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abylon BASIC 10.00.2

The protection of your sensitive data is often disregarded. But the encrypting of diaries, pictures or other secret documents with the AES- or Blowfish-Algorithm is relatively simple. With the help of the Easy Encryption Technologie (EEnTe) you need only to enter a password or to insert the EC MoneyCard or certificate smartcard (PKCS). The software in additional support the compressing in the ZIP-format and signing of files. abylon BASIC is the most popular zip code download.

See also: sign, crypt, code, signing, coding, encryption, security, PKCS, plugin, utilitie, SME, digital envelop, encode, compress, zip, attachment, explorer, email, mapi, manager, cookies, history, WinCrypt, apm, abylon protection manager

Buy abylon BASIC 10.00.2 (only $25.50)Download abylon BASIC 10.00.2 (Size: 25072 KB)

Zipkey 6.01E

ZIPKEY is a complete city-level directory of 5-digit United States zipcodes, 3-digit telephone area codes, and time zones, combined with a keyboard enhancement program. If you type US addresses into any Windows program, ZIPKEY will speed your job and improve your accuracy. You type the zipcode, and ZIPKEY types out the city, state, etc. for you. Instantly look up telephone area codes and time zones as well. Zipkey is the second most popular zip code download.

See also: zipkey, zipcodes, areacodes, zip codes, area codes, areacode, zip code add-on, time zones, timezones, keystroke macro, Word add-on, Access add-on, Office add-on, Excel add-on, ACT add-on, Contact Plus add-on

Buy Zipkey 6.01E (only $25.00)Download Zipkey 6.01E (Size: 194 KB)

Zip Express 2.4a

Zip Express allows you to search by zip code, city, county, state or area code. As you type in search criteria, potential matches are displayed Preferences may be chosen on what data is to be displayed. Copy data to the clipboard or print it. It lets you automatically paste zip code information directly into your Windows applications via hot keys and over 80 hot keys are available. You can have nearly unlimited formats for your data. Zip Express is the third most popular zip code download.


Buy Zip Express 2.4a (only $24.95)Download Zip Express 2.4a (Size: 3422 KB)

Desktop Dozen 2.82

Desktop Dozen is an award-winning collection of 12 business-oriented productivity tools. Includes Postage Calculator, Time Calculator, Date Calculator, Alarm Clock, Area Code Finder, Zip Code Finder, Astronomy Calculator, State Abbreviation Tool, Perpetual Calendar, Measurement Converter, Stopwatch, Printing Calculator. You have the option to view them as skinned windows, or with the standard Windows interface. Very handy and a great value!

See also: productivity, calculator, postage, zip code, area code, calendar, time, date

Buy Desktop Dozen 2.82 (only $24.95)Download Desktop Dozen 2.82 (Size: 9537 KB)

Geozip 1

Geozip calculates distance between US (optionally Canadian) zip codes or geographical coordinates, latitude and longitude. It does take into account the curvature of the earth for calculating. You can choose miles, kilometers or nautical miles output.

See also: kilometers, miles, longitude, latitude, coordinates, geographical, calculator, calculate, distance, codes, code, zip, geozip

Buy Geozip 1 (only $49.00)Download Geozip 1 (Size: 2375 KB)


ORTWIN is a program for the state-wide inquiry of the localities in Germany. It finds postal zip codes, telephone pre selections, coordinates, it performs perimeter searches and distance calculations. The program determines municipal codes, local center points, car license codes, topographic maps and more. It arranges localities hierarchically into federal country, administrative and rural district, town, municipality, local quarter and domicile.

