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Win Utilities 5.11.02

WinUtilities - An easy-to-use Tool to Optimize, Clean up, Tune up and Speed up your system. WinUtilities is a collection of tools to optimize your system performance and to remove unneeded files and internet tracks. It allows you to find and remove invalid registry entries, delete your application and internet history, manage your cookies and more. DOWNLOAD AND TRY WINUTILTIES FREE! Win Utilities is the most popular windows application download.

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Buy Win Utilities 5.11.02 (only $39.95)Download Win Utilities 5.11.02 (Size: 4403 KB)

MSA IP Monitor 1.0.5

MSA IP Monitor will keep track of both your local and internet ip addresses for you. MSA IP Monitor can send you an e-mail or write to a log file each time your ip address changes and it completely customizable. Even the time duration that MSA IP Monitor will check your ip addresses is customizable from 1 minute all the way to 24 hours. MSA IP Monitor is the second most popular windows application download.

See also: msa, software, windows software, freeware, shareware, application monitoring software, ip monitor, msa ip monitor

Buy MSA IP Monitor 1.0.5 (only $7.00)Download MSA IP Monitor 1.0.5 (Size: 425 KB)

Internet Explorer Password Unhide

IE password unmask application extracts misplaced passwords from different accounts like newsgroup account, magazine subscription, search engine account, email, web forms, online shopping accounts etc. Encrypted password revealer software supports multiple languages password recovery supported by Unicode system. Earth link email password recovery tool instantly displays all passwords hidden behind asterisks and also supports all versions of IE. Internet Explorer Password Unhide is the third most popular windows application download.

See also: Internet, explorer, password, recovery, software, restore, lost, email, utility, revealer, forgotten, login, account, tool, retrieve, unmask, secret, code, rescue, windows, application, fetch, string, earthlink, extract, misplaced, AOL, MSN,

Buy Internet Explorer Password Unhide (only $38.00)Download Internet Explorer Password Unhide (Size: 411 KB)

Windows Mobile Forensic Utility

Pocket Computer examiner software support all manufactures of PDA, Smart phone, Handheld Computer and other similar windows based mobile phone to describe hardware or software details. Forensic application display product manufactures name, processor type, registry details, database records, mobile IMEI number, SIM IMSI number and battery status, memory status, saved files folders information and many other relevant data and helps in various investigations.

See also: Pocket, forensic, software, display, PDA, details, Handheld, device, describe, SIM, SMS, battery, status, investigator, tool, show, registry, database, record, picture, music, folders, windows, mobile, examiner, application, find, model, name

Buy Windows Mobile Forensic Utility (only $79.00)Download Windows Mobile Forensic Utility (Size: 1198 KB)

Restore NTFS Partition Data

Windows NTFS5 data recovery software retrieves lost or deleted encrypted files or office documents from corrupted hard disk of different standards like SATA, EIDE, SCSI, IDE and ATA. NTFS formatted data retrieval utility recovers data misplaced by operating system failure, improper shutdown, manufacturers defects, virus attack and hardware/software malfunctioning. Laptop files salvage tool just requires 128 MB RAM with 10 MB free disk space for installation.

See also: NTFS, Windows, data, partition, recovery, software, restore, rescue, salvage, retrieval, tool, utility, application, undelete, crashed, formatted, missing, lost, corrupted, deleted, damaged, encrypted, files, hard, disk, drives, memory, storage

Buy Restore NTFS Partition Data (only $69.00)Download Restore NTFS Partition Data (Size: 734 KB)

NTFS Data Recovery

Windows data recovery utility for NTFS file system can easily recovers all types of deleted or missing files and folders. Software is capable to recovers all data that were lost due to human error or any hardware software malfunction. NTFS partition data retrieval utility quickly diagnose and recovers any damaged storage hard disk or removable drive. Software can easily install under all versions of windows OS including Vista, XP etc.

See also: Windows, NTFS, data, recovery, software, recover, partition, folders, backup, tool, undelete, retrieve, deleted, Vista, image, photo, picture, deleted, files, rescue, restore, rescue, volume, damaged, program, file system, application, virus

Buy NTFS Data Recovery (only $69.00)Download NTFS Data Recovery (Size: 734 KB)

Recover Corrupted Disk

Windows Vista hard drive partition salvage software is capable to recover critical lost files and folders from NTFS and NTFS5 partitioned volume. Hard disk files restoration software is file recovery tool that recovers deleted data from USB storage media. Vista NTFS partition recovery application supports restoration of erased files, detects unreadable text, clips, image, picture, movies and documents files.

