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Security Monitor Pro 5.14

Professional Video Surveillance Software With Support For Multiple IP and USB Cameras. Security Monitor Pro is the perfect solution for complex security problems. It can monitor and record from multiple cameras simultaneously, make continuous video recordings, and view multiple cameras in a single window. Each camera can be configured individually. When motion is detected, it can send e-mail and/or record audio / video. Security Monitor Pro is the most popular webcam monitoring download.

See also: WebCam, WebCam software, video surveillance, surveillance, video security, security, monitoring, intrusion, multiple cameras, camera, ip camera, alarm

Buy Security Monitor Pro 5.14 (only $89.95)Download Security Monitor Pro 5.14 (Size: 22751 KB)

WapWebCam 1.03

WapWebCam 1.03 - Provides access to your pc WebCam via mobile phone(wap) also via html. Supports two methods of access to your webcam: using your external IP or by uploading to your FTP account. To view WebCam picture on your mobile phone, just type the link in your phone WAP browser. WapWebCam is the second most popular webcam monitoring download.

See also: wap, webcam, video, capture, tuner, remoute control, monitoring, peeper

Buy WapWebCam 1.03 (only $19.95)Download WapWebCam 1.03 (Size: 5757 KB)

Webcam Zone Trigger 1.6

Zone Trigger is an innovative, intelligent motion detection software that gives you full control over the area being monitored. Because of its user-friendly, object-oriented interface, Zone Trigger is hands-down the easiest motion detection software to use. Webcam Zone Trigger is the third most popular webcam monitoring download.

See also: Webcam, motion, detection, alarm, security, monitoring, house automation, movement, hot spot, capture, spycam

Buy Webcam Zone Trigger 1.6 (only $24.95)Download Webcam Zone Trigger 1.6 (Size: 2778 KB)

Webcam Surveyor 1.5.6

Webcam Surveyor is a utility that allows you to easy control your web cams. You worry for your home or office? Webcam Survayer will help to track safety and will inform you if something happen. Webcam Survayer?s motion detection feature to alert you immediately when activity is detected. Webcam Survayer support E-mail and FTP alerts or you can simply capture sequence of images with an interval of time of a second to 59 hours.

See also: webcam surveyor, webcam, software, soft, web cam, camera, motion detection, capture, surveyor, security cam, surveillance system, video surveillance, monitoring, AVI capture

Buy Webcam Surveyor 1.5.6 (only $29.95)Download Webcam Surveyor 1.5.6 (Size: 1625 KB)


Remotely monitor your webcam, your desktop, or your microphone with this powerful all-in-one surveillance tool. Features include motion detection , sound detection, and secure website publication with access to live video, and all detected activity.

See also: video, screen, webcam, desktop, computer, cam, svideo, website, image, audio, monitor, security, surveillance, monitoring, remote, motion, detection, intrusion, home, office, children, child

Buy 1AVMonitor (only $59.95)Download 1AVMonitor (Size: 4357 KB)

Zebra-Media Surveillance System 1.3

Video surveillance and motion capture software. Supports unlimited number of cameras. Some key features are: unlimited cameras (including IP and USB cameras), motion detection, adjustable sensitivity for each zone, record on detection, record on schedule, password protection, SMS and MMS and Email alerts.

See also: nanny cams, baby monitoring, office surveillance, pet monitoring, motion detector, detection of movements, webcam software, camera software, video surveillance, video recorder, remote webcam, webcam monitoring, remote surveillance, webcam security, capture web cam

Buy Zebra-Media Surveillance System 1.3 (only $49.95)Download Zebra-Media Surveillance System 1.3 (Size: 14644 KB)

CamShot Monitoring Software 3.1.4

CamShot monitoring software is a simple and easy-to-use monitoring software. It can capture the WebCam image and deliver it via Internet. CamShot has two monitoring modes Schedule Mode and Motion Detect Mode. The screen capture can be sent out via e-mail notification, ftp upload, file saving, post to built-in server. You can set to play an audio file to act as warning system.

See also: cam, video, shot, snapshot, web cam, monitoring, security, guard, webcam, monitor, safe, safety

Buy CamShot Monitoring Software 3.1.4 (only $24.95)Download CamShot Monitoring Software 3.1.4 (Size: 37664 KB)

Home Security Center 2.0

Effective office and home monitoring solution. Computer + Web Viewer. The Home Security Center software is an invisible and easy-to-use Computer and home activity monitoring utility that stores a live audio/video from desktop, webcams and microphones in hidden mode. The video archive can later be viewed with the built-in video viewer and Web viewer remotely.