See also: locate, register, cities, city, town, towns, ZIP, code, telephone, preselections, community, keys, perimeter, search, geodetics, geography, georeference, coordinate, center, towncenter, topographic, geosoftware, recherche, topographically, distance

Buy ORTWIN 6.34 (only $140.00)Download ORTWIN 6.34 (Size: 3744 KB)

DeltaWalker 1.8.7

Accurate, powerful and intuitive, DeltaWalker is the perfect choice for software, web, legal and publishing professionals for comparing, editing and merging files and synchronizing folders - two and three-way. It allows you compare plain text, source code, PDF and Office documents, XML, HTML, as well as ZIP, JAR and other compressed files locally and remotely over FTP, SFTP, HTTP(S) and WebDav. DeltaWalker is available on Windows, Mac operating system X and Linux.

See also: compare, file, comparison, diff, merge, synchronize, synchronization, folder, directory, three, two, way, tool, utility, ftp, ssh, http, webdav, pdf, office, document, windows, mac os x, linux, zip, jar, html, xml, code, audit, review, deltopia, deltawalker, best, word, excel

Buy DeltaWalker 1.8.7 (only $39.95)Download DeltaWalker 1.8.7 (Size: 54498 KB)

Code Barcode Maker Pro. 1.30

Supports 20+ bar code types,Code 128, UCC/EAN-128, ITF-14, SCC-14, SSCC-18,GS1-128, Code 39, Code 93 and many more. Bar code images can be saved in up to 4800 dpi and in the TIF,BMP,PNG,JPG format. Print barcodes on labels. You will be able to save the bar code image(s) in a PDF that includes bookmarks. TIF to Zip file. Make a barcode list in MS Excel and open it in Code Barcode Maker Pro. Sequential barcoding supported.

See also: Print, labels, Code 128, UCC/EAN-128, ITF-14, SCC-14, SSCC-18, barcode, image, PDF, ZIP, dpi, Excel

Buy Code Barcode Maker Pro. 1.30 (only $48.00)Download Code Barcode Maker Pro. 1.30 (Size: 12612 KB)


CDXStreamer imports census, area code, zip code data and more into Microsoft Excel with a click of your mouse. No programming, complex database queries or awkward cut and paste is required. You simply specify the data you want and where you want it using an intuitive patented interface. Custom formulas are also supported. All data feeds are available without installing new software for one low monthly subscription fee of $29.95.

See also: Excel, Census, Demographic, Zip Code, Phone, State Data, Area Code, Add in, Analysis, Database, Subscription Service

Buy CDXStreamer (only $29.95)Download CDXStreamer (Size: 425 KB)

Desktop Explorer 2.0

The leading file viewer, editor compression tool for windows desktop. Desktop explorer saves time for fast browse, view and edit almost any kind of file - html, zip, image, text, source code, dbf, db, excel, word, pdf. It has a full Archive Manager, Extractor to fast view, create, edit, convert and extract compressed files

See also: file manager, source code viewer, editor, zip viewer, binary file viewer, image editor, batch rename utility, search file tool

Buy Desktop Explorer 2.0 (only $39.95)Download Desktop Explorer 2.0 (Size: 2662 KB)

CDXZipStream 10.2.1

CDXZipStream is a complete solution for analyzing address and census data into Microsoft Excel. Using an intuitive, patented interface, you simply specify the data you want and where you want it. CDXZipStream features geocoding, maps, zip code lists by state, city or county, reverse look-up plus distance and radius calculations. Optional premium data feeds include demographic data by zip code, state, city, county, CBSA and area code.

See also: Excel, MapPoint, Geocoding, Address Verification, Census, Demographic, Zip Code, Phone, State Data, Area Code, Add in, Analysis, Database, Distance, Radius, Reverse Lookup, Zip Code Lists, Maps, Route, Driving Distance, Route Optimization

Buy CDXZipStream 10.2.1 (only $29.95)Download CDXZipStream 10.2.1 (Size: 7555 KB)

Postnet Barcode Generator Software

Cost effective Postnet Barcode Generator Software available at website easily encode zip code address of email into sticker which is used by united state postal service to assist in directing letter.