See also: Download, Hard, disk, windows, Vista, NTFS, files, recovery, software, repair, corrupted, secure, utility, rescue, erased, formatted, drive, partition, backup, retrieve, lost, data, tool, restore, missing, MBR, MFT, deleted, system, USB, application

Buy Recover Corrupted Disk (only $69.00)Download Recover Corrupted Disk (Size: 1228 KB)

Time Ferret 1.0.0

Time Ferret is a personal productivity time calculator that tracks the programs you use and displays the results in an easy to read format. With Time Ferret, you can easily see where your time is being spent. All you need to do is start Time Ferret, and it immediately begins recording the software you are currently working in, and timing how long you are working on that program.

See also: time calculator, time management software, personal productivity tool, calculate, track, tracking, tracker, personal, productivity, windows, programs, application

Buy Time Ferret 1.0.0 (only $19.95)Download Time Ferret 1.0.0 (Size: 1885 KB)

MSI To EXE Installation Package Creator

MSI to EXE installation package creator utility is an innovative and powerful application facilitates user to convert .NET framework MSI installation setup package into corresponding and similar executable (.exe) format and enables users to save the converted installation files at specified location. Software to make exe using msi setup package provides a very simple user interface and does not require any special tech knowledge to operate.

See also: Setup, creator, generator, converter, software, application, converts, Microsoft, visual, studio, .NET, framework, MSI, install, extension, package, EXE, msi to exe, conversion, maker, utility, creates, executable, format, windows, installer, file

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Industrial Barcode Maker

Prominent barcode creator software provide option to copy-paste all created barcode labels in specified Windows applications like Word, Excel, Paint etc. Industrial barcode maker software makes barcode labels that help you to manage manufacturing and warehousing industry details in one place. Remarkable barcode designing tool offers you to develop wide range of classic barcode labels make use of trendy linear and 2d barcode font standards.

See also: Industrial, barcode, maker, utility, generate, produce, label, coupon, color, style, size, font, dimension, application, compose, construct, manufacturing, warehousing, tag, line, pencil, text, image, shape, Windows, software, create, sticker

Buy Industrial Barcode Maker (only $45.00)Download Industrial Barcode Maker (Size: 5058 KB)

Barcode Maker for Audio Video CD DVD

Barcode maker for audio video CD DVD software exclusively designed and developed for publishers and libraries to eliminate manual data entry work by allow them to design scanable and printable barcode tags for books, magazine, journals etc. Best barcode label creator utility for publishing industries efficiently capable to craft high resolution versatile audio CD stickers, video DVD labels, security tags, assets tags etc in fraction of time.

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Buy Barcode Maker for Audio Video CD DVD (only $38.00)Download Barcode Maker for Audio Video CD DVD (Size: 4986 KB)

Windows Undelete

Free Windows Undelete Software revives/regain complete data folder of images, wallpaper, photographs or txt files etc. Loss files repair solution provides comprehensive result recovers significant files from any accidentally formatted computer hard drive or USB hard disk. Recover digital camera software facilitates restore lost photos without making any modifications in the picture, photos, wallpapers or provides original image print of loss files.

See also: Free, software, Windows, undelete, restore, loss, files, corrupted, hard, disk, drive, folders, shareware, retrieval, application, repair, missing, files, removal, storage, digital, camera, wallpaper, recovery, utility, regain, images, photographs

Buy Windows Undelete (only $79.99)Download Windows Undelete (Size: 2211 KB)

Repair Sim Card

Cost-effective SIM card recovery software revives all types of data lost from sim card memory in simple process. Download SIM recovery utility to restore erased text messages phone book numbers from dual sim card in simple steps. New Sim card recovery software restores corrupted pictures text sms from mobile phone sim card in minimal time. Advanced Repair Sim Card software salvage lost images video clips text sms saved in sim card memory successfully.

See also: Restore, deleted, text, messages, lost, contact, phonebook, number, dual, sim, card, repair, missing, picture, mobile, phone, sms, software, download, program, windows, application, service, provider, data, recovery, dialed, detail, information

Buy Repair Sim Card (only $69.00)Download Repair Sim Card (Size: 2385 KB)

Free Memory Card Recovery

Technically efficient free memory card recuperation software retrieves lost data files and directories efficiently by using advance data recovery algorithm. Fully professional memory card data revival software need not any specific tech assistance to operate the software. Specially designed memory card data recovery utility provides nice ? looking and interactive graphical interface for Windows users with step by step user instruction manual.

See also: Recovery, software, memory, card, revival, program, rescue, data, photograph, audio, video, file, folder, corrupted, undelete, format, USB, media, device, digital, storage, utility, application, Windows, preview, free, download, picture, retrieval

Buy Free Memory Card Recovery (only $45.00)Download Free Memory Card Recovery (Size: 1873 KB)

Block USB Drive Access

Secure USB port access disable application provides best option to make changes in USB input/output port access and permission settings as per administrator requirement that results in preventing significant valuable data leakage from client windows machine. Cost effective USB drive data access monitoring software works in completely hidden mode so that other external user cannot detect the existence of software while working on client computer.