See also: employee monitoring, pc activity monitoring, desktop monitoring, webcam monitoring, microphone monitoring, user activity monitoring

Buy Home Security Center 2.0 (only $39.00)Download Home Security Center 2.0 (Size: 24154 KB)

Photo Surveillance Cam 2.0

Photo Surveillance Software to guard your office, home or shop. Photo Surveillance Cam 2.0 is easy to install and configure. You can use an inexpensive webcam that's connected to your USB port, or a camera connected to your TV-capture card and make a photo archive on disk. Turn your Computer into a simple to use photo surveillance system. Photo Surveillance Cam 2.0 will send you a e-mail with a picture if it detects movement in front of the camera.

See also: webcam, photo, video, security, surveillance, photo, motion detection, videocamera, camera, guard, protection, snapshot, monitoring, video capture, digital camera

Buy Photo Surveillance Cam 2.0 (only $24.95)Download Photo Surveillance Cam 2.0 (Size: 1668 KB)

UnionCam Manager 1.0

UnionCam Manager is a ip camera software which can support 64 cameras at the same time. It can keep an eye on your home from anywhere, turning your Computer into a video surveillance system. This webcam software can broadcast live camera video on internet with standard flash stream or windows media stream. It can also support video motion detect and audio detect for Email alerts and recording, standard MP4, ASF, FLV, AVI record files.

See also: H264, WebCam, WebCam software, video surveillance, surveillance, video security, security, monitoring, multiple cameras, camera, ip camera, alarm, email, record video, video recording, DVR, NVR, IP video, alerts, video buffering, broadcast

Buy UnionCam Manager 1.0 (only $25.00)Download UnionCam Manager 1.0 (Size: 3137 KB)

Webcam Surveyor 1.9.2

Monitor your home or your office with Webcam Surveyor. Webcam Surveyor detects motion it can grab a picture and send it to you in an Email or upload on your FTP site if you're away from your computer. Also you can capture video/audio with use of modern codec's like MPEG4 or DivX.

See also: webcam surveyor, webcam, software, soft, web cam, camera, motion detection, capture, surveyor, security cam, surveillance system, video surveillance, monitoring, AVI capture

Buy Webcam Surveyor 1.9.2 (only $29.95)Download Webcam Surveyor 1.9.2 (Size: 2901 KB)

Network LookOut Administrator 1.9.4

The Network LookOut Administrator allows you to see live screens of remote computers. This way, you can always watch what users are doing on the remote computer. Additionally, you have the ability to take control of a remote computer by controlling the mouse and keyboard; this is especially useful when you need to assist the person who uses the remote computer. If you are an administrator, you can easily administer remote computers.

See also: internet monitoring software, e-learning, elearning, software, remote, education, network, monitor, remote, netmon

Buy Network LookOut Administrator 1.9.4 (only $39.00)Download Network LookOut Administrator 1.9.4 (Size: 3290 KB)

Cam Wizard 6.06

The best CCTV software, turns any Windows XP PC and webcam into a full motion detection, CCTV camera & VCR system. Cam Wizard detects motion and starts recording video and audio into a WMV movie. The movie can be sent to any email address or uploaded via FTP to a remote server. Cam Wizard is also capable of streaming live JPG stills over HTTP so you can use it as a webcam server. Cam Wizard also alerts you to motion using a siren or any MP3 file.

See also: webcam, security, cctv, FTP, web cam, motion detection, camera, VCR, surveillance, surveilance, HTTP

Buy Cam Wizard 6.06 (only $29.95)Download Cam Wizard 6.06 (Size: 1078 KB)

INetControl 1.4

The program allows to control an internet connection (Dial up, GPRS, VPN, XDSL,...). With its help you can call up call dialog, break connection, control, how much time you've spent in the network, incoming and outgoing traffic.It has a flexible system of tariff adjustment.

See also: INetControl, internet, monitoring, statistic, traffic, dial up, vpn, gprs, counter, control

Buy INetControl 1.4 (only $18.95)Download INetControl 1.4 (Size: 996 KB)

XR SNMP Tools 3.0

XR SNMP Tools monitors network traffic and bandwidth usage as well as many others network parameters like error and collision rates, memory and CPU usages. It provides valuable info for system administrators to optimize the efficiency, layout and setup of WAN and LAN links, routers, servers and other SNMP enabled network components. An OPC server is available in other license options and it provides open connectivity to the industrial world.