See also: Postnet, Barcode, Generator, Software, design, high, resolution, linear, sticker, postal, services, random, sequential, constant, designing, techniques, application, generate, encode, decode, zip, code address, information, coupon, program, create

Buy Postnet Barcode Generator Software (only $45.00)Download Postnet Barcode Generator Software (Size: 3921 KB)

KRyLack ZIP Password Recovery 3.45

KRyLack ZIP Password Recovery is a software to recover lost or forgotten passwords on ZIP archives. Key Features: Unlimited Password Length; SFX Archives Support; Brute-Force attack; Mask attack (with custom mask character); Dictionary attack; User-defined charset; Autosave feature, etc. Auto Update tool.

See also: zip, password, recover, lost, forgotten, encrypted, decrypt, key, code, archive, aes, extract, protected, Free, freeware, download

Buy KRyLack ZIP Password Recovery 3.45 (only $19.95)Download KRyLack ZIP Password Recovery 3.45 (Size: 3967 KB)

abylon BASIC 9.50.7

The protection of your sensitive data is often disregarded. But the encrypting of diaries, pictures or other secret documents with the AES- or Blowfish-Algorithm is relatively simple. With the help of the Easy Encryption Technologie (EEnTe) you need only to enter a password or to insert the EC MoneyCard or certificate smartcard (PKCS). The software in additional support the compressing in the ZIP-format and signing of files.

See also: sign, crypt, code, signing, coding, encryption, security, PKCS, plugin, utilitie, SME, digital envelop, encode, compress, zip, attachment, explorer, email, mapi, manager, cookies, history, WinCrypt, apm, abylon protection manager

Buy abylon BASIC 9.50.7 (only $25.50)Download abylon BASIC 9.50.7 (Size: 25072 KB)

Post Office Barcode Label Software

Post Office Barcode Label Software provides facility to save generated postal barcodes in various types of file formats including JPEG, GIF etc. Click on to download generator software for your device to generate different barcode labels, stickers, coupons, tags, roll etc.

See also: Post, office, barcode, reader, generate, design, security, label, create, postal, tags, stickers, coupons, envelops, zip, code, address, software, postage, insert, image, logo, program, text, application, parcel, letter, sector, utility

Buy Post Office Barcode Label Software (only $27.00)Download Post Office Barcode Label Software (Size: 5150 KB)

R Decode 1.0

Ever wonder what the color bands on resistors mean? This program by WorkHorse Games decodes these bands for you. You can either enter the color bands and find out the value or you can enter the value and find out the color bands. This program decodes three, four and five band resistors. The resistor in question is displayed on the screen so you can see what it is supposed to look like.

See also: resistor, color, code, decode

Buy R Decode 1.0 (only $10.00)Download R Decode 1.0 (Size: 1546 KB)

Top PHP Studio 1.55

Top PHP Studio is an Integrated Development Environment for PHP, providing comprehensive and easy-to-use solution for developing PHP based web applications. Top PHP Studio offers built-in HTTP server and internal web browser, convenient code editor supporting configurable syntax highlighting, code completion for PHP functions, code explorer, built-in FTP client, project management, file explorer, find in files, file comparison utility and more..

See also: Top PHP Studio, PHP Studio, PHP Editor, PHP IDE, PHP Development Environment, PHP Tool, Web Development Tool, Top Systems Ltd., PHP, Editor, Web, Scripts, Scripting, HTML, SQL, CSS, Perl, Python, XML, JavaScript, HTTP, FTP, FTP Client, Code Explorer

Buy Top PHP Studio 1.55 (only $39.00)Download Top PHP Studio 1.55 (Size: 1731 KB)

Windows Std Serial Comm Lib for FoxPro 4.1

MarshallSoft Visual Foxpro serial communication component library for serial port communications. Controls multiple ports simultaneously, is fully thread safe, includes 16-bit and 32-bit DLL's, works with all versions of VFP. Does not depend on support libraries. Makes calls to Windows API functions only. Can be used with any language that can call the Windows API. Includes 32 functions plus modem control, and ASCII/XMODEM/YMODEM protocols.