See also: Block, USB, drive, access, best, monitoring, utility, computer, software, track, insertion, removal, activity, Windows, network, data, protection, application, tool, keeps, record, plug-in, plug-out, details, real, time, off-line, online, theft

Buy Block USB Drive Access (only $29.00)Download Block USB Drive Access (Size: 4116 KB)

Free Camera Data Recovery

Professional and cost effective Free Camera Data Recovery software is easily available on website which is used to rescue deleted images, pictures, snapshots etc from digital storage device within fraction of seconds.

See also: Free, download, data, recovery, application, salvage, missing, files, folders, digital, removable, disk, storage, drive, back, images, pictures, baby, snapshots, audio, video, clips, application, supports, Windows, operating, system

Buy Free Camera Data Recovery (only $45.00)Download Free Camera Data Recovery (Size: 4444 KB)

Barcoding Software

Barcoding Software software can making high resolution stickers of barcode label. Barcodes application can do multiple job as it is one in all software with divided in four section of customization, generation, printing and saving in documents and images formats. Bar codes customizations as the user have to select the fonts according to sector of need from the list of 34 supported, shape and size, with height, color, width can be made for images.

See also: program, labeling, barcode, maker, application, generate, labels, barcoding, label, software, create, print, save, image, making, generating, windows, version, support, batch, data, process

Buy Barcoding Software (only $39.99)Download Barcoding Software (Size: 2978 KB)

BlackBerry SMS Application

Pioneering blackberry SMS software is mainly exploited in mobile network companies, actual estate division, banks and insurance companies accordingly customer effortlessly catch the information concerning new product details, discount offer, job alerts etc. Constant blackberry SMS software proffers supreme alternative to make significant and better communication with staff members, business partners and clients within just some straightforward steps.

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Buy BlackBerry SMS Application (only $45.00)Download BlackBerry SMS Application (Size: 4085 KB)

Free Recovery Software

Best data restoring application recovers lost data from Hitachi, Maxtor, SanDisk, Samsung, Transcend, Fujitsu, Konica, Seagate and many other hard disk brands. Impressive Free recovery software salvage missing data from various storage sectors such as pen drive, Digital camera, music player, thumb drive etc. DDR professional file revival tool successfully regains erased text documents, folders from logically damaged or crashed hard disk drive.

See also: Free, recovery, tool, rescue, deleted, missing, data, image, USB, fixed, removable, HDD, media, Windows, application, salvage, regain, restore, lost, document, image, audio, video, file, folder, professional, software, retrieve, erased, information

Buy Free Recovery Software (only $79.99)Download Free Recovery Software (Size: 2211 KB)

SMS Bulk Messages

Technically efficient SMS Bulk Messages tool facilitates you to communicate with your friends via exchanging messages residing at national or international place only in fewer clicks of mouse. Professionally developed text messaging application effectively sends any number of professional messages, personal messages, business notifications, market reports, occasional message and other related text messages to multiple numbers of users.

See also: Windows, text, message, software, tool, compose, create, generate, mass, group, bulk, SMS, send, deliver, forward, broadcast, large, network, internet, connectivity, gateway, application, control, load, congestion, traffic, mobile, phones, worldwide

Buy SMS Bulk Messages (only $45.00)Download SMS Bulk Messages (Size: 3952 KB)

Windows Partition Files Recovery

Professional hard disk recovery software for windows rescue files even files have deleted using SHIFT + DEL key or deleted from recycle bin. Windows Partition recovery software can be easily installed on Windows Operating System which includes Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, ME, NT and 98. Quick recovery software for (FAT & NTFS) is read only utility which provides recovery from FAT, FAT32, FAT12, FAT16, NTFS, and NTFS5 file system based hard drive.

See also: Windows, partition, files, recovery, software, undelete, formatted, lost, folders, restore, damaged, data, tool, corrupted, storage, media, program, ATA, SATA, PATA, deleted, FAT, NTFS5, VFAT, FAT32, rescue, utility, support, application

Buy Windows Partition Files Recovery (only $69.00)Download Windows Partition Files Recovery (Size: 734 KB)

Retail Barcode Software

If you don?t have any thought how to simply make and print bar code tag for retail sector, then use Retail Barcode Software download from is able to generate stickers for inventory control system using pencil, ellipse, line, picture and other image designing objects. Barcode label maker utility creates rolls or bar code tag in few steps without any problem.