See also: XRatel, SNMP, OPC, Network Monitoring, RPM

Buy XR SNMP Tools 3.0 (only $390.00)Download XR SNMP Tools 3.0 (Size: 9669 KB)

WebClipio 1.1

WebClipio is a multiuser web clipping system. WebClipio monitors web sites and notifies users about web pages which match their queries. Create a list of queries, create a list of web sites and receive notifications about web pages found according to your queries by e-mail. WebClipio helps you to save your time and increase the productivity of your work.

See also: multiuser, clipping, monitor, monitoring, notify, notification, query, news, e-mail

Buy WebClipio 1.1 (only $445.00)Download WebClipio 1.1 (Size: 27977 KB)

CamShot 2.2.0

CamShot monitoring software is a simple and easy-to-use surveillance software. It can capture the WebCam images and deliver the capture via Internet, you can receive the screen capture image at any time and any where. CamShot has two monitoring modes Schedule Mode and Motion Detect Mode. CamShot allows to plug with four web cams, you can always get the latest picture.

See also: security, monitoring, web cam, snapshot, shot, video, cam

Buy CamShot 2.2.0 (only $12.55)Download CamShot 2.2.0 (Size: 16570 KB)

BlueAuditor 1.3.1

BlueAuditor is a easy-to-use program for detecting and monitoring Bluetooth devices in a wireless network. It can discover and track any Bluetooth device and display key information about each device being detected as well as the services device provided. BlueAuditor will enable network administrators to effectively audit their wireless networks against security vulnerabilities associated with the use of Bluetooth devices.

See also: Bluetooth, device, wireless, network, private area network, PAN, services, detecting, monitoring, security, vulnerabilities, discover, track, technology, administrator

Buy BlueAuditor 1.3.1 (only $9.50)Download BlueAuditor 1.3.1 (Size: 1606 KB)

IP Watcher 1.3

IP Watcher monitors your public and local IP address. If your IP address changes it will send an email, to the address you specify, with the new IP address. This email also includes the computer name and time the change occurred. This is useful for computers that have dynamically assigned IP addresses, but need to be accessed remotely. Works great for Windows XP Remote Desktop, PC Anywhere, etc...

See also: IP Watcher, Public IP Address, Remote, Dynamic IP Address Monitoring, Change, Update, Email, Local IP, Computer Name, Software

Buy IP Watcher 1.3 (only $9.95)Download IP Watcher 1.3 (Size: 3968 KB)

VisitorVille 3.1.5

Watch your web site traffic like it's a videogame. VisitorVille is the first visual web site statistics, traffic tracking, visitor analytics, and live help program. VisitorVille represents your web site as a city, complete with dynamically-resizing skyscrapers, buses, taxis, helicopters, limousines, and animated people. See your visitors interact with your site in real time. Affordable for any web site.

See also: website monitoring, website analytics, traffic analysis, website management, visitor tracking, log analysis, web tool

Buy VisitorVille 3.1.5 (only $14.99)Download VisitorVille 3.1.5 (Size: 34350 KB)

Watch N Catch Surveillance Software 1

Watch N Catch, provides a full range of network video solutions for a broad spectrum of industry segment and home. We provide industry's best solutions for all your security requirements.Experience the world's most advanced and reliable security system on affordable price. Solutions by Category Home Security Office Security Parking Security Retail Security Banking Security Industrial Security

See also: IP Camera, Security System, Security, DVR, Home Security, Surveillance, Video Surveillance, Video Surveillance System, Video Management Software, Surveillance System, Surveillance Camera, camera Security, video security, monitoring, remote surveillance, remote security, Cell Phone Surveillance, Corporate Security

Buy Watch N Catch  Surveillance Software 1 (only $29.00)Download Watch N Catch  Surveillance Software 1 (Size: 3256 KB)

PC Monitoring Software 4.83

PC Monitoring Software is the only all-in-one solution that records and controls all employee computer activity and prevents loss of critical and confidential data from leaving the organization. Our computer surveillance software can quickly detect and give you the evidence you need to prove that your employees are abusing business work time. It can operate in total stealth - defeating the popular spyware detection tools.

See also: pc monitoring software, pc monitoring, remote pc monitoring software, home pc monitoring software, family pc monitoring software

Buy PC Monitoring Software 4.83 (only $199.95)Download PC Monitoring Software 4.83 (Size: 4619 KB)

HSLAB HTTP Monitor 1.14.829.2010

HSLAB HTTP Monitor is a complete solution for apache tuning, monitoring, view performance data for Apache HTTP servers Web in actual time. The information is collects remotely, the server and the HTTP Monitor can works from different places without any restrictions. This software connects to the server and receives information from it about connections (sessions) by the actual moment.