See also: serial communication, serial port, component, library, Visual Foxpro, VFP, modem, xmodem, ymodem, serial, communication, communications, libraries, control, port, rs232, rs485, ansi, device, DLL, Foxpro, source code, uart, comm, serial communications, serial component

Buy Windows Std Serial Comm Lib for FoxPro 4.1 (only $105.00)Download Windows Std Serial Comm Lib for FoxPro 4.1 (Size: 294 KB)

ProjectDiff 1.0

ProjectDiff is highly useful for determining changes between project versions, and then merging changes between versions. ProjectDiff lets you track the dynamics of your projects, visualize changes in your source code, analyze differences in detail and carefully reconcile them, keep your foldfers in sync, and produce comparison reports as HTML with support for syntax highlighting.

See also: compare, diff, merge, compare projects, synchronize projects, compare files, merge files, compare source code, merge source code, compare folders, synchronize folders, project comparison, file comparison, file merging, folder comparison, folder synchronization

Buy ProjectDiff 1.0 (only $99.95)Download ProjectDiff 1.0 (Size: 1434 KB)

Word Cleaner 3

Word Cleaner enables you to batch convert Word files (and .rtf, .txt files) to HTML files and clean out all the unnecessary tags, thus reducing the size of your files and improving download times. You can also clean existing HTML files.

See also: word to html, word, html cleaner, html, clean code, reduce file size

Buy Word Cleaner 3 (only $99.00)Download Word Cleaner 3 (Size: 2584 KB)

CSharp Code Library

CSharp Code Library is a powerful multi-language source code Library and clipboard extender with the following benefits: 1. Built-in library with 10,000+ lines of code 2. Quick and powerful search engine 3. Powerful printing capability 4. Password protection & strong 448 bits encryption (optional) 5. User notes & attachments handling 6. Favorites & rating support 7. Full integration with *all* major programming IDEs And much more!

See also: CSharp, source code, source code library, code librarian, code snippet, code snippet manager, code, sourcebook

Buy CSharp Code Library (only $129.99)Download CSharp Code Library (Size: 5702 KB)

Visual Lint Standard Edition 1.5

Visual Lint is an add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Visual C++ which closely integrates the PC-Lint code analysis tool produced by Gimpel software within the Visual Studio integrated development environment. Visual Lint makes analysis results available to the developer using dedicated displays. Automated background analysis ensures that up to date analysis results are available when needed.

See also: visual, lint, Microsoft, Visual Studio, Visual C++, code analysis, add-in, plug-in, extensibility, Gimpel, PC-Lint, integration, IDE, elective note, information, warnings, errors

Buy Visual Lint Standard Edition 1.5 (only $139.00)Download Visual Lint Standard Edition 1.5 (Size: 3973 KB)

WonderWebWare HTML Converter 1.0

HTML to Script Converter is a tool for web developers, designed with one single purpose: to save your time when you need to insert HTML code in script file. You can convert the HTML source to ASP, JavaScript, JSP, Perl, PHP or -- if needed -- to define custom conversion scheme. 30-days free trial version available for you totest all the features on your own.

See also: Convert, HTML, code, PHP, JSP, ASP, JavaScript, Perl

Buy WonderWebWare HTML Converter 1.0 (only $9.95)Download WonderWebWare HTML Converter 1.0 (Size: 879 KB)

FuturesCalc 1.2

FUTURESCALC lets professional traders to easily calculate trade results and access critical contract information for 87 of the most actively traded U.S. futures and futures options markets. The advanced derivatives calculator quickly calculates trade profit/loss, displays contract price limits and other essential contract information, and provides web links to exchanges, contract specifications and holiday schedules.

