

Buy SPX Instant Screen Capture 5.0 (only $25.00)Download SPX Instant Screen Capture 5.0 (Size: 3125 KB)

WebWatchBot Website Monitoring Software 5.0.2

WebWatchBot 5.0 makes it easy to implement website and web-based application monitoring for response time, downtime and error conditions. View performance from the end user perspective and identify the impact of individual infrastructure components on response time. WebWatchBot uses an agent-less protocol, which means that nothing is installed on the server or network component being monitored. Powerful historical reports and real-time charts

See also: web, site, monitor, monitoring, server, availability, eb site monitoring, web server monitoring, web site availability monitoring, web site monitoring software, web site monitoring tool, external web site monitoring, web site performance monitoring, web site monitoring service, secure web site monitoring, web site monitoring services, web site monitoring alert, web site traffic monitoring, web site traffic monitoring software, web site traffic tracking and monitoring, remote web site monitoring, remote web site monitoring service, wireless web site monitoring software, web site event log monitoring

Buy WebWatchBot Website Monitoring Software 5.0.2 (only $495.95)Download WebWatchBot Website Monitoring Software 5.0.2 (Size: 34866 KB)

Net Control 2 6.0

Remote control, administration and monitoring software for classroom, office and home local networks. Control computers remotely, manage files, send messages and monitor user computers. Easily allows to control several computers simultaneously.

See also: remote control, classroom network, remote control, classroom control, remote administration, remote monitoring, classroom monitoring, shutdown, reboot, remote desktop, broadcast desktop, wake-up, wol, wakeup, lock

Buy Net Control 2 6.0 (only $99.00)Download Net Control 2 6.0 (Size: 1712 KB)

Capture WebCam 2.031

Capture WebCam is a simple video capture software application which can be used to capture video from any capture device such as a TV tuner card or web cam.

See also: capture webcam, video capture software, video capture, streaming video capture, video capture device, webcam video capture, capture video, capture video software

Buy Capture WebCam 2.031 (only $9.95)Download Capture WebCam 2.031 (Size: 1497 KB)

HSLAB Sys Monitor Pro 1.3.32

HSLAB Sys Monitor is a real-time monitoring and statistics tool that allows you to keep an eye on a specific system performance value. You can choose from CPU, memory, network connections, network traffic, disk space, connected users and more. You can only monitor one of these values at a time, but easily switch between them as needed. The small display can be placed anywhere on your screen and takes up very little desktop space.

See also: system monitor, system monitoring, memory monitor, real time system monitoring, traffic monitoring, server connections, system performance, visual statistics

Buy HSLAB Sys Monitor Pro 1.3.32 (only $24.92)Download HSLAB Sys Monitor Pro 1.3.32 (Size: 2080 KB)

DBA Easy Control for Oracle 2.7

DBA Easy Control is a unique database management suite for Oracle DBA. It's a must-have for any serious expert seeking to have full control of his/her database infrastructure. The solution constantly aggregates and keeps track of all the information that administrators use on a daily basis. DBA Easy Control puts you in command of your databases and makes your job easier. Make sure you add this to your software arsenal!

See also: Oracle, DBA, SQL, database, automation, monitoring, maintenance, privileges, tablespaces, notifications, control, tool, support, suite, administration, administrator

Buy DBA Easy Control for Oracle 2.7 (only $45.00)Download DBA Easy Control for Oracle 2.7 (Size: 1369 KB)

StaffCop 2.71

StaffCop lets you to efficiently monitor your employees' activities during their work time: monitor in actual time (acquire screenshots, list of currently running applications and open web sites). The software allows generating miscellaneous reports on employees' activities for any particular time span. Based on these reports you can optimize work schedule for a single specialist, department or the entire company.

See also: staffcop, activity, monitoring, employees

Buy StaffCop 2.71 (only $30.00)Download StaffCop 2.71 (Size: 4204 KB)


Video2webcam enables you to show videos as virtual webcam during video chat whether you own a actual webcam or not. You could either share your home-made video clips easily with your friends while chatting on line or make fun of them by pretending to be somebody else. With it, you can play a variety of videos on messengers and switch between actual & virtual webcams freely. It supports all kinds of media file formats and works on all webcam programs.

See also: fake webcam, video to webcam, MSN show video, webcam show video, video chat, MSN, messenger, ICQ, AIM, Camfrog, Skype, Paltalk

Buy Video2Webcam (only $19.95)Download Video2Webcam (Size: 2596 KB)

System PulseMeter 1.0

System PulseMeter is a comprehensive scalable system and network monitoring software. With this utility you will be able to constantly monitor your network infrastructure, assuring every service and application work properly. Easy to install software agents allow to control any number of hosts in the network. Monitor network traffic, running processes, threads, services and applications, check missing windows updates, monitor folders size etc.

See also: network, monitoring, service, disk, device, test, notification, traffic, process, windows, update

Buy System PulseMeter 1.0 (only $99.95)Download System PulseMeter 1.0 (Size: 10992 KB)

Internet Monitoring Software 11.02.01

Employee Desktop Live Viewer is rich utility and has been devised primarily to keep an eye on every employee. The utility is very handy in situations where you require monitoring employees whose strength varies in large number. In fact, with this software you can not only monitor, but even record every Computer activity of users connected in a network. Besides this, it has got a very interactive GUI that makes it more user-friendly.

See also: internet monitoring software, employee computer monitoring, employee monitoring, monitor employees, employee internet monitoring, employee activity monitoring, monitor employee internet activities, monitor employees at work

Buy Internet Monitoring Software 11.02.01 (only $29.00)Download Internet Monitoring Software 11.02.01 (Size: 6256 KB)

Webcam Surveillance Standard 2.2

Webcam Surveillance Standard is innovative video surveillance software. Users can effortlessly monitor home, office, cradle, parking area, storehouse, UFO or any other premises 24-hours a day. Timestamped image recording let users capture details of events precisely when they happen. Simply connect a USB or FireWire Camera to your computer, run this program, and then you will have an inexpensive and effective video surveillance system.