See also: Software, generates, prints, security, tag, maker, application, download, Windows, desktop, designs, retail, inventory, barcode, labels, creator, utility, makes, stickers, badges, generator, program, creates, coupons, bands, rolls, designing, tool

Buy Retail Barcode Software (only $45.00)Download Retail Barcode Software (Size: 5150 KB)

Barcode Maker for Warehousing Industry presents Barcode Maker for Warehousing Industry utility generates barcode labels in various shapes and sizes using designing objects like ellipse, star etc. Accurate tags generator tool is fully capable to produce best quality stickers in very fast and convenient manner

See also: Windows, Barcode, tags, maker, utility, warehousing, industry, software, designs, labels, generator, program, creates, coupons, stickers, operating, system, desktop, producing, application, fonts, captions, graphics, images

Buy Barcode Maker for Warehousing Industry (only $45.00)Download Barcode Maker for Warehousing Industry (Size: 5140 KB)

Payroll Program

Visit company website and download rich Payroll Program that easily manage overall employee detail including shift detail, tour and training information, salary detail, attendance records etc in convenient and easiest manner.

See also: Payroll, Program, record, incoming, outgoing, salary, information, leave, attendance, shift, working, hour, detail, employee, application, maintain, schedule, tour, training, Windows, system, utility, manage, multiple, company, data, restore, backup

Buy Payroll Program (only $49.00)Download Payroll Program (Size: 4956 KB)

MSSQL To MySQL Data Base Conversion

Database conversion software capable to convert entire or selected database records into MySQL database formats. MSSQL to MySQL data base conversion software support all version of MSSQL and MySQL server with highly user interactive GUI interface. Database migration application maintains database consistency and integrity with multi byte Unicode architecture character sets. Software easily use with all windows OS like Vista, XP etc.

See also: Database, records, files, convertor, software, transform, selected, MSSQL, MySQL, server, table, foreign key, null, indexes, triggers, constraints, windows, primary key, migration, program, normalize, versions, conversion, synchronizer, application

Buy MSSQL To MySQL Data Base Conversion (only $45.00)Download MSSQL To MySQL Data Base Conversion (Size: 1310 KB)

Download Online Text Messaging

Download Online Text Messaging software is available on website for windows OS to provide facility send bulk text message from pc to any GSM mobile number without any external device. Mobile messaging marketing tool is based on GSM mobile technology for sending instant message without depending on online text messaging.

See also: Download, Online, Text, Messaging, application, text, message, SMS, compose, send, save, universities, banks, computer, mobile, GSM, windows, numbers, tool, system, reminder, events, device, interview, news, national, international

Buy Download Online Text Messaging (only $49.00)Download Download Online Text Messaging (Size: 6307 KB)

Web SMS to Mobile

For download best Web SMS to Mobile software that is available on URL for connect Windows or GSM based mobiles and computer and PC/Laptop to send unlimited number of text instant message without internet connection in speedily and quickest way. Advance SMS sending utility gives best feature to import all mobile contact and save in text or excel file format.

See also: Web, SMS, sending, application, compose, text, instant, message, phonebook, contact, Unicode, language, communication, group, individual, network, broadcast, deliver, promotional, chat, transfer, Windows, GSM, technology, national, international

Buy Web SMS to Mobile (only $49.00)Download Web SMS to Mobile (Size: 6307 KB)

SMS Software

Well designed SMS Software application is specifically designed to convey all significant information such as business news, job alerts, and product details on several mobile phones from standalone PC. Comprehensive SMS broadcasting tool easily transmit wide varieties of text /multimedia messages to your mobile headset without need of internet connection. Software is well compatible with several windows editions (Win 7, XP, Vista and Sever).

See also: SMS, bulk, text, message, compose, tool, application, program, software, device, mobile, phone, system, network, internet, GSM, communication, media, messaging, windows, HDD, business, organization, contact, numbers, create, group, text

Buy SMS Software (only $49.00)Download SMS Software (Size: 6246 KB)

Library Barcode Generator Software

Design versatile barcode labels with Library Barcode Generator Software available on website facilitates you to make barcode labels and tags and save in various graphical file including jpeg, png, tiff, riff, bmp etc. Professional barcode label maker utility provides advantage to print multiple copies of same barcode labels simultaneously.

See also: Library, barcode, maker, generator, create, produce, labels, designing, linear, pencil, rectangular, application, bulk, multiple, label, stickers, tags, coupons, images, Windows, designing, size, print, colorful, badges

Buy Library Barcode Generator Software (only $38.00)Download Library Barcode Generator Software (Size: 4986 KB)

SMS Mobile Marketing

SMS Mobile Marketing tool is used to send regular text messages and employee notice in both English and Non-English font format to mobile number. Simple to download SMS marketing software is fully capable of delivering countless text messages and anniversary invitation to your family members or friends in advance manner. Easy to access bulk SMS utility easily broadcast text messages from notebook to mobile phone without requiring tech person.

See also: SMS, mobile, marketing, professional, bulk, sms, utility, software, communication, users, broadcast, service, windows, transmit, group, mass, laptop, application, individual, list, English, character, text, message, phone, numbers, GSM, technology

Buy SMS Mobile Marketing (only $49.00)Download SMS Mobile Marketing (Size: 6246 KB)

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