See also: business, calculator, code, commodity, commodities, contract, derivative, download, exchange, finance, future, futures, futurescalc, invest, loss, market, option, options, professional, profit, program, shareware, software, specification, trade, trader, trading, web, windows

Buy FuturesCalc 1.2 (only $10.00)Download FuturesCalc 1.2 (Size: 4529 KB)

Barcode Label Maker

Download barcode developer application that is comprehensive and widely used to provide option to save all types of barcode images, labels, tags etc in various image types like jpeg, mpeg, bmp, png, avi, wmf, emf, exif, riff, tiff and so many kinds. Barcode designer software completely provides facility to use generated coupons, stickers, labels etc in various Windows applications like MS-WORD, MS-EXCEL, MS-PAINT in time and cost effective way.

See also: Barcode, label, maker, software, create, generate, print, images, format, font, size, color, customize, price, tag, stickers, coupon, scanner, scan, caption, business, product, professional, information, inventory, generator, download, caption, code

Buy Barcode Label Maker (only $45.00)Download Barcode Label Maker (Size: 1443 KB)

objectiF Enterprise Edition 7.1

Tool for model-driven software development with UML in C#, C++ and Java. Develop domain models with the UML and automatically transform them into into tech models and large amounts of code. Round Trip with Visual Studio and Eclipse. Suitable for iterative development. For requirements modeling objectiF offers use case models, activity and state diagrams. objectiF supports the development of RIA and SOA.

See also: UML, Model Driven Development, model transformation, Rich Internet Application, Service Oriented Architecture, WPF, NHibernate, persistence layer, iterative development, domain model, automation, code generation, requirements modeling

Buy objectiF Enterprise Edition 7.1 (only $2786.00)Download objectiF Enterprise Edition 7.1 (Size: 170199 KB)

Barcode Label Maker

Barcode Label Maker make high resolution barcodes in format of labels, asset tags, ribbons, coupons etc with distinctive specifications including varying sizes, shapes, colors. EAN Barcode Software application preview barcode at interface with support of innovative preview functionality to manage settings and conserve generated barcode in distinct image format such as graphics formats including JPEG, Bitmap, TIFF, GIF etc.

See also: Barcodes, software, generate, utility, freeware, generator, create, printer, labeling, fonts, printing, image, barcoding, labeling, products, label, tool, make, print, images, scanner, bar code, maker

Buy Barcode Label Maker (only $39.99)Download Barcode Label Maker (Size: 2978 KB)

Business Card Prints

Website offers business card maker software to design and prints visiting cards, business cards in simplified and cost efficient manner. Compatible business card creator software produces high resolution business cards supports to various adding features including add text, choice your favorite photo, logos, graphics, barcode etc. Best business card designing utility creates and prints own style business cards by using advance print settings.

See also: Prints, software, versatile, business, card, maker, high, resolution, colorful, stylish, attractive, unique, quality, image, fonts, customized, bar, code, objects, design, shape, size, text, graphics, logos, flexible, photo, ellipse, gradient

Buy Business Card Prints (only $38.00)Download Business Card Prints (Size: 5365 KB)

AthTek Code to FlowChart 1.6

Code to FlowChart is an innovative source code to flowchart converter for software engineer and document writers. It can automatically generate flow chart/NS chart from source code, and helps users to understand complex software structures by visual diagrams. Code to FlowChart reverse engineers your source code into high-quality flow charts or UML Activity Diagrams. It flow chart can be fully expanded and use high-quality chart to let code visual.

See also: Code to flowchart, code visual, code flowchart, program flowchart, software flowchart, flowchart from code, c to flowchart, flowchart software from source code

Buy AthTek Code to FlowChart 1.6 (only $119.00)Download AthTek Code to FlowChart 1.6 (Size: 1516 KB)

QSnipps 2.0.28

If you are a programmer that needs a tiny code snippet manager that allows you quickly retrieve and use your favorite pieces of code, you've found it! QSnipps is the perfect solution, for developers and designers, to store, organise and retrieve their most valued pieces of source code snippets, from existing and past projects.

See also: snippet manager, code snippets manager, snippet tool, snippets management, code snippet tool, qsnipps

Buy QSnipps 2.0.28 (only $29.00)Download QSnipps 2.0.28 (Size: 5335 KB)

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