See also: Webcam surveillance, video surveillance, motion detector, security surveillance camera, home surveillance, surveillance software, security motion detection, webcam software

Buy Webcam Surveillance Standard 2.2 (only $22.00)Download Webcam Surveillance Standard 2.2 (Size: 2036 KB)

AnyFileBackup 3.5.3

With AnyFileBackup, users can easily and securely backup and synchronize files. The software offers the ultimate actual time backup solution for IT departments, providing many features for enhanced security and optimal performance. The software can also be used remotely from a web browser. It also provides detailed reports of tasks carried out as well as alerts which can be sent over a LAN or via email.

See also: real time backup, monitor, monitoring, robocopy, server, LAN, network, synchronize, backup, replicate, replication, synchronize

Buy AnyFileBackup 3.5.3 (only $300.00)Download AnyFileBackup 3.5.3 (Size: 5006 KB)

IPHost Network Monitor 3.1.6276

IPHost Network Monitor is a distributed network and server monitoring software for tracking of performance and availability of mail, db & other servers, web/intranet sites/applications, network equipment via SNMP (UNIX/Linux/Mac) and WMI (Windows), HTTP(S), Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, ODBC, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, PING & more. Custom scripts or programs as monitors, including Nagios plugins. SNMP MIB browser. Admin tools. Regular reports by email.

See also: network monitoring, server monitoring, monitoring software, monitoring tool, distributed monitoring, SNMP, WMI, mail server, internet host, database server, network resources monitoring, PING, HTTP, HTTPS, Oracle, MySQL, ODBC, FTP

Buy IPHost Network Monitor 3.1.6276 (only $199.00)Download IPHost Network Monitor 3.1.6276 (Size: 38130 KB)

Axence nVision

Axence nVision gives you everything you need to manage your network in an efficient and effective manner. The application consists of 5 modules (centrally managed): proactive network monitoring and visualization; hardware and software inventory (license audit); intelligent user monitoring (blocking websites); data leak protection (port blocking), help desk (remote access, trouble ticket database, chat) - all with a wide range of alerts & reports.

See also: network mapping, snmp windows, snmp, snmp monitor, snmp manager, blocking www, monitor network, network management, management software, rmon, net scanner, inventory, user monitoring, helpdesk, data security, remote access, port access control, license management

Buy Axence nVision (only $986.00)Download Axence nVision (Size: 202348 KB)

Event Log Explorer 4.0.2

Event log analysis of Windows event logs is a highly significant task for any system administrator. Event Log Explorer is an effective utility to view, explore, backup and monitor events in Security, System, Application and other Windows logs. The software extends the standard Windows Event Log Viewer functionality and brings a lot of new features. Download it now - this software is FREE for personal use!

See also: windows event log, viewer, viewing, backup, print, export, analyzer, view, monitor, monitoring, log, event, events, application, security, system

Buy Event Log Explorer 4.0.2 (only $99.00)Download Event Log Explorer 4.0.2 (Size: 4412 KB)

Remote Desktop Monitoring 13.02.01

It doesn?t matter whether you are a network administrator or home user, just make a proper use of Employee Desktop Live Viewer application and review the live activities of the employees, children and spouse in the most effective manner. In fact, this computer monitoring software application provides you with an effective method to track and at the same time control the targeted computers from remote location.

See also: remote desktop monitoring, computer desktop monitoring, employee desktop monitoring, desktop monitoring software, employee computer monitoring, desktop monitoring, computer monitoring software

Buy Remote Desktop Monitoring 13.02.01 (only $29.00)Download Remote Desktop Monitoring 13.02.01 (Size: 10956 KB)

Website Monitor

Website downtime analyzer helps to keep you up to date about the status of your websites. Website availability checker provides support to all the major internet servers including HTTP, SMTP, POP3, HTTPS and FTP protocols. Website performance utility manages actual status of your websites. Website monitor instantly notify you when your website goes down, connection failed, host not found, low connectivity; via e-mail, alarm or runs specific program

See also: Website, monitoring, tool, check, uptime, downtime, website, HTTP, FTP, protocol, page, availability, tracking, software, detect, internet, services, ping, connection, network, error, status, web, server, utility, maintain, alert, program, download

Buy Website Monitor (only $69.00)Download Website Monitor (Size: 1331 KB)

Advanced Disk Space Monitor 4.0

Advanced Disk Space Monitor is a remote monitoring software. The software will allow administrators to monitor disk space usage on a remote server or workstation via e-mail alerts and reports. It can monitor each disk independently, with separate threshold value for each disk. Also it is possible to use local warnings, sound notifications and tasks. Advanced Disk Space Monitor can be installed as a service and supports SSL/TLS for SMTP.

See also: server, disk, drive, free, space, monitor, monitoring, email, reports, alerts, threshold, usage, tool, checker

Buy Advanced Disk Space Monitor 4.0 (only $29.95)Download Advanced Disk Space Monitor 4.0 (Size: 3591 KB)

Bills Accounting Software

For installing Bills Accounting Software visit website address that helps in maintaining the entire inventory and invoicing details of your business organizations with an additional barcode support. Business record maintaining tool manages voucher entry records, profit-loss reports, customer records etc in a simple and effective manner.

See also: Financial reports Management Program, manages billing reports, Advance Stock management application, maintains inventory details, Financial Accounting utility, PC Inventory Monitoring Software, generates balance sheets, maintains stock reports

Buy Bills Accounting Software (only $69.00)Download Bills Accounting Software (Size: 6184 KB)

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