See also: apache tuning, server load, monitor, performance, monitor, statistics, optimization, free whois, server monitoring, virtual server, analysis, web hosting, bandwidth

Buy HSLAB HTTP Monitor 1.14.829.2010 (only $69.95)Download HSLAB HTTP Monitor 1.14.829.2010 (Size: 3189 KB)

Google Backlink Checker

Weblink monitor utility is powerful and helpful software to user who wants to promote the page rank of their websites. Backlink checker utility monitors link status of website to check if website link still points to publisher?s website and sends an alert notification if link is not available. Backlink checker tool manages several SEO operations by checking backlinks which are linked to publishers site and it informs you that where links are placed.

See also: Backlink, monitoring, tool, check, website, backlink, status, alert, sending, e-mail, software, manage, watch, generate, report, file, internet, search, detail, system, analyzer, link exchange, weblink, reciprocal link, seo, page rank, scan, utility

Buy Google Backlink Checker (only $69.00)Download Google Backlink Checker (Size: 958 KB)

Flow Collector 1.7.0

SoftPI Flow Collector collects information about network flows from network equipment and stores it in database for future analysis. NetFlow v5, v9, rFlow and IPFIX protocols are supported. Built-in reporting engine and flexile database configuration are supported.

See also: NetFlow, IPFIX, Collector, Traffic monitoring

Buy Flow Collector 1.7.0 (only $109.00)Download Flow Collector 1.7.0 (Size: 5098 KB)

Employee Computer Monitoring 12.01.01

The Employee Desktop Live Viewer helps in monitoring multiple computers from a centralized location. It records and saves all the ongoing desktop activities as AVI files. Further, it also provides the facility to install agent on selected computers remotely.

See also: employee computer monitoring, desktop monitoring, computer monitoring software, computer monitoring, computer desktop monitoring, employee desktop monitoring

Buy Employee Computer Monitoring 12.01.01 (only $29.00)Download Employee Computer Monitoring 12.01.01 (Size: 7864 KB)

Website Activity Monitoring Software

Website activity monitoring software continuously checks performance of any website and provides an innovative feature to make multiple profiles at a time. Website status analyzer application sends an error notification to user when any website is inaccessible. Website performance checker software detects website?s actual time availability and simultaneously checks status of multiple websites such as uptime, downtime, ping status.

See also: Website, activity, monitoring, software, tracking, utility, track, POP3, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, checker, application, alert, sound, notification, web, protocol, monitor, site, status, ping, network, availability, check, performance, uptime, downtime

Buy Website Activity Monitoring Software (only $69.00)Download Website Activity Monitoring Software (Size: 1280 KB)

WorkTime Corporate 5.20

Track computers usage in your office invisibly to the employees. Identify employees, spending too much time browsing the Internet. Track working from home and laptop employees. Track work under Microsoft Terminal Services and Citrix Server. Analyze employees work using comprehensive reports. Analyze software usage and minimize software related expenses. Create custom reports (for ex. 5 top employees using facebook). Run scheduled reports.

See also: employee monitoring, computer monitoring, pc monitoring, time track, time tracker, time tracking, time tracking software, timetracking, timing, track, track time, tracking, tracking software, project tracking, project tracking software, analyze time

Buy WorkTime Corporate 5.20 (only $49.95)Download WorkTime Corporate 5.20 (Size: 4247 KB)

MIE Kiosk Data Collection Software 1

MIE Kiosk Data Collection and Whiteboard Scheduling Software is a fully integrated data collection and time clock application offering an extended array of features, including Employee Time Clock, Scheduling Work and Employees, Shipping, White Board Scheduling, Employee Tracking Software, Data Collection, Packing Slips and Cad File Viewer. The innovative software solution uses production scheduling to enable a paperless environment.

See also: system manufacturing, system for manufacturing, manufacturing software, software manufacturing, management software business, monitoring

Buy MIE Kiosk Data Collection Software 1 (only $2000.00)Download MIE Kiosk Data Collection Software 1 (Size: 111498 KB)

SQL Server Monitoring Software 12.06.01

Slow performance of SQL server is now a very common issue which is usually reported by SQL server administrators. In fact, handling large size of SQL server database is not an easy task and needs expertise. If you are facing problems due to large SQL server database then don?t get worried because Lepide SQL storage manager utility has been launched to simplify all your complexities.

See also: sql server monitoring software, sql storage manager, sql storage management, manage sql storage, ms sql storage manager, sql server monitoring

Buy SQL Server Monitoring Software 12.06.01 (only $499.00)Download SQL Server Monitoring Software 12.06.01 (Size: 21401 KB)

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